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  1. Not sure how accurate OTC is, but according to them the Rams lose cap space by trading him this year. Same with cutting Gurley (although trading Gurley is a gain in cap space).
  2. Assuming that's tracking completion percentage and not on target percentage, how much of that is because a bunch of his deep targets went to Cole Beasley and Duke Williams?
  3. I see it as a slight upgrade for Diggs, but not as good as 2018. Buffalo will probably throw a bit more often than Minnesota , and Diggs is the alpha now, so I think he'll see a decent bump from the 94 Target he got last year. Target quality takes a hit, cancelling at least one of those plusses out.
  4. I keep thinking of Williams as well. Fair to point out, Williams had 10 college receptions TOTAL over 4 years. Dillon exceeded that in just last season (13). Obviously neither one is Alvin Kamara as a receiver, but hopefully that means DIllon is a bit better in the passing game. ETA: Williams college numbers are nuts. How does a guy rush for 2100+ yards without a single catch in the same season?
  5. Say TN Franchises Henry and drafts this guy in the 4th. How high up does that push him?
  6. Could someone direct me to where this happened? I've seen it alluded to a couple times now.
  7. Yeah I can see that. DPJ seems like a guy who rested on his 5-start status a little bit in college. Even still, if he tests about where he measured in HS, he's going to climb post combine. He ran a 4.45 40 and had a 38.8" vertical at recruiting camps coming in. I can see NFL teams buying the narrative that the system/QB/other targets kept him from reaching his potential, and moving him up to day 2. White's interesting to me. I'm surprised things have been so quiet on him. He kept looking like he was about to break out in college, then he'd get hurt. I thought he'd be better with healthy offseason in 2019, but it was concerning he started behind Darrell Stewart on the depth chart. He definitely looks more athletic than Stewart, and had less issues with drops, but for some reason Stewart was the target leader until he got hurt. Maybe that was just a function of MSU OL being awful, and Stewart working more int he slot...
  8. DPJ (6'1 5/8, 212 lb, hands: 10 1/4, wingspan 79 1/4) from Michigan and Cody White (6'3 3/8, 217 lb, hands: 10, wingspan 79 1/4) from Michigan St. with some very solid measurements. I think both these guys got held back by awful offenses, and could see both being pretty good athletes.
  9. Which charts say that? That seems like an overpay by "chart values". This chart says 5 + 39 is an ever-so-slight overpay for 3. Granted, a healthy Tua supposedly goes #1 most years, so the typical trade chart is out the window, but even still 5+26 would be the most I'd want to give. I feel like the Lions have cornered themselves a bit here, and are just trying to recover leverage at this point with the Stafford trade rumors. The owner basically said the HC and GM are in a win-or-else season, so trading your starter and starting over with an injured rookie makes no sense. That also makes it kind of obvious that they won' value future picks as highly as they normally would. Plus, if they really move on from Slay, they probably don't want to move down too far and risk missing out on Okudah. Moral of the story- if you need to give your coach and GM and ultimatum, you should probably just fire them. They are probably going to screw up what should be a great position to get a bunch of assets for a team that needs em.
  10. As a dolphins fan, I shudder to think what you had the dolphins giving up 😂
  11. You may be right, but I'd be pretty surprised if Herbert goes over Tua. Tua won't be working out, but he'll be getting medical evaluations. As long as things look positive from there I think he goes the 2nd QB and goes top 3.
  12. Sure, but Gettleman doesn't trade down, and someone is going to move up for Tua. Detroit's dream is that someone trades up to 2 for Tua and they get Young, but probably they will move down to pick 5-8. I liked him at 4. I can't believe how many mocks I see with him falling to the Raiders. He's going top 5, or very close to it.
  13. If Tua doesn't make it to 5, I'd be happy with Love at 18 for Miami as it stands now. I think he's got the goods and would benefit from sitting a year while Fitz manages the offense on a learning curve. I like the draft overall. Nice work.
  14. Right. Removing his rookie year (I'm assuming that's the good year?) his 16 game average in NY was 100/1400/11.
  15. Yeah DPJ is another interesting one. I see him getting hype more than White. I think that's mostly residual hype from him bring a 5 start recruit. Both look like they might have prototypical size and athleticism. On a side note, metro Detroit is pretty well represented in this WR class with those 2, Hamler, and Trishton Jackson.
  16. Admittedly I'm an MSU Homer, but he's not getting enough love pre combine. Great size, seems to be a good athlete, broke out as a freshman and accounted for over 30% of MSU's (simply terrible) passing offense last year. Concerns are inconsistent hands and some injury history.
  17. Sucks. I hate seeing young people make bad decisions. He now loses a year of earning, risks injury, and delays his payday 1 year (or 2 if he is a 1st rounder next year vs a 2nd rounder this year). For what? So $15M man Dabo Swinney can have a bit better chance to pad his resume?
  18. This is the Bengals publicly leaking their starting asking price. No way Miami gives this up.
  19. I get your point, but it won't be like the injury never happened. If the injury never happened he'd go 1 or 2, but the difference is we'd all just be debating which teams gives up a bunch of 1sts to move up and get 2 for him or Burrow.
  20. Same. Yesterday was not good for my lineup setting record.
  21. Tell that to the guy that just eliminated my best team with Breshad Perriman.