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  1. From Scott Fish Bowl X (SFBX), Jenga division, names that caught my eye (12 team, SF + TE premium, 22 roster spots), no IR WR Braxton Berrios - hate playing guys on bad teams but last two weeks says take a chance Randall Cobb - caught a TD. Unclear WR 1. Plays with Watson. Schedule gets easier. Darnell Mooney - may be ahead of Miller at this point Demarcus Robinson - Plays with Mahomes. Greg Ward Jr. - last man standing TE (FIO I got Tonyan after week one and Schultz after week 2) Nick Boyle - Andrews handcuff Tyler Kroft - caught 2 TDs. RB T.J. Yeldon - not sure how long Moss will be out. Singletary handcuff. Devontae Booker - not a great handcuff, more likely a full RBBC if Jacobs out Rashaad Penny - speculative, with no IR a hard hold. Russ is serving up a large pie... QB Nick Foles - yep he is there. SFBX severely punishes poor QB play (+1 completion, -2 incompletion) Andy Dalton - handcuff, Dak is very durable but prime situation.
  2. The disclaimer is in the header (August 2020). The lag is such that I use the consensus as a reference but create my own and adjust per league rules, tendencies, and latest news.
  3. One thing I like about Superflex + TE premium is that it makes the rookie draft far deeper and adds some more strategy elements. In a one QB league, we all did late round QB which devalues the position too much in my opinion.
  4. Consensus SuperFlex dynasty rookie rankings n=14 August 2020. Note that consensus rankings are always a bit lagging relative to reality (ex. Gibson too low, Vaughn too high). 19 C. Ed.-Helaire RB08 23 Jonathan Taylor RB10 32 Joe Burrow QB08 42 J.K. Dobbins RB14 45 D'Andre Swift RB16 48 Tua Tagovailoa QB12 50 CeeDee Lamb WR19 60 Jerry Jeudy WR23 62 Cam Akers RB19 72 Jalen Reagor WR29 79 J. Jefferson WR32 88 Henry Ruggs III WR36 91 Justin Herbert QB22 103 Tee Higgins WR42 107 Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB29 108 Michael Pittman WR44 111 Denzel Mims WR46 119 Brandon Aiyuk WR50 129 Zack Moss RB35 130 L. Shenault WR52 140 Antonio Gibson RB41 145 Bryan Edwards WR56 150 A.J. Dillon RB46 154 Jordan Love QB33 164 A. McFarland RB50 165 Darrynton Evans RB51 166 Jalen Hurts QB36 177 Chase Claypool WR66 183 K.J. Hamler WR69 190 Joshua Kelly RB57 193 Devin Duvernay WR73 199 Van Jefferson WR75 203 Cole Kmet TE27 208 Jacob Eason QB43 210 A. Gandy-Golden WR79 213 Lynn Bowden RB62 218 Lamical Perine RB64 226 Adam Trautman TE31 229 Eno Benjamin RB70 231 Tyler Johnson WR86 232 Deejay Dallas RB71 236 Devin Asiasi TE33
  5. Consensus dynasty rookie rankings 9/9/2020 (relative to overall dynasty rankings) 11 C. Ed.-Helaire RB06 19 Jonathan Taylor RB11 33 J.K. Dobbins RB14 37 D'Andre Swift RB16 39 CeeDee Lamb WR19 42 Jerry Jeudy WR21 45 Cam Akers RB18 60 Jalen Reagor WR30 66 J. Jefferson WR32 72 Henry Ruggs III WR35 86 Tee Higgins WR42 87 Brandon Aiyuk WR43 89 Michael Pittman WR45 93 Denzel Mims WR49 94 Joe Burrow QB08 99 L. Shenault WR51 105 Antonio Gibson RB32 106 Zack Moss RB33 109 Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB35 115 Tua Tagovailoa QB11 116 Bryan Edwards WR55 124 A.J. Dillon RB40 148 Darrynton Evans RB50 150 Chase Claypool WR65 154 K.J. Hamler WR67 159 A. McFarland RB52 164 Justin Herbert QB23 166 Joshua Kelley RB53 171 Van Jefferson WR72 177 Devin Duvernay WR74 183 A. Gandy-Golden WR77 184 Cole Kmet TE24 196 Lynn Bowden RB60 203 Lamical Perine RB64 210 Adam Trautman TE30 212 Tyler Johnson WR84 218 Devin Asiasi TE31 222 Quintez Cephus WR91 223 Deejay Dallas RB70 227 Jordan Love QB32 230 Eno Benjamin RB74 238 Jalen Hurts QB36
  6. Most guys on the list are are going to be oh well, rinse, repeat try again. Darrel Williams I am putting in a bid, also Bryce Love. I will probably leave the rest alone, though I may try to get a 49er WR to stack with Garappolo on the off chance that a miracle happens (Garappolo + waiver wire WR). Format dictates that I probably need a miracle or two or three.
