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  1. any evolution away from hugging is a bad evolution, IMO
  3. no advice that hasn't already been given, but and
  4. Good on you, Joe. And yep, I've said it for many years. Sometimes a hug says it all.
  5. Man robbed at gunpoint as he checked on corn field Stay strapped out there, farmers!
  6. Yeah, really comes across to me as a young girl who was never told "no" very much growing up and now she's getting scolded by an "older woman" (per her quote) and is throwing a temper tantrum. Seeing some of her actions over the last several years, I can't say that I'm shocked at her reaction here.
  7. I think it was a gross over-reaction by Thorne, personally.
  8. not "history" per se, but thought it was neat (includes time-lapse video): How Penn moved their 25,000 pound Sphinx
  9. No more flats: Michelin and GM to bring airless tires to passenger cars by 2024 I've seen these things on some commercial lawnmowers around here. Pretty cool.
  10. Had read that it worked well also. Curious to see if it works, because they are awful here. I've also read Victoria's Secret's Amber Romance spray works so well, the LSU baseball team uses it. I had also read vanilla extract supposedly works, and I've tried that (just dabbed some on my skin) and it did nothing. But I've since read that you should use it in a spray bottle to mist it on, so might give that a shot.
  11. Yep. Say your team was down by 1 and you have 1 foul to give. You can foul them and stop the clock without the chance of them shooting a free throw and adding to the lead (or just inbounding and running out the clock).
  12. I'd think that either way, this is a good opportunity to leverage one against the other to maximize YOUR $.
  13. Not gonna front. I use the radar as a last line of weather check as the hour is upon us. I have, Dark Sky and just installed NOAA weather radar app recently.
  14. that means they aren't in the bonus yet, and they can foul one more time without letting the other team shoot an automatic 1-and-1 free throw
  15. Tywin's reaction to the last season GoT part is near the end of the clip
  16. MULTIPLE HUGS. Sidling. Sauntering. I'm in! Going with C. That's what I'd have done. Married. Dammit.
  17. This is pretty damn amazing. America's Got Talent: Kodi Lee
  18. Right, it's a long-term thing, and I get that, but on the other hand I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss some of these events as just normal weather pattern stuff. I guess we may not know the answer to that in our lifetimes. Definitely agree on the people remembering aspect. Seems like every summer, I still hear people saying "it's never been this hot at this time of year" when, yep, it sure has. Have you forgotten last year already!?
  19. I'm not a global warming fanatic, but I do find it intriguing and from everything I have read, the increased severity of our weather patterns is absolutely due to global warming. Take the US, in particular. I remember reading a study back during the winter about the colder air that is getting pushed down further south nowadays, causing more extreme winters, which in turn, affects the other weather events (flooding, etc.). More severe and more frequent hurricanes along our coasts. And this year could be anomaly of course, but I don't recall the frequency of even severe thunderstorms and heavy rain events that we've seen in this area over the last several months. Rivers have been at flood stages since February in some areas here, and I don't think all the snow up north has even melted yet for the annual runoff trickle down. Just look at how many times in this thread people from all over the country have said "_____ has never happened here before." I don't think that's just a bunch of coincidences.
  20. I mean, if you like lesser fruits, I guess that's fine
  21. About 1/4 of my grocery bill is on fruit. I eat grapes (green usually, but lately have taking a liking to red), banana, and an apple almost every single day. I throw in strawberries and blueberries when decent ones can be had at the market. I love all berries (blackberry is my fav), pineapple. kiwi and most melons. I need to try dragonfruit, haven't ever tried that one.
  22. If you haven't tried Honeycrisp apples, don't judge other apples. They don't compare.
  23. brilliant! I hate when I'm cleaning house and end up tripping balls.