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  1. No issues that I'm aware of at our school so far, about ~1 month in. However, two of the biggest schools in the area were slated to play football this week and yesterday that game was canceled because one had a good number of players in quarantine. Rumor I am hearing is that the team that that team played the prior week had some positives (not sure if they knew it at the time, etc.). So this game was the first casualty of what I'm sure will be many this strange season. IIRC, I think most have had scrimmages only so far (and only started that in the last couple of weeks) and this week was to be "Week 1" of the regular season.
  2. Last sample sampled (don't judge me, I'm off work today ). Survey completed. Had a good time with this. Thanks @[icon]!
  3. Attended a visitation at a church yesterday for the father of one of my son's best friends. Wasn't sure what to expect. As we walked up, lots of people gathered outside, ok no biggie. We walk in, sign the guest book and enter the chapel. There were probably 200-300 people in there, in a not-socially-distanced line wrapped around the room. People of all ages. Several people had masks in their hand, but I saw zero masks being worn. Was a little unsettling to me. My son and I turned around and walked back outside. We are to attend the funeral service today and I am hoping they will be asking people to mask up, but am prepared to be disappointed.
  4. One bottle left to finish up my notes. Will do that in the next day or two. Been a 🙂 week.
  5. Blazing start for me. But it will make the comeback that much sweeter. Injuries have been brutal for sure thru only 2 weeks.
  6. Awesome. Now all you need is a donkey. Why, you may ask? Because ZONKEY!! That's why!!
  7. I just signed up with SportzTV yesterday. 9.99/mo I think? And if you google there's a 10% promo code (STREAMING10 maybe? can't recall for sure)
  8. Only thing I'd add to the convo is to strongly consider spending a little more and getting a better quality piece (read: Glock). I have a variety of revolvers and and semis and whenever I go to the range, I always end up going back to the Glock. It just feels better in your hand. The grip, the weight, the performance. Unmatched, IMO. I also somewhat disagree with [ i ] on the revolvers. For noobs, it's hard to beat a revolver. While I agree with long trigger pull being a setback, they can always #### the hammer manually then fire. I've told my kids, who were taught how to shoot at an early age as I was, that if anyone ever is trying to come after them. Get my .357 revolver and show it. If they keep coming, #### the hammer and point it at them. After that there's only one thing left to do. Also as for what gun, it greatly depends on how you're going to use it. If you're wanting to just have fun shooting, it's hard to beat a .22 pistol for fun plinking. Cheap ammo, low recoil, easy to handle.
  9. Pretty sure it was like that last year also.
  10. For the Sportz TV crowd, I assume you use a VPN (IPVanish?)? Those are 2 standalone apps? So process looks like: 1) Subscribe to IPVanish and SportzTV 2) Install both apps 3) Log into IPVanish 4) Open SportzTV and watch What else am I missing? Also, what do you do for local channels if anything? H-I-A
  11. Yep. Up to Cat-2. Could be Cat-3 by landfall, which looks to be around late Tuesday PM/early Wednesday AM.
  12. And now a Vicki listed too when I clicked on the second link. And 2 more X's on the map. One behind Vicky and one south of Texas in the Gulf.
  13. It just has a single "?" on it. Saving that bad boy for last. Also, you forgot to take the headache out of these!
  14. JUST realized I got one of the bonus bottles! thanks @[icon]!! I didn't empty the contents of the bubble envelope, I've just been reaching in and taking one out like a grab bag, so didn't see that there was an extra bottle until I peaked into the bag as I was making tonight's selection. Sample consumed for today. Notes made. 3 down, 3 to go.