  7. This is based on what is available in the SFBX Jenga division that I am in: RB High ceiling 1. Darrel Williams - the most upside in my opinion. Putting my chip here 2. Bryce Love - may get more touches than Gibson, It depends 3. Devine Ozigbo / James Robinson / Chris Thompson - expecting Jacksonville to be behind most of the time, so Thompson up front but he is not likely to last the entire season. 4. Brian Hill - some Gurley rest week potential 5. Mike Davis - McCaffrey handoff, but that is all. Note - pseudo handcuff is Curtis Samuel, who may get a share of CMC touches. Large pie to distribute if CMC is out In emergency, break glass 6. Frank Gore - this is a Gase hates Bell play. Not a lot of upside here 7. Peyton Barber - if used, more likely as part of a very split RBBC on a bad team. 8. Ryan Nall - Montgomery already dinged up and not a lot of depth in Chicago WR High ceiling 1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling - might get to #2. Might be chasing the ghost of Aaron Rodgers too. 2. Kenny Stills - would need Fuller/Cook injury (maybe both). It depends 3. Olabisi Johnson - #2 in Minnesota, Cousins typically spreads the ball a bit. 4. Van Jefferson - if Rams go 3WR, he may be the 3rd WR. Injury to Kupp or Woods may elevate Jefferson to WR2. 5. Devin Duvernay - Lamar best at throwing in the middle of the field, passing volume may increase as teams concentrate on stopping the run In emergency, break glass 6. Trent Taylor / Dante Pettis - SF may just run the ball instead, but the WR depth is already challenged. 7. James Washington / Chase Claypool - If the Pitt offense cranks up the passing volume circa 2018, then maybe some relevance for the 3rd WR. Washington had the most receiving yards last year. 8. Demarcus Robinson - Patrick Mahomes and a Watkins injury. Probability > zero. TE High ceiling 1. Logan Thomas - starting TE, may get 4th quarter check downs 2. Mo Alie-Cox - Colts 2nd TE, and Doyle dealing with a neck injury. Philip Rivers loves the TE and so does Frank Reich It depends 3. Cameron Brate - needs a Gronk injury 4. Vance McDonald - may get the most snaps at TE. And Ebron may drop the ball (a lot). In emergency, break glass 5. Jordan Reed / Ross Dwelley - Kittle handcuff 6. Jason Witten - may catch a TD in a pinch QB (superflex, lets talk backups as 1QB leagues there are a lot of choices) High ceiling 1. Jeff Mullins - did pretty good with his starts, not a huge dropoff from Garappolo. 2. Case Keenum - familiar with head coach, could fill in for Mayfield. Would chuck it to OBJ without hesitation It depends 3. RGIII - definitely a dropoff, but 50% of Lamar is playable 4. P.J. Walker - familiarity with head coach. Carolina D not good. In case of emergency, break glass 5. Jacoby Brissett - Colts more likely to play it safe than turn Brissett loose. Rivers is an iron man so low probability. 6. Kyle Allen - Rivera likes him. Negative game script, however Washington D not terrible.
  8. Not fixed for me. I have been working with Matt Carey, it seems to be something with my computer. He pulls up my account and all is good on his end. For me, it is bizarre as other sections are 2020, but not the staff section. I have not tried clearing caches, etc. or tried on a different computer/browser yet. Without the ability to replicate, this one will be hard to fix. Should not be using the work computer anyway 🙂!
