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  1. Oh Godwin is out and Miller is hurt, but going to play? He had a great week last week, so it can't be that bad. Guess I'm plugging him in! I definitely haven't seen this movie twice this year already. /s
  2. You make a good point, and I can see a path to him being 1 overall. I would still say it's more likely that CMC and Barkley are above any WRs, and a couple of Jacobs, Sanders, CEH, Taylor, Dalvin, Mixon, etc. will likely finish strong and look well set-up going into the season next year.
  3. Physical style combined with generally not seeming like a player who prioritizes healthy habits. He's a partier and has been seen with some gut previously. That's all easy enough to bounce back from at 23-25 years old, but not as easy at 27-28. I'm also worried about the Cowboys OL long term; Tyron Smith doesn't seem like a guarantee to come back from neck surgery successfully at 30, I could say the same for La'el Collins with hip surgery (I believe it's the same injury that derailed Maurkice Pouncey's career), and Frederick abruptly retired this past offseason. Zack Martin is still an all-pro Guard, but that's a lot of talent to lose in a short time. None of that is really measurable, but Zeke has been giving me a "sell a year early" vibe in dynasty. I sold in one league (in a deal for Saquon, pre-injury 😖) and am working on moving my last dynasty share.
  4. I think he's already the favorite for WR1 in the offseason. 1.01 overall? I have trouble seeing that. There are just so many startable WRs that I think most will prioritize elite RBs.
  5. Metcalf is my favorite dynasty WR at this point, but I don't think he's much ahead of AJB.
  6. That seems like a huge win in rebuild, but I prefer Barkley to Zeke in 2021+. Zeke does not seem like a RB that will age well. And I'll take the high 1st over the other 3.
  7. Gave Corey Davis, received Devonta Freeman. I needed a RB to cover byes in weeks 7 and 9, and am pretty deep at WR. It never feels good paying for a rental, but RBs who get consistent work are hard to come by in this league.
  8. @Stompin' Tom Connors Here's an interesting article on WRs production after trade (would it have killed them to include production before the trade?). LINK It looks like there have been more successful cases than I remembered. Even still, I prefer the comfort of both these guys staying in Houston.
  9. I have no data to support it, just going on feel. I would be happy to be proven wrong. Who are some good examples of in season traded WRs that improved post trade? Now that you mention it, Amari Cooper jumps out as a plus. I was thinking of guys like Chris Chambers, Roy Williams, Percy Harvin, Kelvin Benjamin, and Golden Tate, who pretty much lost all production value after being traded in season.
  10. Man, all those seem like big downgrades, especially considering how in season trade guys struggle. Maybe GB would be a wash after a few weeks. I'm definitely hoping for no trade.
  11. I think the saints and pats moved him because they didn't want to pay him after his rookie contract, and they both got back what they spent. Saints because they had Thomas and didn't want to pay 2 WRs, and Pats because who knows. I think the Rams were in salary cap hell, and needed to move on from at least 2 of their massive contracts to make space in '21 to sign the CB they had just given up 2 1sts for. The head injuries last year might have had something to do with choosing to pay Kupp and Woods over keeping Cooks. I don't think it's a major reflection on his play or attitude. He had been vocal about putting himself in a position to get good contracts before (which saints fans are still salty about). I don't really fault the guy for that, but it might play into how a couple teams chose to cash out on him instead of resigning him.
  12. Like I always said, he's a model of consistency.
  13. Yeah I've added Johnson in my deep dynasty leagues. I'm not sure anyone will be able to get consistent yards in this offense, so I like the idea of targeting the most explosive of the 3. Plus, he kinda reminds me of Kenyan Drake before he broke out right after the surprise Ajayi trade.
  14. I thought sandman was his nickname in college. Does he have to earn it back once he's in the league league, or do college credentials count? I need answers on this @Hot Sauce Guy