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  1. What's your job? Gaucho here. Got a speeding ticket on that damn stretch going from pre-graduation brunch back to my apartment. Bastard. First of all, it's "flat-billed". Second, and most importantly, 90% of the flat-billed, inked-up, monster truck drivers are "just visiting" from the 909/951. Traffic does suck though. Had a 10am in downtown LA today and opted for the train. Much better. Also -- hope you enjoyed the fair. I grew up literally across the street; parents still live there. We go a couple times every summer. The food (and beer) is expensive but definitely good in terms of "fair food". Ranges from "fried anything" to those massive, Game of Thrones style turkey legs, to well... more "fried anything". Always good music there. Wish I could go to the reggae-fest they got goin on tonight.
  2. This but might just be flipping to Trump
  3. Incredibly sad. One of my exes was/is friends with Mike Shinoda's (the rapper in LP) wife. Apparently LP really lucked into getting discovered. A bigger band (Black Crowes, maybe?) was playing at the Whiskey in Hollywood one night when their opening band canceled last minute. LP got a call at about noon to jet up from Long Beach to get ready and play. They were supposedly "discovered" by a producer that night. Honestly, I think they were an underrated, revolutionary band. You could certainly hear the anguish in Chester's voice. At one point he had to take a break from singing as his doctors feared he was going to blow his vocal cords out. RIP Chester
  4. meow that's a good story...
  5. Yeah that was one of the episodes I caught during HBO's re-airing of all the episodes here over the past few weeks. First of all, hottie alert. Secondly, I thought the same thing. Awesome foreshadowing.
  6. Me too, not sure if I mentioned that. Jumpin' right back in!
  7. Yikes. Sounds like only 2-3 people at my place even knew I was leaving. President, guy I reported to and the controller (who handled all the exit stuff). Had I not sent an email to a handful of the folks I worked with closest, I probably wouldn't have heard anything from anyone else. The 3rd in command (the engineer of record at the firm) already sent me a LinkedIn request though. It's so interesting to see how different companies work internally. This place had a TON of turnover, but consistently shows up on our county's business journal's "fastest growing companies" lists.
  8. Nice, we're just a stone's throw away then. I'm at Magnolia/Adams behind the shopping center with Smart & Final, etc. New job is over in Irvine, MacArthur/Main.
  9. Santa Barbara, without a doubt. The Hyatt Centric right on the water is fairly reasonable.
  10. All good info here. If you venture south of LA I would have some recommendations beyond those listed here.
  11. Jumpin' right in. Was hoping to get a night to go out with the fellas tomorrow night but my wife works and my mom's sick so can't watch the offspring. What's up neighbor? Where in HB are ya?
  12. Google "vocal fry" and "upspeak / uptalk".
  13. Somewhat. Real estate and its off-shoots are roller-coasters. I think I've found a company that's built to withstand some of the dips, though. All in all, and truth be told... I miss living in Austin and hoping that I can move my family back there at some point. It may need to wait until retirement.
  14. Doubtful. Though there is one chick who's probably early-30's who I find annoying (terrible vocal fry and upspeak voice) who giggles like a little schoolgirl when she's in with the dorky president guy. He eats it up.