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  1. Not odd enough.
  2. Curly fries Sweet potato fries
  3. Cranberries "Linger" acoustic version
  4. Dog's reaction after standing next to a fan behind him
  5. Verizon mic drop is a contender. Amazing that this room temperature cow dropping saw the light of day.
  6. Mini Ditka
  7. @Dentist white courtesy phone please.
  8. Should have been done 8 years ago too. They should be at the bleeding edge considering that it's a pay service and they are up against ESPN + NFL.com and they are free.
  9. Dog dad and his pups
  10. I hope the Jets are classy about this
  11. If I identify as black, that counts, right? What about if a Latino and an African American had a child, she grew up had a baby with a white father, does that count?
  12. Amazon Web Services Get rid of on-site premise, scale up and down as needed. Remove the server room upgrades/HVAC issues and use your real estate more effectively, gain enterprise security, near faultless and devs can constantly upgrade.
  13. Florida Man Financial Genius: Bomb Target stores, buy stock at reduced price, get PAID I'd like to think that this scheme would be on the Mount Rushmore of Florida Things, but I'm not sure.