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  1. Couple of stories... When I was 8 or 9, my sister was like 6 and was having those "I'm scared of the dark!" things, so I volunteered to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. Well, apparently the distance/walking pattern from my room to the bathroom was essentially equivalent to that of my sister's room to the corner of the living room, where my parents were watching TV. I stood in the corner and was about to pee and my parents snapped me out of it. Not sure it was full sleepwalking cuz I kind of have a faint recollection of doing it. Never had any episodes since. First night in my senior year apartment with two buddies, we had been drinking all night and we came back toasty. I was sharing a bedroom with my buddy and the other guy had his own room. My buddy was in bed and I was on the computer in the room. The other dude walks into our room, gives me a "what's up" type of head-nod and proceeds to piss all over my buddy's hat collection which he had thrown into the corner of the room (since we had just moved in). I'm talkin about like 10-12 nice ballcaps. I wasn't sure what to do but laugh and say "WTF are you doing... hey XXX, YYY is pissing all over your hats!" Dry cleaning didn't work.
  2. Was between Farley and Ferrell for the dudes. Girls, it's Wiig. Host has to be JT.
  3. And I hear LaVar Ball already got it a shoe deal...
  4. My sister cuts his hair on a semi-regular basis. My sister is the least sports-knowledgeable person on the planet so of course she has nothing to talk to him about and as such says he's kind of a dork, but a nice dork. It took one text to him for him to send me a signed UFlorida jersey for my kid's school's charity auction.
  5. No mention of her last name yet? I'll go. I bet she likes a lot of it. Would bang and discard after a few months.
  6. i was wondering when this broad would show up here.... probably WAY cuter than what she is portrayed as in this ad (dorky, etc.)
  7. Can't believe it took 'til page 2 to get this mentioned.
  8. I voted no but there are times where I take my day's boxers off and just wear basketball or soccer shorts. I tend to "run hot" so the less clothing on the better.
  10. seriously, does not belong
  11. Did you get this handled? If not PM me.
  12. Oh jeez, totally forgot --- and was reminded when I saw the ad for his new show coming up on Comedy Central. Was at South by Southwest (music thing in Austin for those that don't know, where basically you drink from noon - 2am for a week straight) ... probably like 2008 or 2009 and it was around 3pm or so, and we were absolutely loaded. Just so happened to have a few joints and a one-hitter on me and saw Doug Benson at the bar we were at. He was talking to a couple of Texan hotties but I butted right in and was like "DUDE, what's up man?". He was probably a couple years past his Last Comic Standing thing and I think he had just released Super High Me. I told him to come up to the deck to smoke a bowl with us. He looked at the chicks, then back at me and said to the girls "nice to meet you guys", slapped me on the shoulder and said "lead the way my man!". Headed up to the rooftop deck and found a nice quiet corner and me and my little group hung out and smoked bud with him for about an hour. Funny as hell, cool as hell, added us on MySpace (yes, MySpace... no FB yet) and told us he'd get us backstage passes next time he was in Austin.
  13. 1 for sho. 3 may actually be a friend of mine. Or doppleganger
  14. Agreed, first one was smart and enjoyable. Second was choppy and contrived.
  15. I actually liked you better as Eminence, if that is possible.