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  1. FIFY. Mitchell was looking really promising before he couldn't get back on the field. I'm not sure Meyers is as good, but there's definitely opportunity in NE going forward.
  2. I'm not sure Dissly and Watkins get you Williams, much less 2 1sts.
  3. I think Rappaport has been little more than a mouthpiece for NFL teams the last couple of years. This sounds like the Vikings inviting offers to me.
  4. 12 team PPR QRRWWWT Gave Derrick Henry, 20 2nd (late) Got Rashaad Penny, 20 1st (mid) I wasn't starting Henry behind Zeke and Chubb, so I wanted to kick the value down the road as I see people freaking out about Henry being a 26 year old UFA after the season.
  5. I've been making jokes this week that he's like the Pradda bag of WRs. Slightly mis-branded Chinese knockoff that is still functional but you got for a nickel.
  6. Chicago has been forcing teams to pass, so that could help. I'm starting him over Preston Williams in one league. Benching him for Cooks in another. The Preston call was harder.
  7. There is no way he has a higher drop rate than Moncrief.
  8. Before Gordon got hurt last year, he was averaging 20.6 touches (15.9 rushes, 3.7 receptions). Ekeler was averaging 8.8 touches (6.6 carries, 2.2 receptions). So they gave them around 29 touches a game before MG was injured. You're probably right that Ekeler gets a bigger slice of that pie than last season, but I also think they probably don't want to keep giving him 20 touches a game considering his build.
  9. My league is going to be hella mad if this is true. I just flipped Ekeler to an 0-3 team for Saquon yesterday, and there is already some noise about it 😂
  10. JMO- Green sounds like a guy that is in no rush to get back to an 0-3 team in a contract year.
  11. Yeah, that was my thought too... but I haven't been able to make an offer yet 🤣
  12. And we all know Carroll's word is as good as gold for injury timelines 😄
  13. The usage last night in a negative Game script was a positive.
  14. The best part about McLaurin is that he knows the franchise QB really well. They had chemistry together in college. I heard they were lab partners 🥁