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  1. Verizon mic drop is a contender. Amazing that this room temperature cow dropping saw the light of day.
  2. Mini Ditka
  3. @Dentist white courtesy phone please.
  4. Should have been done 8 years ago too. They should be at the bleeding edge considering that it's a pay service and they are up against ESPN + NFL.com and they are free.
  5. Dog dad and his pups
  6. I hope the Jets are classy about this
  7. If I identify as black, that counts, right? What about if a Latino and an African American had a child, she grew up had a baby with a white father, does that count?
  8. Amazon Web Services Get rid of on-site premise, scale up and down as needed. Remove the server room upgrades/HVAC issues and use your real estate more effectively, gain enterprise security, near faultless and devs can constantly upgrade.
  9. Florida Man Financial Genius: Bomb Target stores, buy stock at reduced price, get PAID I'd like to think that this scheme would be on the Mount Rushmore of Florida Things, but I'm not sure.
  10. Revis: update on his 2017 status
  11. George Michael would qualify: * * * L A N G U A G E * * * :53 mark for his ethnicity
  12. Nope, I use their app to double check weather and maybe a quick glance at the news.
  13. Re: defense spending, it it so far out of whack (+500B annually) in the amount of total govt spending. Start slow, implement a plan to get that in line. Re: NASA, to me, is not a deal breaker, but it's an easy way to start the process of putting the govt financial house in some way better.
  14. Drastically provide a smaller government (FEMA, Housing & Urban Dev, DOT, etc. ) Fiscal responsible. Pay down/slow national debt. Cut military spending. Start at 50% cut and keep going. Eliminate NASA Flat/simple tax code. Tax code that can fit on a single 8.5x11 page. Term limits all around, 2 terms max.