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  1. Watched on yesterday. Eh. Won't go out of my way to watch it the night-of, but will likely stream it later in the week when there's nothing else to do.
  2. No kiddin'. A college buddy and I spent 42 days criss-crossing the country. LA area straight across to Atlanta, up the eastern seaboard to Boston and then back down to LA diagonally through Chicago, Denver, etc. Went to a ton of baseball stadiums (was during the summer). Funny thing, though, was we initially planned it with a few other buddies who ended up going to EVERY SINGLE baseball stadium in about the same amount of time. Annnnd they ended up getting sponsored by Jay Leno's Tonight Show. They carried around this huge jar that they had baseball players spit chew and gum into and carried it onstage when they got to appear on the show. We didn't want to have to wake up at 3-4am some days and be on a rigorous schedule so we declined. This was before the Tonight Show was in play.
  3. I saw one clip/ad where she has to use one of those stair-chair things, presumably cuz she's a fat cow.
  4. Typing. Like. This. One of the social media turdgoblins from ESPN does this all the time on Twitter and Facebook. So. Dumb.
  5. Having lived in north Austin for 5+ years I will say these are good calls. Dell is huge and I know a few folks in inside sales there that absolutely kill it. I am hopeful to move back there in the coming years. Still booming.
  6. Thanks, good to know.
  7. Absolutely pumped to be going for Thursday-Friday of opening of March Madness this year. Gonna get a poolside cabana Thursday and doing the all-you-can-eat/drink deal at Lagasse's on Friday. Anyone have a good "in" for MGM Grand shows? I'd like to go sweat my #### off dancin' it up to Tiesto on Thursday night while I'm there. Only $40 which is totally reasonable, but if someone had an in for the VIP package or a discounted ticket that would be rad. Just booked my very reasonable JetBlue flight (after planning on driving, but checked JB for the heck of it and found a great fare) and can't tell you how badly I need a few nights away with zero responsibilities. Gonna throw down some parlays, maybe do some low-limit poker and just relax. Seriously counting the days.
  8. Bread's Everything I Own and That Hawaiian dude's Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  9. I should have added the stipulation that my comment was based more in dynasty. Gosh, I think this is the first year in a long time I have no IDP redrafts.
  10. Really like Humber, even with the Jenkins signing. And yes Jayon Brown could be a real nice sleeper.
  11. Sorry wasn't clear. The two are mutually exclusive. You're right, Trevathan will still play a ton. Both will, really.
  12. Agreed. The Bears know what they have in Trevathan, who isn't exactly a model of health himself.... and with the team likely to really struggle this year, they will want to see what Kwiatkowski has. I won't call him the second coming of Brian Urlacher, but there are some mild similarities. Huge uptick in K's value and if Trevathan can stay healthy he'll put up numbers too.
  13. Great stuff. I've been a Byard fan since he was drafted. Definitely a big-time ballhawk with some upside to be a consistent tackler as well. Also love Brown. I think his size could be an issue but the team loves him and he may be one of those rare "smallish" LBs that produce regardless. I already had him on my list of guys to watch for Week 2, dependent on snap count and production in Week 1. We'll see if he makes the cut.
  14. I think it's just a mess altogether. Vigil definitely has some upside. I've just been on the Minter bandwagon since he was drafted and thought this would be his best opportunity.