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  1. Phil Simms just said Green may be the fastest guy on the team .... for what thats worth .... nice TD catch vs Cincy, he high pointed at one well
  2. Started Green over Gates .... let it roll !!!
  3. this just in .... Antonio Gates (TE - SD)Antonio Gates (unspecified reason) did not practice Wednesday.
  4. I originally posted this question in July 2012. I ended up trading my 2013 R2 in a 10 team TE premium dynasty to get Green. I lost the Super Bowl in 2012, so the pick ended up being 2.09. He took Robert Woods WR BUF In a TE premium ( double TE yardage ), I will take that trade. This one may just turn out for me. ends up being a hot topic!
  5. thanks for the input - I did get Green for my 2013 R2. It ends up I got to the Super Bowl in a 10 team league, lost it. So, I traded 19th overall pick. I like that gamble.
  6. Need opinions on Ladarius Green's future dynasty potential. thanks