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  1. I might have to invest some time in this later this week before Sunday.
  2. Just read through like 10 pages of this damn thread hoping it would help me but now it's just making me question things even more... I binge-watched the first 5-6 seasons a couple years ago to get caught up so I'd like to think stuff is fresh enough in my head but guess not. Some of these names/situations are zooming right over my head. My wife went back and watched at least a few seasons right before this last season kicked off... thinking I should have done the same but didn't really have time. Oh well, will still watch but I may be confused.
  3. And I guess I shouldn't be mixing ogling with the Lord, but seeing ladies in springtime sundresses is always nice.
  4. It's the girl. The 6-year old boy is much more judicious with his TP usage.
  5. Surly Brewery, among others You don't have to go to Matt's for a Juicy Lucy, they're everywhere. I miss living in the Cities... until I remember the winter.
  6. For the past couple of years I've been taking my kids to a church down the street. We went to Easter service yesterday. It was great. Kids came into the worship hall and sang a couple tunes with the band, everyone was in springtime getups, and there was a great egg hunt for the kids afterwards. I'm not overly religious and am not about to get into some heated debate about religion, really just wondering if people go to church services on holidays like Easter. It was a nice kickoff to Spring. What say you, FFA?
  7. Maybe recency bias is hitting me here (just saw Gladiator on TV), but it's gotta be Gladiator. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???
  8. His song during the results show the other night would be a hit right now. It might be on its way at least virally. I don't think I've seen anyone quite as adept/unique both on guitar and piano. They got the top-10 right for sure. Will be a tough cut come next week.
  9. My 8-year old uses like 4 feet worth of TP to wipe #1. TP DOESN'T BUY ITSELF, SWEETHEART!!!
  10. Voted "Not Very". Typically watch the end, especially in the case of this year. Watched a little on Friday too... it was the only thing on at the bar/restaurant I was at.
  11. But that one... she had perrrrrrrrfect.... ummm....
  12. Gonna have a couple/few "crafty" beers at a local BBQ joint that has ridiculously-low prices on their drafts with dinner. Then on to my dive bar to have a couple PBR's. Cheap and does the trick, especially after having higher-ABV craft beers earlier in the evening. Gotta be up around 9 for kid's soccer game in the morning so can't be too crazy. Enjoy!