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  1. Oh jeez, totally forgot --- and was reminded when I saw the ad for his new show coming up on Comedy Central. Was at South by Southwest (music thing in Austin for those that don't know, where basically you drink from noon - 2am for a week straight) ... probably like 2008 or 2009 and it was around 3pm or so, and we were absolutely loaded. Just so happened to have a few joints and a one-hitter on me and saw Doug Benson at the bar we were at. He was talking to a couple of Texan hotties but I butted right in and was like "DUDE, what's up man?". He was probably a couple years past his Last Comic Standing thing and I think he had just released Super High Me. I told him to come up to the deck to smoke a bowl with us. He looked at the chicks, then back at me and said to the girls "nice to meet you guys", slapped me on the shoulder and said "lead the way my man!". Headed up to the rooftop deck and found a nice quiet corner and me and my little group hung out and smoked bud with him for about an hour. Funny as hell, cool as hell, added us on MySpace (yes, MySpace... no FB yet) and told us he'd get us backstage passes next time he was in Austin.
  2. 1 for sho. 3 may actually be a friend of mine. Or doppleganger
  3. Agreed, first one was smart and enjoyable. Second was choppy and contrived.
  4. I actually liked you better as Eminence, if that is possible.
  5. Not sure if this was intended to be schticky, but he signed one of his UF jerseys. As I live in SoCal, it wasn't exactly a super-popular item and the high bid ended up being wayyyy low so I had my dad bid and we won it Anyone want it? Opening bid would be $125 shipped.
  6. My sister has cut his hair a handful of times, once actually at her in-laws (they were out of town and live close to the airport in LA). She said he's kind of a d00sh, but he was cool enough to provide a signed jersey for my kids' preschool auction. I'll probably meet him at some point.
  7. I was standing next to a millenial waiting for our flight to load up and he was scrolling through hundreds of random memes in some meme-only app. Apparently this is a thing. It's like, nah, Twitter and its 140 characters takes too much time to read. Please give me a stupid picture and a quick little snarky saying.
  8. My sister spent a few hours with her prior to the Golden Globes or Oscars (forget which) many moons ago. My sister at the time was just a hairstylist assistant so she was kinda just standing around (at Love's hotel in Hollywood) while her boss was styling Love's ratty hair. Love looks at her and says "hey you, you're about the same size as me... go in my room and start modeling some of the dresses I'm supposed to wear". So she got to try on and show her all these wicked expensive designer dresses. And speaking of musicians, I was on "head nod" terms with Jack Johnson at college. Never drank a beer with him but had plenty of them while listening to his band play house parties.
  9. If someone's idiotic enough to actually talk on their cell phone whilest pooing or peeing in a public restroom, I do whatever it takes to rip the nastiest fart imaginable. If I have nothing left in the tank I'll cough, flush the toilet or possibly offer up a "seriously?"
  10. Never really said much to him, but I've seen Dennis Rodman at my local dive bar (and another spot) at least 4-5 times over the past 20 years. Usually quiet/keeps to himself or just talks to the bartender. Tailgated with beers, of course (and watched the game from said tailgate) with Jesse Plemons (Landry) and Zach Gilford (Saracen) of Friday Night Lights fame at UT back in 2010ish. Both cool/normal guys. One of my best friends is cousins with Matthew Lillard. We've been planning a night out (he's supposedly cool as eff) for the past 15 years or so. Biggest "doh" moment of my life, quite possibly, was when I was invited by a good dorm friend who just so happens to be Adam Sandler's cousin to go out with him/her after he did a comedy tour stop at our college. He was just barely an SNL star and I apparently had a midterm the next day, but what in the eff was I thinking?
  11. I can see maybe not knowing who Jamal-Warner is, but what size rock do you have to live under to not know who Stevie Ray Vaughn is?
  12. For the first time in the history of me making my queso, i left with an empty crock pot. I f'ed up by draining off most of the juice from the chorizo. Wasn't as spicy as last year. Hope y'all enjoyed the game.
  13. My go-to is my Almost Famous Queso. If you're looking for something super easy and will knock your Super Bowl partymates' socks off, this is for you. Ingredients: 1 1/2 "bricks" of Velveeta (the 32 oz. size) 2 cans of chili (no beans - 15 oz. can... prefer Wolf but Hormel OK) 2 cans of Ro-Tel (original - 10 oz. can) 1 "brick" of cream cheese (8 oz) 1/2 pound chorizo Bacon salt Directions: 1. Cube up the Velveeta and cream cheeses and pop into your crock pot 2. Drain out most of the liquid from the Ro-Tel and add to the cheeses 3. Mix in the chili 4. Brown chorizo and then mix that deliciousness in 5. Season with some bacon salt 6. Let cook in the crock pot for at least 90 minutes, stir regularly Eat with tortilla chips or slather on sandwiches or whatever you want. What's everyone else making?
  14. Do a little slipstream here and WHOA!