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  1. Mow his lawn, but leave little strips unmowed. Report back.
  2. Find the opposite of your FIL's POTUS candidate and start a political conversation endorsing the opposite. Report back.
  3. He was not feeling well and was treated with medicine. Bad medicine is what he needed.
  4. What is left of news programming is a now a close cousin to reality TV. The Sherriff Clarke/Don Lemon was a fuster cluck of the highest order, more so than Skip Bayliss defending his Hot Takes. The ambulance chasing mindset of disaster reporting is simply a pattern and their M.O. is rooted in opposing viewpoints on a panel.
  5. That passes as news programming.
  6. The worst CNN host to put in that situation. Absolutely raw LEO a few feet away breathing fire and Lemon was way out of his Black Hole Theory element.
  7. Simply crushing it. There's more room on the bandwagon.
  8. Let's agree that your opinion is wrong.
  9. Wooooooot! Got my swag yesterday! Thanks a TON Nugget! Will post pics tonight/tomorrow & I will update the doc.
  10. Verizon Milkshake this steaming pile. Turrible.
  11. With great power: Keegan-Michael Key
  12. Frances: Don't Worry About Me
  13. +1 for speaking in the third person.
  14. Posted a thread on DictatorGuys about his ongoing dispute with Eva about a neighbor that parked his tank in the alley behind the Hitler house.
  15. Picked up for 3 more years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyAn3fSs8_A http://www.thewrap.com/archer-renewed-for-3-more-seasons-on-fx/