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  1. Don't really have the financial freedom to donate much money to charity. I've volunteer coached a few times. For basketball... once about 20 years ago, and then another about 3 years ago. I also coached my daughter's soccer team on year. I also help out at my church. They did some renovations to the outdoor seating area and needed folks with construction or related experience to help plan things out. I also help put up the massive Christmas tree each year. I've given thought to helping with my church's "soup kitchen" thing they have every Sunday. Especially since there's no football on right now. And I've always wanted to do a Habitat for Humanity build. My current company is doing one next month, but it's during a time where my wife and kids are away and I may take the weekend and go to Palm Springs or something. I need a vacation!
  2. I can see how people love it here. The schools are great, you're 2 miles from the beach... downtown HB is fun if you're into that sorta thing... I'm born and raised here in the OC. I've never been a beach guy, and the allure of having the mountains a couple hours away does nothing for me. And I'm not into the crap everyone does out in the desert either. I wish I would have gone to college in the South and just stayed there. I lived in MinneSNOWta for 2 years and yes, it sucked. I wouldn't want to live in that kind of environment. But the South? Yessir sign me up. I'm fine with hot and muggy and t-storms all summer.
  3. Yeah I have short little ear hairs... and of COURSE they're grey. And an overabundance of freakin' nose hair. BTW my cocktail of muscle relaxers and pain pills has worn off.
  4. I'll get right to the point: I threw my back out reaching down to flush the toilet on Sunday afternoon. Like BAD. I took 4 ibuprofen after I did it and it had no effect. It was to the point where I considered going to the emergency room... the pain was that bad. Ended up going to my doctor on Monday and they prescribed muscle relaxers, high-dose ibuprofen and (thank God) pain pills. Also got an x-ray. That was fun. So I've been hopped up on multiple drugs the past day or so, and while it still hurts when I get in/out of bed or have to bend over, I'm better than I was on Sunday night. So what are some random things you've noticed lately that prove that you are, in fact, an old geezer?
  5. I thought you were from Canada? "Hella" originated in Northern California, I can absolutely guarantee this.
  6. Some may think I'm crazy, but I hate Southern California. Yeah, I know... the beach is awesome, weather is perfect, lots to do, blah blah blah. But there's just SOOO many people, the traffic is horrible, and I actually hate the weather. 68 and partly cloudy? Is it July? No, December! There's just no variety in the weather, which I really love. And don't even get me started on the cost of living. You don't wanna know what I pay for rent. I would much rather live in Austin again. I realize cost of living is on the rise there but it's still nowhere near what it is here. Plus I miss the thunderstorms and hot-### weather.
  7. Umm... both, if that makes any sense. Sometimes it's the main focus (ie, all i can remember) or sometimes it's just something that happens in the course of the dream.
  8. I've had dreams of watching aircraft crash ever since I can remember. Planes, helicopters, you name it. In a variety of locations / ways. Not sure what it means.
  9. I think you're acting a little Pampas here...
  10. Yeah... my fraternity nickname was "Othercuts". Apparently when I was a pledge I let my hair get sloppy... I mean, I was a dumb 19-year old... so yeah, that was my nickname. Dumb.
  11. My sister is one of those stylists. She's worked on everyone from Tim Tebow to Lisa Kudrow to Courtney Love. I guess I should have her cut my hair, but I just go to the $15 barber down the street.
  12. The brain is a magical organ. I totally get that we only "use" a small percentage of it. The rest of it is probably doing things we don't even consciously realize. You probably caught a glimpse of Colin Kaepernick and your brain somehow linked football and shoes (Nike) and then went to Al Bundy and your subconscious generated that episode or that humming thing.
  13. Talent? I didn't even listen, just looked. Hot. 7.5-8ish....
  14. At a dollar each. Not bad, but would rather get two at Jack in the Box for the same price.
  15. I stupidly fell for two Facebook ads recently. Ordered a shirt... looked awesome online. Took a month to get here, and only delivered after I emailed them 2 weeks after ordering since I never saw any kind of confirmation. Shirt arrived and it was polyester and too small. I can return it for a refund but would have to pay shipping. $25 wasted. Ordered a cell phone mount too. Piece of crap falls out of the air vent all the time. $20 wasted. So, definitely done with Facebook ad stuff, which is all from China. "Normal" purchases that come from China are still OK at this point.