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  1. Kinda random to see a Ratley thread pop up. I figured he was either injured or arrested when I saw it! With the Browns TEs and RBs, the WR3 is probably not important for fantasy, but there might be a decent early season role for one of these guys if Landry's hip surgery recovery doesn't go perfectly (or OBJ's core, but that seems pretty low risk). They drafted DPJ, I always liked Taywan Taylor in TN, and Rashard Higgins has done alright as the WR3 at times. Seems like it could be any of those guys.
  2. I like Safe Leagues. Most are SF and TE Premium. They are commished by Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell, and haven't folded any leagues that started on safeleagues (several of the ones from sites they took over have folded).
  3. I think I follow that guy specifically because I thought he was a funny schtick. You sure it's not?
  4. I traded Tee Higgins for him and a 2021 2nd right after a startup. Funny enough, the guy took Williams one pick before I took Higgins. I don't feel great about the trade, but I wanted to recoup some future rookie picks that I traded during the startup.
  5. You mean a 180, right? Because a 360 keeps you going the same direction 😁 I agree on Michel. He's boring, but for a 25 year old starting RB with 1st round capital, he's almost free.
  6. Between Smith, Brown, and Henry, the Titans have some crazy big, athletic skill players. I worry about Smith getting consistent targets in this offense. Walker wasn't available much the last 2 seasons, and Smith was still hit or miss.
  7. Tweet about Sims I completely forgot about this guy and his nice numbers at the end of last season. Seems like a great sleeper now that they only added AGG (and Gibson if you consider him a WR).
  8. 🤔 Maybe I'm misremembering Tony G's skills, but I can't say I've seen anything from Hurst to say he's a more natural receiver. On Hurst vs. Hooper, Hooper just went 3 round higher in a 2PPR TE premium startup I'm in. I couldn't believe it (I got Hurst in round 10).
  9. 12 team PPR, I gave: Zeke, Pollard + 2 2021 1sts (late, from champ and runner up in 2019) Saquon+ 21 2nd and 3rd (late, from runner up) I think it's an overpay, but I wanted to get Barkley, and I kept my additional 1st which has a chance to be high. I also figured 2 late 1sts next year are likely a couple more WRs, and I ended up with 3 rookie WRs I like in this draft.
  10. Fat lot of good it did them last year. They lost to the Dolphins at home to lose the bye 🤣
  11. For a value point in the Fournette discussion, I drafted him at 5.07 in a 12 team SF/TE premium league. Dobbins (3rd rookie) went 3.05, and 8 rookies went before then.
  12. Don't disagree with your overall point on fournette, but this is a bit much. He won't turn 27 until the 2021 season is over.
  13. A few rookie draft trades OTC in 12 team PPR QRRWWWT: Team A gave 1.04, 2.08, Deebo, Team B gave 1.06, 1.11, 2.04 I think team A wanted to get one of Jefferson or Reagor at 11 for Deebo, and didn't care which of Dobbins, Swift, Akers he got. He ended up with Akers. Dobbins was 4. Team A gave 1.11 and 2.04, Team C gave 1.10 and 2.07 I'm team C. Reagor and Jefferson were available, and I slightly preferred Reagor but was happy to let the other guy choose for me (he took Jefferson). Team C gave 2.04 and 3.06, Team D gave 21 1st (mid to late) 2.04 was Higgins. I wanted to draft him, but I had a later 2nd that I didn't have roster space for. So I get to keep Anthony McFarland (2.10 pick) as a result of this trade.
  14. Totally agree with Mike. RedShirt Tua. Play Rosen over him if Fitz goes down.