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  1. Just one tram left. If you act tonight you can have the Skins. Join ARRRRRR crew now before we set sail Friday!
  2. Just 3 teams left. Don’t you like rum? Hoist the colors with us and drink some rum! (Or don’t—more for us!)
  3. We be down to 3 teams available ya slimey hornswagglers! Join arrrrr crew and hoist the colors with us in 32 Homarrrrrrs! It's the best time you'll ever have in a Pirate Fantasy football league
  4. What do we do with a drunken sailor? We add 'em to arrrrrrr crew! We still have the Jets, Tennessee, Washington and Arizona available. Join 32 HomaRRRRRRs now or die a lily-livered bilge rat!
  5. Atlanta is now gone. The Jets, Tennessee, Washington and Arizona are available. Hoist the colors with us! Reply here with interest , PM me or check in in our forum on the huddle!
  6. Tampa is gone. Jets, Titans, Falcons, Redskins and Cardinals are still available. Join arrrrrr crew now before we set sail!
  7. Tennessee, NY Jets, Washington, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Arizona are still available. PM or reply here for details.
  8. Who dares to join a league of pirates?! 🏴‍☠️ Join arrrrrr crew if ye’ dare and hoist the colors with us. 🍻
  9. Just 6 spots left in this swashbuckling 32 team league. Just $25 and ye’ can join th’ crew!
  10. This is a suparrrrrr fun, low-maintainance league that’s only $25. Tennessee, NY Jets, Washington, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Arizona are available so grab yer cutlass and join th’ crew! PM me or reply to this thread for details or to join us!
  11. WASH, NYJ, ATL, TBB and ARIZ are also available. PM me, reply here or check in on the huddle and claim yer ship!
  12. Tennessee and Arizona currently still available. These teams MIGHT be available--their owners have not yet checked in: WASH, NYJ, ATL, and TBB.
  13. This a league that is made up of 32 teams (homer teams). The pirate theme come in not only for the fun but for the mid-season pillaging that will take place. It's called 32 HomARRRRRRs and here's how it works - In plain terms, it is basically a keeper league where your keepers come from the players from the NFL team that you own. All players have a value, you have a set dollar value to spend on your keepers and cannot go over. After the keepers have been submitted, there is a 1 time supplemental draft where unspent money can be spent on unkept players (if you qualify). After that is over, there is a normal snake draft to round out your roster. Every team keeps their NFL team's kicker and D/ST. Free agents are by blind bid. There is a one time plunder draft where all teams can protect a set number of players, and one at a time each team gets a chance to steal a player from any other team. No team can have more than 1 plunder attempt against them. This is really unique and interesting. All of this under the setting of a pirate world. You can have as much fun with that as you wish. Overall, it is a really interesting league that is different from just about anything else out there. it’s a fun experience with a bunch of fun-loving football lovin’ pirates! Available teams are TEN, NYJ, WAS, ATL, TB and AZ. You can captain one of these ships for $25. Post here or PM me if interested. The forums for this league are held here: League rules (Th' Pirates Code) be harrrrrr: The league is hosted through MFL. The 2019 site is here: Reply here if you'd like marrrrrrr info or want to RSVP a spot. Thanks!
  14. Only 3 spots left in this league. Join now or walk the plank ya bilge rats! But seriously, should be a blast. We have 17 teams....just need 3 more. Join the crew!