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  1. Because they're petulant children? I mean they made spectacles of themselves by wearing all white. Funny how they call Trump a petulant child, but then they turn around and do things to make them look that way as well. Hypocrisy at it's finest. We are screwed when it comes to politics regardless of party.
  2. Shark move - order a cheeseburger minus ketchup, minus mustard, plus lettuce, plus mac sauce... Wallah, mini mac
  3. I tried a McChicken Biscuit the other day. Been awhile since I was there and didn't know that was a thing. Pretty damn good.
  4. Weakest coffee ever. I've tried many times at different McD's but all the coffee is the same.
  5. This isn't a uniform issue. This is so stupid (Not your statement, the schools), I can't even begin to comprehend this ruling.
  6. So because of politics, your conservative views and beliefs have changed all of a sudden? Yea, not buying it
  7. Tim Russert is rolling in his grave seeing what Todd has turned this program into
  8. Bo Jackson would have said "Hold my beer"