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  1. Two Sunbelt Rentals in the Memphis area including a Pump & Power location that would power up that whole ####### shindig if they wanted. Shameless plug
  2. Loved the trade down for what we got, not a Johnny guy but I'm a Browns fan & we just became relevant again for the first time in many years. Would have rather seen Teddy with that pick as I think his size & skill set is a better fit for the NFL but we have a 5'10" gunslinger now, let's see what happens.
  3. I'd still walk a mile to hear her fart in a field phone, hell ya I would!
  4. Here for my annual visit, can't wait! It's like Christmas again!!!!!!
  5. C'mon on down, weather is great. About 85 today, everything is in bloom, it's a about the best time of year down here IMO.
  6. My wife...except for the smoking part
  7. Cutty was carrying her. Good info, I thought a dingo slipped in that I missed when i didn't see someone carrying Judith at the end. Dark episode but far as zombie apocalyptic futures go.
  8. I know I wasn't the first but I did mention it earlier today. I think stbugs and the Hulk should be interviewed STAT!
  9. So this is just some big promotional gig for the Chinese TV version of Lost? That's what I'm thinking
  10. Pretty sure this is how Lost got started, just saying
  11. I'm amazed he was still alive. RIP. There are so few of these guys left.... One of the guys still around and doing all he can is Jim "Pee Wee" Martin. Great follow on Facebook if you can. He estimated there were 6 guys left out of his company. There will come a time very soon that there will no longer be a living WWII vet, enjoy them while you can. RIP Wild Bill
  12. I believe we need another good CB.The defenses abysmal performance on 3rd down was due to getting torched through the air.Could Pettine fix this via a covergare scheme and/or a new scheme to get to the QB faster on passing downs?Maybe.I think we don't have enough good CB's.But, I am all for Watkins at 4, OL at 26, and we need a RB either in the 2nd or 3rd round.I believe there are enough good ones that we can wait until round 3 and get a huge upgrade over what we currently have.I'm on board with this draft strategy as well. Don't like the QB crop. A solid WR, bolster OL or LB position and grab Carlos Hyde if you can or a quality CB. Boyer is the starter this year, you just need to a competent backup for him. Campbell did about as well as he could, Weeden is done in the league. Draft a big QB with some upside, train him up and we're heading down the right path again.
  13. Why you gotta hate on poor little sister to the south GB? Stadium is slated to become a transport depot. Sad to see it go because of convenience but in truth, they should have been gone a long time ago if not for some nut job lawyer in Charlotte who manged to delay the departure for about 6 years. Enjoy, new stadium looks badass. A ton but I'll leave that to the locals. You could spend weeks exploring Uptown between the restaurants and historical stuff. Southpark is a good spot to go shop or Northlake mall depending on where you will be staying.