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  1. Going to The Bell tomorrow. Will try to sit in a booth and will report back for those that care.
  2. Same here. Yeah, the only semblance of eye candy left. 2 weeks in a row. Sheesh.
  3. Yikes. I was watching on TV I think. I may have just seen replays on the news, not sure. And yo, what's up... also in Huntington Beach.
  4. Right, basically the polar opposite of Big Tex.
  5. Or put a speaker / walkie-talkie in between the mattress and box spring at the very edge and have the comforter cover it up. Man, I'm gonna do something like this at some point in my kids' lives.
  6. Dooshes that swing into your lane when making a turn. This is especially common when someone is making a left from a protected lane... they'll veer into the lane to the right (which I'm in, of course), making it necessary to either brake or change lanes to the right to avoid a sideswipe. Just another example of "people suck" and/or "it's their world, we just happen to live in it".
  7. I lived in the Bay Area for a couple years; yes the system up there is WAY better than down this way.
  8. Do you have a bed in there with a box spring? Cut a small hole in the fabric bottom liner and put the speaker on one of the slats of the box spring. Face speaker down so the sound isn't trapped by the mattress.
  9. This may have been covered, but did your neighbor say why the tree needed to come down?
  10. This made me literally LOL. My dog is smart as hell, but then again she's a black lab and they're known to be pretty trainable/smart. Poor girl, though, is getting older. She pretty much just lays around and has trouble getting up due to degenerative hips. She gets all pumped up when it's time to eat and will try to do tricks she knows for treats, but has trouble doing them.
  11. My kids are 8 and 6 and they know I like drinking beer. My 8-year old daughter has tried sips of beer and she hates it. Start 'em young! The 6-year old boy doesn't even want to try, but then again he's picky asf. I told him that one day he will enjoy them and I can't want to be able to go beer tasting with him. He just laughs.
  12. Same. I've gone with Saucony the past couple times. Big 5 always has them for cheap and they're always pretty comfy. I don't run but I do walk a bit so I want something that's going to be ultra-comfy.
  13. Must be a chick thang. My wife can't stand it either. I'm impartial. It has its place.
  14. Get some walkie-talkies. Put one under the bed in the room. Go to the garage and make some noises.