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  1. I'll go with Njoku. No Barnidge. It won't be much but should be more than the others this year.
  2. Not sure if that was the real name but it was filmed in a complex in north Austin. Opening scene in traffic was also filmed in Austin. I think the majority of the film, though, was filmed in Dallas.
  3. I think it depends on the size of the league. I have been in a 16-team IDP/dynasty for 15 years now, and for the past 3-4 years I have been operating on a "super thin" basis. Great starters and hardly any depth whatsoever. Of course, if any of my core gets seriously hurt, I'm in serious trouble. If I were in a 10 or 12 team league I would feel better about being able to grab someone off waivers that could put up 60-70% of what I was accustomed to getting... and was stacked everywhere else and would still be in a winning position on a weekly basis. You need to get pretty lucky in the rookie draft. Gotta over-prepare and make sure your late dart throws aren't "blind" dart throws.
  4. Uber doesn't have a fare calculator anymore?
  5. Played hoops in HS and grew up with Magic & Showtime in LA and then transitioned into loving Jordan and the Bulls since my family is from Chicago and was always a Bears/Cubs fan. So, watched a ton of NBA in the 80's and 90's. Fell off in the 2000's a bit, but would watch playoffs for sure, and maybe a few games here and there during the season. DFS re-energized me a year or so back, but it didn't really stick with me. I will have it on "in the background" or I will use it as an excuse to go drink a few beers at local watering holes. Fantasy football was really the impetus for me watching the NFL. Always a Bears fan but aside from them, didn't really care. Now I watch 24/7/365, especially being in 6 dynasty leagues. Don't see my football love going anywhere.... although on Sundays I find myself having RedZone on and flipping through my leagues. TNF, SNF and MNF I will watch. SNF has been a good reason to go have a couple of beers and apps at local watering hole. Always have loved college football. The fact that I can now "scout" for dynasty league purposes only makes it better. I love Saturdays. Always have loved college basketball. Will watch during the week, although I won't go out of my way. March Madness may be the best thing evah. Played soccer growing up and still like watching. World Cup and Euro champs only. Maybe I should dabble elsewhere. Hmmmm... Baseball sucks. Even getting into fantasy leagues did nothing. I would just check my box score the next day. Season's too long. Now, if the Cubbies keep making the playoffs, I'll watch that. Hockey, meh. Tried fantasy hockey once. Love playoff hockey, fun to watch at the bar. That's all I got.
  6. In a RB heavy-league I offered Evans "and more" (would have likely been a combo of picks and maybe a player or two of decent value... for Zeke and was told "no way". I own Zeke in a PPR with absolutely no depth whatsoever and I am not looking to trade him.
  7. Big fan, think he could easily be in the Collins/Jones discussion at some point this year.
  8. Wow. Sorry for bruising your delicate sensibilities. You asked if you were missing anything, sorry for pointing out the rather obvious as a lighthearted joke not directed towards you in any fashion. In the future, I will respond only with facts and not playful jabs directed at players who likely don't visit this forum.
  9. You only answered half of my question.
  10. I think if you drive nights, even weeknights, you kinda gotta know that this is an eventuality. I am no longer driving for Lyft - but may start back up on Friday/Saturday nights. Still using Lyft to go out, when I actually get a chance. The $20 or whatever is worth it as opposed to a DUI.
  11. Is this really a question? Of course I say something. Why wouldn't you?
  12. +1 I pick up tissues, coffee mugs, food wrappers, cups, bowls, opened envelopes, you name it. And the other day, after I had to leave early for work (and failed to do the dishes before I left), I got a pic texted to me of the sink with "nice". I was fuming. She works a few nights a week but otherwise, is home all day (kids in school 8-2 and 12-3, so she has time). I do 90% of the cleaning. I'm tempted to let the place go to hell and just keep my office/den orderly.
  13. [David Caruso in CSI] hmmmm... sounds like a real..... friendly place.... [/David Caruso in CSI]
  14. Do ya know if your local Shakey's still has the lunch buffet? That used to be a weekend staple for me and my buddies back in HS. All-you-can-eat mojo potatoes and pizza? Hell yeah! They most certainly closed the one in Costa Mesa or I'd be 30 pounds heavier.