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  1. In WW2 the Russians used dogs strapped with explosives to knock out German armoured vehicles. They trained the dogs to associate food with tanks etc. when the dogs saw a tank they would immediately run underneath the tank where they expected to find food. The mechanical trigger on the bomb pack would make contact with the bottom of the tank and BOOM! Dog bits and tank bits everywhere.
  2. Holy crap. I love this place. Between this thread and the " I loaned a chick money" thread I have never been so entertained.
  3. Agreed with the punishment until you made him wipe your ### cheeks. Wrong in so many ways. Humiliation at the hands of a parent or any loved one is a horrible thing for a child. The fact that you still feel that you didn't really do anything wrong is really concerning.
  4. Comic Book Confidential - an old dock featuring some of the greats of the comic book industry. If you are interested in comic books this is a great watch. Like I said though it is old. Dates back the late 80s.Apocalypse The Second World War - I have seen a lot of WW2 docos and this was very good.History Coldcase BBC - Brilliant series. Each episode examines the process of establishing the cause of death of ancient remains. Some amazing forensic work and fascinating historical info. The episode with the mother and babies was great but really sad.
  5. First time into the FFA thread and I come across this!Best.Thread.Ever.
  6. I'm a Diablo addict from way back and downloaded this last night after seeing this thread. Looks like what I was hoping Diablo3 was going to be instead of the dumbed down thing that D3 is.its hard to dumb down Diablo btw.This looks like a lot of fun. When they get their server issues sorted I will be on it, like a bonnet.