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  1. Coin flip. Would prefer Ekeler in PPR but since it's .5ppr, I'd be inclined to take Dobbins at 1.03.
  2. Interesting, totally the opposite story of what I've been hearing. Everyone I know (locals, of course) is saying that folks are coming in from "out of town". Hope you and your family were able to express to those dolts that you are locals.
  3. Well I was in a decent enough mood today until I got back from driving through Wendy's for lunch. I am a picky ### eater and get my burgers PLAIN (just cheese) and absolutely cannot stand mustard, mayo, etc. on my burger. I mean, if there's a tomato or pickle on it, no big deal, I can take it off. But things that are spread just ruin it for me. So I get back to my office to see they gave me a single with everything instead of a plain double. I'm not normally a "let me speak to your manager" type, but man, it was $11 and my weekday fast food lunch is about all I have to look forward to these days. So I called the joint and the manager happened to be the one to answer, so looks like I'm getting a free meal next Tuesday. Yes I designate where I go on particular days.
  4. Same here, kids playing out in the street, folks going about their business. We have a small commercial downtown that saw its business board up windows in anticipation of something (btw, it's not locals that are out there, it's people coming in from out of town). Nothing happened. Same thing with a neighboring city. There was supposed to be a "peaceful protest" at a mall (huh, convenient for looting if things get out of hand), but windows were boarded up ahead of time and hardly anyone showed up. Now, on our local news we see how vastly different things are in Los Angeles proper. We are an hour south in the 'burbs and so far so good.
  5. The more I hear / read the more I like him. Got him at 1.05 (with Lamb and Swift going ahead of him). I got CEH at 1.01 and have Mixon, so could potentially trade Mixon if both the rookies impress early.
  6. Just about. There are only like 6 small cities. Most of the county is a national park.
  7. I usually just get up, especially on work days. There will be the occasional morning where I'll snooze a couple-few times, but I am usually right up. On weekends I don't have an alarm, I'll just wake up "naturally" (meaning my kids running around will usually wake me up). I find myself back in bed watching TV and "snoozing" a bit more on weeknends.
  8. Dealt Conner (3 years), Snell (taxi), and McLaurin (taxi) for Evans (last year remaining). We have a nice franchise tag rule (drop $10 before RFA, only need to match half of high bid, and I have a TON of cash). Will now start Hopkins, Evans and Cooper at WR. RB was already fairly set with Zeke and Bell with White as my backup. I feel pretty good about it. I went to championship week last season and team fell flat. I think I'll be in the running again.
  9. solid 7.5 Old Crow Medicine Show with a Lonestar tallboy
  10. Both sides are likely to blame here. Will I watch? Heck to the yes, and not just because I have a fantasy team. I have realized that I do NEED sports. I'm starting to go a little crazy. Not to the point where I'll stay up to 3am to watch Korean baseball, but I do look forward to having some MLB to watch, especially on the weekends.
  11. Same. Google search my name and I'm every single result.
  12. So apparently bars are open in Ventura County, CA. Road trip!