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  1. I recently sent Corey Davis, Ito Smith, and a 5 pick bump in the early 3rd for Fournette. It was maybe 3 days before his recent arrest, but I'd still probably do it.
  2. I thought we were talking from an NFL standpoint. But he won't be top 5 next year with no Brown.
  3. Which 6 is he easily better than? I can't really think of any ranking criteria where I'd put Ben anywhere near top 5.
  4. There's no way Roeth, Stafford, Goff, or Trubisky should be mentioned there, so there's at most 11 😄 . That's kinda how it goes at every position. How many WR1s are there in fantasy?
  5. I'm not sure I have the experience to comment on a 20 team league, but I think I'd take the Adams-Chubb side since depth should be that much more important. I agree with @Snorkelson that the QBs are pretty close to a wash.
  6. Do people intentionally ignore the point of a post and respond to one line as if it's saying something else on this board? Seems to happen over and over again. If you think Mahomes will continue to have that positional advantage, trade for him. I don't think he will.
  7. I'd take the opposite, assuming I needed a starter. Seems fair though.
  8. Huh? I don't know how you read that from anything I posted. Even if you take out the first 3 weeks, the Tampa QBs were top 4 for the year for almost free.
  9. Maybe not, but I think you can get close enough for almost free that I'm not paying a borderline top 12 option at a premium position for Mahomes. Ryan was QB2, but I know I can go trade for him in every 1QB team I'm in for less than a 1st. If you combined the 2 bad QBs in Tampa Bay, the ones so bad that they kept getting benched for each other every few weeks, you get the #2 QB at ~2.5 ppg behind Mahomes. That tells me the pass attempts matter more than the skillset, and I think more teams will have more pass attempts if the chiefs continue to have success with their style.
  10. I am hoping he ends up somewhere that isn't amazing, but isn't BAL. Mainly because I have several late 1sts and I'd rather take Brown there than Murray or Anderson (as long as he's not in Baltimore).
  11. Maybe ruined is too strong a word. My point is there is little more hope for Carr than there is for Tannehill at this point, and the dolphins just dumped Tannehill. They aren't going after Carr even if he costs a 2nd, much less a 1st.
  12. He's been a bad NFL QB in 2 seasons since the injury. I think it's likely the injury changed his career trajectory for the worse.
  13. My thought would be this post would be more appropriate in the assistant coach forum, or even in the dynasty value discussion thread. It's close enough that I need more team info to say one way or another, and you can't get into that in the completed trade thread.
  14. Probably Murray. Much less likely to bust, although if Rodney hits he'll be more valuable. Cousins is my starter in 2 of those 3 leagues. That's also factoring into my decision. He's not really losing me games, but he's not winning me any games either.
  15. Ah yeah, from real football standpoint it is a good fit.