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  1. he did this last night at his locker. Looked genuinely upset
  2. I've read most of your comments on this subject and you have to be fishing, you cannot be serious with most of your comments.
  3. Obviously someone dropped a doob in there,The can just doesn't erupt in flames for no reason.
  4. By the time he got to the bag he was dead nuts in the center. Where is he supposed to go?
  5. So he should have slid into 1st base. Only possible way not to interfere. Didn't know the runner isn't entitled to the bag. And he was not out of the baseline. It was a brutally bad call.
  6. No more reviews. Better training for the refs and less reviews will make the refs better. They have gotten lazy since reviews have come into play. Last nights game was no worse than any other game this year. The two bad calls for hands to the face, yea they were bad, but like a ref said this morning, they are watching it at real speed, and the Tackle sold it really well by throwing his head back. It's not easy making those calls in real time. Hoiwever making them reviewable is not the answer. Someone up thread said they Lions should have scored more than field goals, I concur. they had a 2st and 10 at the Packer 11 on their second drive, and only managed a field goal. the way you beat bad officiating is to put the game out of hand and the Lions couldnt do that. People blaiming the refs have never played sports. Refs gon suck no matter what. Blaming them when there are about 100 plays per game is a copout. Would have loved to seen the Packers lose, but the refs didn't take anything away from them, the Lions took it away from themselves. They freaking got 3 turnovers too and still couldn't score more than 5 field goals. Come on man
  7. And yet he's a guy the teams need to fear because at any time he can pick a D apart.
  8. Her FOB doesn't have a key inside it?