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  1. Too many of these trades ideas in this post sound like something people did on Madden to stack their teams. In true value Revis is worth a first and then some, but in NFL value he is a great corner coming off knee surgery, with a one year contract and a history of holding out until he gets what he wants. The Jets would be lucky to get a second round pick. My guess is they get a third round pick, or a conditional pick where they get a 3rd if he plays more than so many games or if he resigns and if he doesn't they get a fourth rounder.
  2. Gronk didn't play a single game in his junior year of college. He entered the draft anyway and still went 2nd round.Obviously I meant the pros.
  3. Unsustainable TD rate, if you can find someone that will buy this year's stats move him.He is a hold to see if Jennings leaves, if he does I would buy low on him. He will be starting and I am not a believe in Jordy and Cobb is a slot guy.
  4. I agree with Ray Rice but this year was the first time Gronk has missed a game. I hope you are in my league and selling!
  5. Just got this one about 2 weeks ago, I give Lance Moore and Gronk. I get Tebow and Shorts
  6. Kaepernick after last night, I see him as a mid to bottom qb1 for his career. The right buyer right now sees him as a better version of RG3 or Cam Newton.
  7. I think Dalton is young enough to still gamble on. He's shown he can dominate weak defences at least. I'd stick with Brady until I see a little Carson Palmer/Phillip Rivers decline, not even close yet with Brady and Brees. I like Maclin with Foles a lot. I cant see NO bringing in a better wr than Colston, at worse he can be a target whore . The rest of the list I couldn't agree more. I somewhat agree with you about Dalton, but there is just something missing.....Deep accuracy and pocket presence.Both of those things can be worked on the pocket presence will get better each year with experience.
  8. Robots don't peak, they go in for oil changes and tune ups. His so called ACL tear was just a clever cover up.
  9. I would have never benched guys like Spiller, or Morris over this guy, but I did bench Dwayne Allen (flex spot) and Demarco Murray. It will cost me 1 game and might cost me another.
  10. I loved the Mccoy was losing his job posts, the kid has earned some more touches but this is still Mccoy's backfield. When both are healthy I expect Mccoy to get 70 percent or more of the touches, if the kid continues to fumble that number will go up.
  11. Justin Tuck needs to shut the hell up, a back flip isn't excessive celebration, he doesn't spike the ball he doesn't scream at people like Bradshaw does, he doesn't salsa dance, if that is his touchdown celebration then it is just fine.
  12. Bell runs harder and is more productive. I am not sure what the Lions coaching staff is looking at. I still hope it is a new coaching staff next year. Longshot, but you can always dream.Because you don't know the Lions. They don't do things right, it doesn't matter who is in charge. I don't own either player in any dynasty league but I wonder if Leshoure's injury from last year is still healing, he looked a lot faster and shiftier in college.
  13. I'm not worried. He's not as small as some people claim. He's and inch shorter than Tiki, the same weight and much faster. What I like is he's 21 so if he stays healthy maybe they get an extra couple of years with him compared to an older rookie. Though they partially wasted this year of his career.but but but he fumbled the first game of the season
  14. Oh ya I forgot that Bradshaw looked great against them too.Bradshaw got hurt...nothing new there! But Wilson last two games against a real defense he didn't do squat11 total touches in 2 games. What were you expecting?
  15. Oh ya I forgot that Bradshaw looked great against them too.