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  1. Each team will have 16 active roster spots with a starting lineup of 10 players. [starters: 1QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX(RB/WR/TE), 1 PK, 1 DEF] Your team will participate in a 14 team round-robin tournament. Play each team once. Top 6 teams enter playoffs. 5th place and better are in the money. DOMINATION JACKPOT!!!! If you win the tournament AND you had the most points scored for the season then you win the Domination Jackpot (Minimum $100 and rolling over into next year if not won). Where else can you enter a league for fifty bucks with a chance to win $350 or more!? Not confident in winning the whole thing? That's okay, remember that more than one-third of the managers win cash! Entry fees are $52. (If you are new to the league there is a $5 graphic set up fee if you wish to change from the current team graphic.) PAYOUTS 1. Domination Jackpot: Each season $100 will be set aside as a domination jackpot. The jackpot will be rewarded to the league champion if he also won the distinction of having the Most Points Scored in the entire league. If the champion does not meet this criteria then the Domination Jackpot will roll over into the following season until the pot is won. 2. Annual Winnings (not including the Domination Jackpot): 1st: $250, 2nd: $125, 3rd: $60, 4th: $30, 5th: $15 discount for next season. Ultra-Round Robin Redraft (U3R) is a challenging, non-IDP, small roster format. Click Here to check out the Website! U3R will have a minimum of two tournaments on the website this year. Play in one or play in both! There is no crossover between the tournaments so there is no conflict of interests. Contact me for an invite!
  2. Hey johnny, I may be interested in a spot if one pops up. Let me know.