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  1. Too many of these trades ideas in this post sound like something people did on Madden to stack their teams. In true value Revis is worth a first and then some, but in NFL value he is a great corner coming off knee surgery, with a one year contract and a history of holding out until he gets what he wants. The Jets would be lucky to get a second round pick. My guess is they get a third round pick, or a conditional pick where they get a 3rd if he plays more than so many games or if he resigns and if he doesn't they get a fourth rounder.
  2. Gronk didn't play a single game in his junior year of college. He entered the draft anyway and still went 2nd round.Obviously I meant the pros.
  3. Unsustainable TD rate, if you can find someone that will buy this year's stats move him.He is a hold to see if Jennings leaves, if he does I would buy low on him. He will be starting and I am not a believe in Jordy and Cobb is a slot guy.
  4. I agree with Ray Rice but this year was the first time Gronk has missed a game. I hope you are in my league and selling!
  5. Just got this one about 2 weeks ago, I give Lance Moore and Gronk. I get Tebow and Shorts
  6. Kaepernick after last night, I see him as a mid to bottom qb1 for his career. The right buyer right now sees him as a better version of RG3 or Cam Newton.
  7. I think Dalton is young enough to still gamble on. He's shown he can dominate weak defences at least. I'd stick with Brady until I see a little Carson Palmer/Phillip Rivers decline, not even close yet with Brady and Brees. I like Maclin with Foles a lot. I cant see NO bringing in a better wr than Colston, at worse he can be a target whore . The rest of the list I couldn't agree more. I somewhat agree with you about Dalton, but there is just something missing.....Deep accuracy and pocket presence.Both of those things can be worked on the pocket presence will get better each year with experience.
  8. I agree with most of this, if you are looking for the next top 10 dynasty wide receiver you are reaching too much for this guy. He is in the wrong offense, with the wrong quarterback, and in the wrong division. However he does have a lot of value. For the rest of this year he is a low end wr3/flex guy. Starting next year and beyond wr3/flex should be his floor with a high end wr 2 being his ceiling.
  9. Especially since he was on your bench when he had the best game he may ever have.
  10. what is this...week 11? so a 9 week time-table? That would put Gronk back in time for the Super Bowl, right?He'll be fully healed on his couch with Brady sitting next to him saying "Pass the many times do you think Julius Peppers will sack Schaub?"Brady's reply would be "Zero. You Idiot. Peppers and Bears got knocked out of the playoffs in the wild card round."This is funny coming from any obvious Bears fan. Have you seen your team play against good NFL teams? If they keep this up they will find themselves not even making the playoffs.
  11. Name one game ever where the starters sat for the 4th quarter. Any team, any game. Since so many people are hopping on this, maybe one of you would like to research every NFL blowout, and let me know how many times the starters all sat for the 4th.Brady and co played two series in the 4th, running the ball until they had to throw. Amazing how many people have the same stupid opinion. This is simply not true.1st-10, NE20 12:32 T. Brady incomplete pass to the left 2nd-7, NE36 10:29 T. Brady passed to W. Welker to the left for 14 yard gain 1st-10, IND39 7:37 T. Brady passed to S. Vereen to the left for 11 yard gain They ran the ball plenty on the last 2 drives, but they did not run the ball until they had to throw. Looks like you just picked out what you wanted to try making your point.Here are all the Pats plays in the 4th quarter. 1-10-NE20 (12:32) T.Brady pass incomplete deep left to B.Lloyd. IND-C.Redding was injured during the play. 2-10-NE20 (12:26) S.Ridley right end pushed ob at NE 22 for 2 yards (P.Angerer). 3-8-NE22 (11:49) (No Huddle, Shotgun) T.Brady pass short middle to R.Gronkowski to NE 33 for 11 yards (A.Bethea). 