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  1. There is a lot of middling talent in the NYJ WR corps. I don't believe in Jermaine Kearse or Robby Anderson. I would rather draft guys like Hansen or Terrell Pryor.
  2. Why are athletes that make millions of dollars a years slummin' it with Uber? Hire a freaking driver to take you out to da club. Sheesh.
  3. I'm not sure who prompted me to do it, but I would always order my burger plain so I knew it was fresh(ish). Sure, the patty may have been cooked up awhile back but at least I didn't get the burger that was sitting under the heat lamp. I still order my burgers plain. Or sometimes with tomatoes only.
  4. I was real lucky in the job hunting sense. First job (besides being a paperboy in junior high) was during college, got hooked up by a friend at the computer lab. Then, during winter/summer breaks, got hooked up by my mom who is/was a realtor. Friend of hers was a loan officer who needed admin help. Then my first "industry I am in now" job was through my then-girlfriend. She was a residential appraiser and through her boss I found out about a consulting company that needed some help. I did "job hunt" a bit back in the late 90's, which consisted of going through industry magazines and faxing my resume out. Probably sent 300-400 using my parents' fax machine.
  5. Totally. Not watching the first game, no way. Second and third games are streamed at work during the week, I might head out for the 11am game this coming Saturday. I don't even want to think about what 2022 will be like given the games will be in November. WTH.
  6. I remember going to McDonald's every so often. Everything in styrofoam, or at minimum the burgers came in them. I remember I'd use the empty side as storage for my fries. I guess I still do that now, but the containers are partially-recycled cardboard. Good times.
  7. Effing terrible. Why are they at some stadiums but not others? Is it a team thing? Again, terrible.
  8. yeah, they just can't seem to get over the hump
  9. That sounds about right. I always likened The Tailgate over there to your neighborhood dive bar, where you could always get a seat at the bar and knew everyone in the place... whereas the FFA (at least when I joined) was the bumpin' night club with velvet ropes holding back a line of 200+ people where you could barely hear yourself think.