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  1. start here
  2. Under oath, testified that Wells Fargo account practices crossed a line that he'd never do.
  3. http://heavy.com/entertainment/2016/09/mr-robot-where-is-tyrell-phone-address-coordinates-elliot-found-whose-home-theories-s2e10/
  4. All Hail Esmail. Amazing that a lesser network like USA got this series, just stay out of their way and let them run with it.
  5. http://captiongenerator.com/104292/AZRon-learns-of-the-coffee-date
  6. The AZ Ron Hitler video is a level above awesome. Now's the time to shift this into gear, dinner or move it along. Dinner overlooking water an option? Up the charts a bit, nothing corporate at all. No movie, play, whatever, just dinner. Pay for her babysitter. You don't need to paw her like a lion, but there should be enough touching (before you get to the restaurant) to get your point across w/o any guessing.
  7. Burn the boats. Ware will most likely have GL duty, so there's a higher floor in case it's a 50/50 RBBC when/if Charles is good to go.
  8. Seating chart, family on this side and "From the innernets" over there--->
  9. Are they playing shirtless volleyball on the beach too? Asking for a friend.
  10. As long as the apples are Fuji or Gala.
  11. Don't sweat the dress code, it's a MSNBC talking head distraction to advancing the ground game. The number? That's from hospitality, the ability to have a good conversation, a level of trust and stability and your kids are not feral. Stay the course Colonel. Ease the troops into position. Hearts + minds. Good luck.
  12. All good, as the Colonel pointed out, there are moving parts. He hit his spots, connected w/ her kids (yuuuuuuuuge here, yuuuuge) and started the wheels moving. It's not a Tinder hookup and she's right across the street, so the long game is the right play.
  13. Bonus points to Zhang/White Rose for peeing on the grave. The female characters have clearly taken center stage this season and Angela is a BOSS. Speaking of, on the fallout from Dom stopping by Angela's w/ sammchies and her offer from the FBI. Dom's leverage on Angela could push this particular arc into a relationship. Dom told Angela in her short time at her loft about a dream and the progressions: dream of a beautiful woman, struggle, surrender. Adds up. Playing a long game w/ Tyrell. Other than Mr Robot's conversation w/ Elliott about killing Tyrell, his storyline is flatlined. Typically, they are not dead if they do not show you the character dead, so I'm still on the "he's alive" side.
  14. Well done Colonel. On the Offdee Having a Neighbor and Her Kids Over For a BBQ Scale, this would be a 9. I'm in the 3rd row on the right BTW