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  1. Indy is my pick. I only see one other potential matchup (CIN) that I'd use them on, but by that time Joe Burrow and that offense could be a lot better. Rather use them now against this cupcake.
  2. I go to my parents once a week for an extended visit. Kids/wife come over from time to time as well. Haven't had my parents here for awhile but they would/could. Haven't really had friends over but the kids have their little buddies over all the time. Their parents have come in for 15-20 minutes a few times.
  3. Surly Furious was my jam when I lived in the Twin Cities. Good stuff.
  4. Man after reading some of these I don't feel quite as bad. Lost Barkley, Sutton and had already lost Vander Esch (who I traded for Edmunds who then was ruled out). And now Adams has a bad hammy.
  5. Not really my kind of music, per se, so maybe my opinion is way off here... but I think the music they put out with Hagar was on par with the Lee Roth stuff. The two types were certainly different, that's for sure.
  6. Absolutely love Vigil. We've already seen what he can do, volume-wise. Honestly I was kind of surprised he wasn't already the starter. I don't have much love for Tranquill I guess.
  7. This is interesting, though. I'd be a buyer if I could find one at that price.
  8. That is on the short list. We leased a brand new Escape when we lived in MN (so had it from 2012-2014) and I absolutely loved it.
  9. Surly beers are fantastic. One of the things I miss about living in the Twin Cities. Enjoy.
  10. I saw a couple Tahoes today and they look about right for me. Suburban = too big. There's a 3 Little Bears thing going on here
  11. College football scout. Get to travel around the country watching football.