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  1. Not only no but HELL NO. This PC B.S. is going way too far, leave it alone already. Has anyone noticed with the re-election of the most liberal President in US history, the left are going full throttle ahead with any and every left wing agenda they see fit to advance?
  2. 100 proof vodka. early celebrating of my ff championships.
  3. In every league I have Julio, I picked up Harry Douglas. I have no problem starting Douglas if Julio is inactive. It helps that all my leagues are ppr
  4. Reggie Bush is a pretty good example of the Saints not realizing what they have at the rb postion. Just sayin. Me thinks Ingram would do fine on the right team
  5. I've been on board.
  6. To all those who are so hard on Bryant, how well do you expect him to do when he has a crack-head mother and most certainly wasn't raised in a stable environment? I for one am surprised he's turned out as well as he has.
  7. I didn't get that from the piece on him. I think there's still a chance he could produce. I was all but ready to drop him in the few leagues I have him until I saw the link here in this thread. I get the impression he's trying.
  8. I have the 1.05 & Rodgers. Not sure I want to go QB at #5