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  1. Lockett spent 2 nights in a hospital because of a leg injury a couple weeks ago. Sounds like he narrowly escaped a major injury. I'm surprised that most people seem to be diminishing that factor in affecting his performance.
  2. Seattle starting to fire on all cylinders. Wilson doesn't need to carry them every week, like he did early in the season.
  3. Lol. Seattle has almost double TOP, double 1st downs, and advantage on net yards.
  4. That's certainly glass is half full. If Hawks win tomorrow then San Francisco goes from #1 seed to #4. Winning the division and getting a first round bye is pretty dang important. This is going to be a helluva finish as both Seattle and San Francisco have tough games left, including a rematch with each other.
  5. Good game. Pretty much what I expected.
  6. I don't think it's PI but it is more egregious than the last one they called.
  7. That was a great run, Peters and Earl Thomas looked silly.
  8. They were inside the 30, so they weren't going to punt on 4th down.
  9. Some questionable decisions indeed. I know it's easy to say now, but Goff's previous success always felt like smoke and mirrors to me. Two firsts for Ramsey was a head scratcher a couple weeks ago; now it just feels like a complete backfire.