1-10-NE33 (11:11) S.Ridley right tackle to NE 36 for 3 yards (D.Butler; F.Moala). 2-7-NE36 (10:29) T.Brady pass short left to W.Welker ran ob at 50 for 14 yards. NE 12-Brady 51st career 300-yard game, tying Dan Fouts for 6th most all-time. 1-10-50 (9:55) J.Edelman right end to IND 3 for 47 yards (A.Bethea). reverse 1-3-IND3 (9:09) S.Ridley up the middle for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN. S.Gostkowski extra point is GOOD, Center-D.Aiken, Holder-Z.Mesko. IND 24 NE 52, Plays: 7 Yards: 80 Possession: 3:27. 1-10-IND39 (7:37) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short left to S.Vereen to IND 28 for 11 yards (J.Freeman). 1-10-IND28 (6:52) S.Vereen left tackle to IND 29 for -1 yards (D.Freeney). 2-11-IND29 (6:15) S.Vereen left guard to IND 25 for 4 yards (R.Mathews; J.Freeman). 3-7-IND25 (5:32) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short middle to W.Welker to IND 12 for 13 yards (D.Butler). 1-10-IND12 (4:48) S.Vereen left end pushed ob at IND 7 for 5 yards (J.Freeman). 2-5-IND7 (4:43) S.Vereen up the middle to IND 4 for 3 yards (K.Conner). 3-2-IND4 (3:59) S.Vereen left end for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN. S.Gostkowski extra point is GOOD, Center-D.Aiken, Holder-Z.Mesko. NE 59 points ties franchise record (10/18/09 vs TEN, 59-0) NE 3-Gostkowski 8 PAT in game ties franchise record. IND 24 NE 59, Plays: 7 Yards: 39 Possession: 3:42. 1-10-NE42 (2:17) NE 15-Mallett now at QB. S.Vereen left guard to NE 42 for no gain (C.Geathers; K.Conner). 2-10-NE42 (2:00) S.Vereen right guard to NE 43 for 1 yard (L.Guy). 3-9-NE43 (1:23) S.Vereen right end to NE 43 for no gain (D.Butler). 4-9-NE43 (:41) Z.Mesko punts 53 yards to IND 4, Center-D.Aiken, downed by NE. That's 5 total passes for the entire quarter, and all but the first one short. Guess some people just love to complain about the Pats. No, I was just complaining about you. You decided to just make #### up about them "running the ball until they had to throw." I pointed out three plays where they did not run the ball until they had to throw in the 4th quarter. Notice what I said right after that, "They ran the ball plenty on the last 2 drives, but they did not run the ball until they had to throw." I didn't need to include all the plays because my point wasn't that they didn't run the ball at all, my point was that you were just making #### up to try and prove your point. Whatever makes you feel better dude. Everyone can read the full play-by-play and see for themselves how the Pats weren't trying to "Run up the score".Whatever makes you feel better. I never said anything about, "Running up the score". You're barking up the wrong tree. Everyone can read the thread as see who was Anyone that whines about running up the score in any of the pro sports is a whiny punk, they are paid professionals, and if they don't want to be embarrassed then do your job and stop someone. It isn't on the other teams coaching staff to say I think they have had enough. Now if we are talking college, or high school sports that is a totally different thing.
  12. Disagree. If the team thought he was that danged good AND thought he could be THE guy, then they would do that right now. But they don't, for whatever reason. So, all it really means is when FJAX is gone, Spiller owners need to watch the next guy coming in the door because they are going to need that guy too.In today's NFL it is just amazingly rare for a team to have a RB that the team relies on with confidence to run inside, run outside, catch passes, handle pass protection, and do the goal line work. The "for whatever reason" is that Fred Jackson is still pretty damn good.Agreed - not sure why people don't - or refuse to - believe it.I agree that Jackson is still good and very useful, but the touches need to be reversed. Spiller should be getting the 15 to 20 touches a game and Jackson should be getting 10 to 15.
  13. Because he never has.Gronkowski has never missed a game? Hmmm.I assume these are right. Shows him playing 16, 16, and 9 games.(Didn't factor in today's game yet) In the playoffs it shows 1 in 2010, and 3 in 2011.