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  1. Raleigh. Top 3 for 15 years in a row "best place for business and careers" Beach a little over 2 hours and mountains a few hours to the W.
  2. The dolls stitting in the dining room chairs. No thanks.
  3. Yorkie winning at the pool Very stable genius, flawless planning and execution.
  4. Long time fan, this song did it for me: Something on your mind
  5. Doc and transportation fees? I'm getting close to a 17 Golf 4D and do not want to pay a frackin penny of these fees.
  6. Dog sledding, NBD.
  7. Husky wants to go back outside, owner tells him to go to bed. Husky objects.
  8. Play-by-play was just about as good as the pooch doing the needful.
  9. From what I read, there were 4 teams interested. Without knowing what KC was asking for, that's a small number in the mix for a Pro Bowl talent w/ 2 years of cost control. Sooo, either he's a richard head that nobody wants a part of, KC was asking too much or KC wanted him out, no matter what. Washington booted Peters out of school early, so my is on Peters being a Terrell Owens-sized-headache.
  10. Easy now. The list is long on the start up football leagues and this is most likely another one. Semi-pro ball at best and all owned by McMahon, which is a big red flag waving in the breeze.
  11. Tyreek Hill + Michael Thomas are tearing it up in their first 2 years. You already know about Hill though, right?
  12. Picking up our new pug pup tomorrow afternoon. He's a fawn 8 week old and all of the old beds, toys, leashes, etc. from the previous pair of pugs are coming out of storage. Cannot wait. Still going over names, I'm leading w/ Brady, Buba (nickname of Malone, RIP) + Otis. PUG NATION! my new boy at 8 weeks
  13. So you're telling me there's a chance?
  14. Lost my pug Zuzu last August and we're closing in on a few options to bring home. One is a 8 year old rescue pug and will also get a pup around the same time. The house sucks w/o a pug and ready to get back in the game. Zu on the pillow on the sofa like a boss
  15. Burger Fried Chicken Taco's