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  1. This was a redraft league. I ended up dropping him for Parker. I realized after I posted this I was in a bye week issue and had to make a move thanks for the feedback all.
  2. With Haskins starting again this week, and the Skins having a lost season and maybe wanting to play him the rest of the year to get him experience, is this the time to drop McLaurin for other options such as Davante Parker, Crowder, Pascal, or even a guy like Josh Reynolds who could have value if Cooks is seriously hurt. I’m pretty deep at WR and McLaurin is probably my 4th at this time. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks again for this Sig. Two part question please. Superflex PPR league. Standard yardage settings with 6 points for rushing and receiving. 4 points per passing TDs 1 - Need two RBs from Connor, Ware, and Chubb. Who to sit please? 2 - Would you play the RB you sit over Cam or Watson at the superflex? Thanks again sir!
  4. Happy thanksgiving! PPR league, normal scoring otherwise. 1) WR2 slot - Sanders vs. Pitt or Gordon @ NYJ? 2) TE slot - Doyle vs Miami or Brate vs. SF? Thanks in advance sir!
  5. I'm working on a deal to try to get Sony Michael, as I'm weak at RB at the moment. He asked for Josh Gordon which I turned down as I like Gordon's upside and would like to see how it turns out with Brady. Countered with Tyler Lockett or Marvin Jones. I'm fairly strong at WR. This is a PPR league. Think my counters are in the right ballpark for Michael? I think he gets good run but won't be the lead dog with White in town, in a PPR. Thoughts please? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks. Sounds like I’m on the same page with the greater community. Appreciate the time.
  7. I have Sammy Watkins and he’s probably my worst WR. John Brown, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Callaway are all available on waivers. This is a PPR league. Drop Watkins for one of these three possibly? I’m leaning towards holding onto him since I’m not sure he’s any worse/better than the others and he’s in a potent offense Thoughts please. Thanks in advance.
  8. Need 44 points in a PPR league to get the win. Already have Brady and Cooks in the lineup and need to choose one of these two RBs: Burkhead or Drake? Do I go full New England onslaught or do I spread out the impact with Drake? Thanks for the thoughts!
  9. I have essential the same issue, except it full PPR, not half. I'm kinda leaning Mitchell. Jets have been horrible at pass defense lately and he's the only one playing a home game this week. I just worry the game gets outta hand early and it becomes a Blount game in the second half. Landry has been scoring well, but only has 10 targets total in the last 2 weeks, and is playing a good pass defense. Williams has seen 15 targets the last two weeks, but playing hurt and hasn't scored well the last 2-3 weeks like he had been. Despite the matchup, and the lack of a SD running game, I'm worried. Benjamin possibly for a revenge game, Inman being involved more, Gates close to a TD scoring record for TEs.
  10. PPR league and I have Crowder or Greg Olson tonight. I lead by 12 and he has panthers defense. Looking to solidify 10 points. Would you stick with Olson or go with Crowder? Thanks.
  11. Looking at Lutz over Tucker as well... but as stated earlier... it's Tucker. been huge this year and could have a lot of attempts vs. a solid Philly D
  12. debating if I want to start him over Gore as I think Gore has three OL out this week. I also have Vikes defense.
  13. I like Taylor because of the rushing floor and great matchup. Would stick with Miller and Adams for the other selection. Miller for his volume and Adams has been on fire.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Crowder is the one I'm having a hard time with. You did hit on the floor vs. ceiling debate with him and whether Williams, or maybe Watkins, is a better sit for him. Appreciate the thoughts.