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  1. So China can raise tariffs as much as they want but when we try to level the field, the hate is brought on to Trump? Why can China do what they please and you guys are happy with it?
  2. Agreed you have a decent team, but eff those guys. I'd do what I can to sabotage the league. ####ty trades but not so ####ty you get locked out. Screw them and that league. Also, start sleeping with the commissioners wife.
  3. I've been reading a bit on these and there's one constant, it leaves a bad smell for days. What has your experience been?
  4. I had two women on Saturday. It was really good.
  5. Where I used to work, at the level I was at my password had to be 17+ characters and changed every 45 days. Yea that was fun
  6. I just dropped them for Spectrum. I'll be fighting any penalties as I just signed up in April, however Spectrum has offered me a buyout which will cover any penalties.
  7. NFL Network was cut from ATT UVerse back almost about 6 months ago
  8. Never really understood the need to rip on people for what they like/don't like, to eat or drink. Why do people do this? To make themselves feel superior to others? :shuked:
  9. They have always made you sign a 2 yr contract when getting new equipment.
  10. <hide> test </hide> <spoiler> test </spoiler> <hidden> test <\hidden>
  11. Every year these so called "superfans" get dumber and dumber. What a ridiculously stupid cast