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  1. I've lived in this area my whole life, and while I do like it, I don't particularly feel like where this is where I belong. And I think as soon as my kids are done with school, I will be exploring other options.
  2. Yep, just came to post that for you. It may get moved again. I think it's suppose to still be raining then, which is kind of a problem.
  3. Like 2 different epicenters concurrently near the same location?? Is that normal?
  4. Intriguing story if you haven't heard about it... tl;dr = Long-missing girl from the Vatican. Family got a letter that she might be buried in the Vatican cemetery. Officials open a couple of tombs. No girl. Also the people who were supposed to be in those tombs weren't in there either. Looked as if the tombs may have been recently opened and resealed.
  5. Yeah, maybe they should stick to bikini competitions.
  6. Swiss Air Force Aerial Acrobatics Team Accidentally Performs Over Wrong Town Oops.
  7. Yep, exactly. And the report I read, that seemed to be what they were trying to convey to the public. That just because this isn't a hurricane, won't mean it's not going to wreck shop. Just hope people are listening.
  8. No doubt. My area won't see nearly that much. 6-10 for us currently, which is still a lot and will cause some flash flooding, but much more manageable than 20+.