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  1. I read a blurb somewhere about the dragons not being able to fly in inclement weather. I think that came from Targ dragon lore. But then again, we saw Viserion appear to be flying without issue as he was dismantling The Wall, so.... yeah, bring on the dragons.
  2. wasn't the NK himself approaching the area when the skeletons came out of the ground? I could be wrong, been a while since I saw that season
  3. One thing that I hope happens is: as they are battling the White Walkers, and one gets killed, they show a shot of the dead army and all the wights created by that particular WW collapse in unison and you can see gaps start to appear in the dead army. PS-Showrunners, holla at me if you want some input on the spinoffs
  4. let's not forget the real life fact that women are often just straight up catty with each other for no good reason
  5. True. I don't think culd's answer revealed much of anything anyway. It was his opinion. IMO, there will almost certainly be another fairly large battle after Winterfell. But that doesn't mean it has to be a huge 45-minute tracking shot production that took them months to film. They've done other battles with less in the past and they came out just fine, IMO.
  6. lol yeah they really hammered that home several times... Bad things are certain to happen.
  7. Even if the NK wins the Battle of Winterfell, that doesn't mean his dead army can't be weakened. Two dragons and lots of dragonglass and V-steel weapons can do lots of damage to the dead. I could see a scenario where, as bad as they'd hate it, whoever's left from the battle HAS to retreat and go to King's Landing, where it's: team up with Cersei and the Lannister army + Golden Company or Westeros dies. Orrrr they have to fight to get INTO King's Landing, because Cersei won't let them in.
  8. I knew this was going to be another filler type episode and as such, it did not disappoint. Some great lines. And lots of loose ends tied up satisfactorily. I'm glad. That means we have 4 episodes of "hold my wine and watch this" to go! Yep, Bran knows it was Jamie. Question settled. Yep, Dany knows about Jon's lineage. Settled. (at least her finding out was settled, the rest may not even matter depending on if one/both live) Off tomorrow, so rewatching it again to see what I missed the first time.
  9. Arya now has the true heir in her belly should Jon and Dany die, right?