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  1. Moar Don Lemon please
  2. click the link please
  3. Quick math. 15 or 16 carries is a full load along with receptions.
  4. Day 29
  5. Your loss, seriously. I am real 'Merican!
  6. To add, a cliffhanger to end Aaron is not worth it. Jus' sayin'.
  7. I think you'll get your wish, Aaron is most likely to be a red shirt later on. My 2c is that there will be 2 victims from Lucille.
  8. Simply put
  9. In the previews Negan drags Rick to the RV. Assuming an @$$ kicking or maybe lose a hand?
  10. I went Lohan at the end of the 1st and Ozzy in the 2nd.
  11. Calif to avoid/exploit.
  12. If you do not see pit smoke, keep driving.
  13. Old song, don't care like a honey badger. Little Walter: Just Your Fool All day long.