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  1. Thanks, man. Yes, 2021 picks. Truly a case of value being what the market will bear in your respective leagues. I've been shopping both players for two seasons now and can't imagine their perceived value going up from here. It'll hurt for a minute but ultimately I like my team more w Jacobs moving fwd.
  2. I just mortgaged the farm for Jacobs in advance of the deadline at midnight tonight. 10 team, full ppr dynasty, qb, 3wr, 2rb, 1flex, 1TE, 1DT. Received: Jacobs, Beasley Sent: Evans, Conner 2021 rookie(7-10) and 2021 3rd. In a weird spot where I went from rebuild to likely getting the playoff bye, stacked at WR (Evans, diggs, Terry, lockett, claypool and some flyers) but only Conner and Robinson serviceable at RB with some flyers stashed (perine, gaskin, mattison, bell, penny, etc). I've been historically above average at drafting/acquiring WRs but can not seem to hit on RBs. I've now got two bellcow RBs at 22 years of age and those remaining WRs to build upon and can still compete this year. Consensus FF wisdom is this is robbery, but I know my leaguemates well and young, stud RBs are untouchable without over-paying. I went out and got "my guy". Now, we let the chips fall. Good luck, fellas.