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  1. This is a PPR Dynasty league with contracts. CJ has 4 yrs at 1.31 and Jimmy is in his final contract year at 1.28. I can restrict Jimmy next year but would get him winning bid price. My guess is $25-30 on $210 cap. Gurley would be $16 but can stash him at 50% for 2 yrs if I wanted. 2.03 would cost me $2 also. We only can control guys 4 yrs after they lose practice squad eligibility. Interested in feedback based on my roster. Can play max of 3rb, 4wr,4te.........need 6 total starters from that mix. Jimmy probably won't get restricted because Dez Bryant and Calvin's contracts are up also. That is a big motivator with Gronk, Kelce, and Ertz all on my roster.