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  1. He's late to the party---> Swear Trek: NSFW LANGUAGE
  2. You the man 80s. Seriously. I appreciate the contribution to a terrific cause and have enjoyed our always cordial back-n-forth. Best to you in your leagues.
  3. https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer.html
  4. 75 + 80 + 30 = 185. He's at 60/911/6 as of today, 60 + 91 + 36 = 187. Calling it a day, I'll send you my contact info.
  5. That is not accurate, please check here for 2017 under the TAY column. BTW, you are on track to lose our bet re T Hill, I'll be in touch w/ you the day that happens.
  6. Cookie on the floor, Pug vs a baby
  7. Samsung wants sooooo badly to be Apple in latest commercial
  8. Guy pets Chihuahua to relax
  9. Did you poop on the floor today?
  10. Raleigh, period.
  11. There is a Florida thread for this kind of posting. Jus' sayin.
  12. Put down my pug a few months ago.
  13. More layoffs coming: https://www.si.com/tech-media/2017/11/09/espn-layoffs-staffers-sportscenter-talent-cuts
  14. They are slow playing that, it fits like a glove. Storytelling at it's finest on the small screen. It'll lose some over the subject matter to be a MASSIVE NETFLIX HIT, but well worth it to break down the details of the unit's concept/methodology/characters/killers/etc. I thought the storyline would veer to a Breaking Bad-type where Holden would cross sides so to speak, but there are crumbs where his arc is/could very well be carrying him to a bad place. I blame Holden time w/ Kemper
  15. Mindhunter was awesome sauce. Rough subject and the finale scene was a perfect handoff to S2. Dennis Rader (BTK Strangler) I assume is the character in Kansas?