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  2. Yeah I heard they opened up a few other sections at the Link and those tickets sold out in 20 minutes.
  3. Speaking of sprinkles, make sure to have a couple dozen cupcakes ready for them.
  4. I saw him at a tiny little sports book (not sure what hotel) in Vegas in the late 90's. He was trying to be low-key, hat down low and sunk into his chair.
  5. She's pretty good friends with my sister. My sister cuts hair in a foo-foo salon up in West Hollywood so she has a lot of celeb clients. I just never get to meet them. Yeah, I see him in bars.
  6. I see him around from time to time. Not sure if I've ever "officially" met. I met a pro baseball player when I was a kid. And a college basketball player. Not sure which ones. And I've mentioned this before but I had a huge whiff in college. Friend is cousins with Adam Sandler. He came to UCSB to do his comedy routine. She invited me to go (front row of course) and to go have beers with him after the show. I declined.... had to write an essay.
  7. These lil ladies are cute. They are still adjusting. They ran around their little cage a lot last night, and they were squeaking at us this morning. The cage we got is really best for one, so we are getting a bigger cage so they are comfortable. Fun.
  8. After showering (don't eat breakfast) And at work, inbetween lunch and when I leave. Sometimes before bed. I usually pass out / forget.
  9. Where's the option for "1 knife - no contamination as I use squeeze jelly"?
  10. So freakin' awesome. This is actually shaping up to be a decent ending to the season. They are hinting at something pretty huge drama-wise in the finale.
  11. Yeah, I'm making said sandwich for my 7-year-old boy who eats nothing BUT PB&Js for lunch every single day.