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  1. Why the Eagles are even getting on the plane is beyond me. I agree with flap here they have absolutely no chance in this game. We're moving on! Bear down!
  2. This is hysterical. So someone who grew up in an area, lived there all their life, was a crazy fan of their team, then moved, can't be a "fan" of their team anymore?
  3. This is really cool. Great job! One error I found......... Dontrelle Inman is listed as being a Charger not a Colt Thanks for doing this!
  4. Those 2 2nd half under of 26.5, were tough to pull the trigger on. Of course both lost. But the system is winning overall, plus I tripled up with Troy, so there's that.
  5. I'm no expert by an means, I fumble around enough to get it to work....You need to open a Blockchain acct and a get a Bitcoin wallet from Gemini or Coinbase. They will need to verify you, it'll easily take a week. Then you buy bitcoin from either Gemini or Coinbase, that takes awhile too. This is the process..... If you sign up at both places today, you might be able to use it in 2-3 weeks. If I'm wrong, please correct me fellas
  6. Sense of humor my brother, sense of humor.
  7. Good God man, you ARE part of the problem!
  8. I just went through the box score on ESPN, I have him at 94 yds.
  9. I gave them the option of having me consult for a few months until if get my severance. They wanted me right away so I passed. Rode it out till the end. Got full severance, pension etc. Found a much better job with better pay and much more successful company. Negotiated a better salary and started 3 weeks after I was "Retired". Kicker is, it's literally 2 minutes from my house.
  10. I'm down 42. Guy got 27 out of his freaking kicker and 15 from Chubb. I have Brees, Gurley, Zeke, Cooks and Kittle, but I'm not feeling real good