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  1. Same boat and beat the other two higher seeded teams. You really can not account for luck.
  2. Unfortunately, after yesterday there will be no next week. He needs AJ
  3. After dodging the jax bullet I'm left between pats and Steelers. Both on the road, both playing #### offenses. NE has their full offensive arsenal healthy and Pit will be without Connor. Weather should be a push. Coaching advantage to the Pats over Tomlin. Still leaning NE. Thoughts?
  4. I sat the Jags for the Pats. Think NE is a safe floor play and I'm projecting a close matchup this week. Barring a meltdown defensively, I dont see how they dont drill Miami early and set up for some sacks/ints. Good luck.
  5. Up by 10, facing Ridley in PPR. Can start Coleman or Ito; it's killing me. I like Coleman for his usual 12, but if Ridley goes nuts I'm dead. Cant tell if I just Want thegh degenerate gambler action of being in on itos breakout or he really is the play.
  6. How do you not challenge that? Unbelievable.
  7. Sadly, this was before Ito made his presence felt. This has definitely turned to worst case scenario; three headed rbbc where no looks exceptional doing anything specific so even if you nail the gamescript you still don't know what to do.
  8. As an owner of both, this is precisely what I don't want.
  9. After playing for over 20 years, the Only thing I can think of re filtering of info is that I try as best as I can to see player news through the prism which my leaguemates will see it, or at least how they should. I only play in long running dynasty leagues so generally I feel I've got a good read on the tendencies of most owners re waivers, trading, etc. Given that we've all got the same info in the same time span, it's become more important than ever to get a jump on who it impacts and how they'll be looking to react. Before the fantasy boom, merely getting the info was a competitive advantage; now I find myself meditating on how my leaguemates will interpret it and finding an opportunity to get ahead. Not sure if this helps.
  10. About to go 0-2 last two weeks, for starting Rodgers over Watson. Wait...Now Gronk is also out. Perfect
  11. Really wish I could move on from Freeman/Coleman but Sark can't seem to get either of them that one or two weeks of rb1 production I'd need to do it. I know what happened two years ago, but that's not coming back.