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  1. Hawaii and Alaska first, because I figure those will be the 2 most difficult for me to ever get to. Then I'd say New York third, just from the sheer variety of things to see and do there. Went thru it as a child on a family vacation but didn't really stop or do anything there, so I don't count as having been there.
  2. roll part of the saved $750 into room service and perhaps a massage for the wife. Profit!
  3. I've been happy with my Tuft and Needle. It's about 5 years old now and still holding up well, IMO. Only thing I had to do is get a gel topper (el cheapo one from Walmart worked fine) as the plain mattress did tend to sleep a little "hot" for my tastes. The topper solved that perfectly.
  4. I agree, GB. The, shall I say, baffling uncertainty that AK displayed at times this year was troubling for me. I don't know if it was injury induced or if it was defenses figuring him out a little bit or just him getting a little shellshocked. I'd be ecstatic with a trade of AK and anybody not named Brees or MT (ok and maybe Taysom, not for QB status, but for the wildcard factor) to keep Joey B in-state!
  5. I'll eat dry roasted but they sometimes have a weird flavor to me. Cocktail for me. Always consistent and prefect saltiness.
  6. A lot of people mistake kindness for weakness, and it affects they way they treat people as a result of that. I feel you on most of what you're saying, too, GB.
  7. only an ####### would be offended by that
  8. Yep, heard that on the radio this AM. So pumped for this! :airchomp:
  9. Glad you were able to tell your story here GB. Scary stuff indeed. :hugs:
  10. I like to go to eBay and do a search for what you're trying to sell, then filter by "Sold Items" and see what they've gone for recently.
  11. You might check into some HIIT circuit training. There are many variations, many of which require no equipment, and many which you can substitute different exercises if you can't do a particular thing due to limitations or lack of equipment. For example, here's one I do for cardio/get off the couch on the weekends sometimes: Perform the following three exercise moves back-to-back according these reps: Start by doing 10 reps of each, then repeat the cycle doing 15 reps of each, then repeat the cycle doing 20 reps of each. Don’t take any breaks until after you’ve gone through all three sets. Burpees Mountain Climbers Jumping Jacks (In place of these 3 moves, you could also try performing fast alternating lunges, push-ups or kettlebell swings.) After you’ve completed these three sets, do a form of steady-state cardio for about three minutes. This can mean jogging, running in place, hopping on an exercise bike, etc. You want to be working at about half of your ability.
  12. Picked up some 1792 Small Batch to try out for the cheap weekend drinker rotation. I'd rank it not badly, but definitely a notch or two below Buffalo Trace for the price point. I really wanted Eagle Rare, which they usually have but were out of. Next time.