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  1. Seemingly on the edge of adding an Apple campus in the Raleigh area (+/- 10K jobs), hang on.
  2. Khal Drogo Daenerys Targaryen Tyrion Arya Stark Jamie Lannister
  3. Maude Lebowski: Good lord. You can imagine where it goes from here. The Dude: He fixes the cable?
  4. "Alexa, play Tennessee Whiskey"---> Dog singing his heart out to Chris Singleton
  5. Zillow ranks Raleigh 2nd hottest market in 2018. My house has increased 22% since Sep 14 and it's the same to other cities, shortage of properties, huge influx of new residents, good job opportunities. Yaddayadda, if there is a patch of dirt, they are developing.
  6. Bread Situation at WalMart prior to a storm> CODE RED!!11!!111!
  7. @jsopio posted this to the twitter machine: BOLO: 2006 silver Honda Odyssey Van with Florida tag NIS5N. Stolen when it was left running with the keys in the ignition from 8500 block of Arlington Expy. The vehicle was transporting a dead body for work purposes when taken. Please RT #JAX #JSO #Jacksonville
  8. Joyride to Denny's in a cable truck
  9. Katie Nolan's brought on board to the network and gets passed over for this? I'm not sure of the direction of the show (less Hot Takey version of the Today Show?) but they are screwing up a 1 car parade. Again.
  10. I'd lean towards Hill, but not strongly. Nobody is getting doubled here and I'm not sure where you shade coverage to w/ Kelce/Hill/Watkins and Hunt running routes. Maybe swap out a S w/ a CB? Does a Mahomes-led team open it up downfield (probably) and the Chiefs D is not getting fixed this year, so I'd aggressively bet the over for pass attempts and lots of combined games of 70-80 points.
  11. Raleigh. Top 3 for 15 years in a row "best place for business and careers" Beach a little over 2 hours and mountains a few hours to the W.
  12. The dolls stitting in the dining room chairs. No thanks.
  13. Yorkie winning at the pool Very stable genius, flawless planning and execution.