  9. Hi Joe - Thanks for the increased attention to dynasty. Good to see. Recommend more superflex and TE premium content, the trend is rising in these areas. On the online draft dominator, when one clicks on a player, a nice menu shows up. Under the Staff tab, any content there is last years (ex. Darrell Henderson - keep close tabs on Gurley's knee!). An update for this year would be useful. The number of Staff comments on draft dominator is low - mostly non existent. For me, the staff list sets my expectations for a comment whereas the result is most often "no comment yet". I would rename the tab "staff rankings" if staff comments are not committed to. Thx for asking for feed back - M.
  10. I thought it may be an interesting exercise to see positional value on the financial side. From and for 2020 game day roster of 2 QB, 4 RB, 5 WR, 3 TE, 8 OL, 8 DL, 7 LB, 3 S, and 5 CB I get the folllowing percentages per player normalized (ex. QB/(QB+RB+...)). QB: 22.8% RB: 5.77% WR 11.80% TE 8.32% OL 11.68% DL 10.47% LB: 8.70% S: 11.28% CB: 9.19% Normalizing for total # of players (All QBs/ (all RB + all WR+ ...): QB: 18.17% RB: 6.90% WR: 11.76% TE 9.94% OL 12.42% DL: 11.13% LB: 10.40% S: 10.12% CB: 9.16% The chart at overthecap is worth a look, some teams are far away from the average where massive change is coming (ex. Mahomes $$$). Add in potential revenue drop from this year and we may see a lot more "Gurley" type financial decisions made next year.
  11. I have averaged (n=23) dynasty rankings across the internet, below are where the rookies are valued. Strengths are: 1. Five RBs in the top 24 2. Lots of WR3-4s with upside 3. Two high end QB prospects that can be had in the mid-late 2nd 4. A total of 43 rookies in the top 240 making fourth round rookie picks more relevant 19 C. Ed.-Helaire RB RB09 22 Jonathan Taylor RB RB11 36 D'Andre Swift RB RB15 38 J.K. Dobbins RB RB16 39 CeeDee Lamb WR WR19 40 Jerry Jeudy WR WR20 51 Cam Akers RB RB20 61 Jalen Reagor WR WR30 66 J. Jefferson WR WR32 67 Henry Ruggs III WR WR33 77 Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB RB28 85 Denzel Mims WR WR40 88 Tee Higgins WR WR42 89 Michael Pittman WR WR43 93 Brandon Aiyuk WR WR45 99 Joe Burrow QB QB09 104 L. Shenault WR WR51 118 Tua Tagovailoa QB QB14 122 Zack Moss RB RB39 127 A.J. Dillon RB RB41 128 Bryan Edwards WR WR58 151 K.J. Hamler WR WR65 153 Chase Claypool WR WR66 156 A. McFarland RB RB50 158 Antonio Gibson RB RB51 159 Darrynton Evans RB RB52 160 Justin Herbert QB QB22 173 Cole Kmet TE TE25 174 Van Jefferson WR WR73 179 Devin Duvernay WR WR75 185 A. Gandy-Golden WR WR77 188 Joshua Kelly RB RB58 193 Adam Trautman TE TE29 199 Lamical Perine RB RB60 202 Lynn Bowden WR WR85 206 Tyler Johnson WR WR87 217 Deejay Dallas RB RB65 220 Eno Benjamin RB RB68 221 Devin Asiasi TE TE32 225 Jalen Hurts QB QB33 231 Jordan Love QB QB35 235 Quintez Cephus WR WR97 239 A. Okwuegbunam TE TE35
  12. Duvernay is a great dart throw, rookie pick 35 for me. I will make this kind of bet all day. Athlete (10.27 100 meters in high school), showed college production, graduated in December. Here is a background article.
  13. I do not think the Giants have picked up Engram's fifth year option yet. If Giants do not plan on picking up the option, then I can see a trade happening. Hard to imagine SF but maybe Kittle's torn labrum that he has played through needs attention. Something to keep an eye on for sure.
  14. Rams have plugged in a FA RB in the past (C.J. Anderson). I do not expect the Rams to draft an RB, but to add one via FA. Goff needs good pass protection where a vet is probably better than any rookie.
  15. Pretty grim when there is no TE close to sniffing the first round for TE premium.