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  1. This is a PPR Dynasty league with contracts. CJ has 4 yrs at 1.31 and Jimmy is in his final contract year at 1.28. I can restrict Jimmy next year but would get him winning bid price. My guess is $25-30 on $210 cap. Gurley would be $16 but can stash him at 50% for 2 yrs if I wanted. 2.03 would cost me $2 also. We only can control guys 4 yrs after they lose practice squad eligibility. Interested in feedback based on my roster. Can play max of 3rb, 4wr,4te.........need 6 total starters from that mix. Jimmy probably won't get restricted because Dez Bryant and Calvin's contracts are up also. That is a big motivator with Gronk, Kelce, and Ertz all on my roster.
  2. What about passing on shorts and getting a better pick? I'd agree shorts probably doesn't play on your team. Take a flier on a RB in the draft.
  3. Would you sign McFadden to a contract? Believe he is a FA after this year. He is $10.75 of $120 cap. Only reason I'm considering is if he goes somewhere sexy his trade value goes up. I've got Murray and Rashad Jennings on my roster already at $1.
  4. To me it's a roll of the rookie RB is going to replace Rices production. Your team is probably a contender without Rice but a front runner with him for this year. Bush should be solid especially with PPR. Maybe make the trade but flip Bush and (1 of 3) 1st Round picks for a RB upgrade. That's probably what I'd try to do. Marshall is an upgrade over Andre and you set the team up better for the future. Just need a move to upgrade RB2 for this year.
  5. Have a dynasty league draft coming up Friday. Currently I own Drew Brees and was thinking about trading him. Not sure if it's crazy or not. He is $30 of my $100 cap.......... There are 3 teams without a qb currently. The available QB's are Rodgers (not-restricted), Stafford (restricted), Eli (not-restricted). Was going to ask for 1.05 in 2013, 2014 1st, and Josh Gordan. Its a roll of the dice and I'd be extremely disappointed if I didn't come away with Rodgers or Stafford. Think I'd have enough money to insure 1 of the 2 guys. I already own 1.06 in this years draft. Restricted means the player goes to auction at the end of bidding the current owner gets a choice to keep the player at new auction price. Too risky? What would you guys do. Current Roster: QB: Brees RB: Foster RB: McFadden (Restricted) WR: Marshall WR: Fitz (Restricted) Flex; Cobb TE: TBD Thanks in advance for the feedback
  6. I've been tossing and turning on this for weeks. It's probably my last year with Marshall as he is a free agent. Calvin is going to cost an absolute mint to bring back but planning to do it. Been shopping Ray Rice and Marshall for future picks to move up Richardson and Martin. But interest has been light........ Was thinking it's not a ton of risk with Kap and if he implodes RG3 is waiting in the wings. Wasting 1 yr on his contract might be better to keep good depth at WR for the future.
  7. Hey Guys PPR League - Passing TD's are 6 pts Starting Lineup: QB: Colin Kap RB: Ray Rice WR: Calvin Johnson Flex: Brandon Marshall Flex: AJ Green Flex: Dez Bryant TE: Jimmy Graham If you have $25 left in a $200 auction. Would you rather have: Tony Romo which will require about $20 and pickup scrubs to fill out roster or Combo of Cutler and Alex Smith with money left over for guys like Crabtree, Garcon, and other upside guys for future depth? Side note I do have RG3 on my PS if Colin got ugly but feel that would be a drastic measure. Thoughts?