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  1. I’d keep both players over picks. You will not find players who are better them that at those picks
  2. I’m sure you accepted this already...I vote Barkley
  3. Simple question.. what’s the most important position in a 32 team Dynasty football league. Scoring is very basic. We Start 1qb, 1 rb, 2wr, 1te, 1 flex
  4. I’d keep Guice. You need more help at RB than WR.
  5. I’d keep Tyreek. It’s a messed up situation, but Tyreek is young and talented and someone will give him another shot. We just saw it with Hunt.
  6. If you can get Carson for that, jump on it. That’s cheap imo
  7. Kerryon and it’s not close. He’s cheaper and better imo especially for a PPR league. Fournette has issues and I would have made this trade in a heartbeat if I was a fournette owner
  8. Agree with Gally, keep JuJu and Woods.
  9. I’d say Njoku. He’s got a better situation and a better QB. I have Engram and I would defiantly try and do that trade straigt up as well 😉
  10. It’s $1.5 to every contract year extended. A player can only have a max of 5 years on a contract, so the price to extend depends on how many years.
  11. Keep Mahomes, Gordon, Allen, and Juju. Fournette is someone you can probably get in the 2nd rd or #5 if you really wanted him. His injuries and lack of commitment would raise a red flag if I was thinking of drafting him. Best of luck
  12. Guess it all depends on your team. If it was me I would keep Kamara over having the other two. With Ingram possibly leaving in FA, Kamara numbers are going to be near #1 overall status like they were before Ingram returned from suspension.
  13. Simple question.... who’s the better RB to have in dynasty? Standard scoring 32 team salary league. Both have $3 contracts. Elliott has 2 years left and McCaffrey has 3 years left. Can extend players every offseason. What to know who are you riding with for the next 5+ years
  14. Always appreciate your advice Gally!
  15. It’s a 32 team salary cap full IDP dynasty league. Want to get some thoughts about this trade. I give Marvin Jones $6/1y I get: Jamaal Williams $3/3y I’m looking to unload Marvin Jones and get some value because I probably won’t extend him past next year due to the size of his contract and I’m thin at RB. Start 1RB, 2WR, 1FLEX Here are my other Wr & RB Elliott $3/2y Ito Smith $1/3y OBJ $6/3y Woods $8/3y Geronimo Allison $1/2y Keelan Cole $3/3y Appreciate your thoughts!