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  1. FINALLY!!!!! ‘Vikings’ Season 6 Final Episodes to Premiere on Amazon Before History Channel The last 10 episodes of the show’s final season will drop on Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland on Dec. 30. They will then roll out on History, which has aired the show from the beginning, though the exact date for that has not yet been announced.
  2. My wife and i just finished everything a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it too. Episodes are quick and easy to watch w enough LOL moments.
  3. Coming into 2020, everyone talked about the top 3 or 4 TEs (Kelce, Kittle, Andrews, Ertz) being in the Top 50 now that we've seen that there is really only a Top 2 from this yr, i would think that aspect pushes both of those higher than 30 and 33. More owners are seeing the crapshoot of going after a mid-tier TE or even waiting on a TE and I think enough owners will try to get the "set it and forget it" TEs Compare this with QBs.........where it proved again you could score a mid-level QB or pick up a Herbert off the wire and compete on most weeks. Also, i think Chubb is a little too low.
  4. I bet a lot of teams will not want to sign him.....seeing as he will expect a higher WR contract based on his 2020 PED stats vs other yrs (always hurt). Too much risk.........I think he's going to be the Offensive "Jadeveon Clowney". Expects to be paid top dollar, but will always be hurt.
  5. 6 games......there are only 5 games left in 2020 season, so 1 game will carry over to next season.
  6. The good news is that the LV@JETS is a SUN at 1pm fantasy owners will know and can adjust rosters/lineups IF the ankle causes him to sit
  7. In the FBGs IDP Roundup podcast, they have talked about how widely different stadium stat crews are around the league and list which crews are "generous" and which ones are "stingy". Regardless, i do believe all stats go thru a review and there are many Stat Change Updates that are usually released on THURS..........however, i heard that since there will not be a THUR game this week that maybe the Stat Changes will be released on FRI this week. I would stick with the league provided stat and also make sure you know if any stat changes are published later this week AND IF THE LEAGUE WEBSITE YOU ARE USING IF THEY AUTO UPDATE SCORES or .......IF IT IS A MANUAL COMMISSIONER ACCEPTANCE. (edit to add: I think YAHOO leagues default to an auto-update)
  8. MASH Cheers Seinfeld (or Friends) Modern Family (or Big Bang Theory) I think the above covers 4 decades
  9. Our family typically goes to a Dollar Store to find misc Stuffers each year. Some ideas might be: Lottery Lint Roller (the one w masking tape) Extra phone charger cable Car freshener Car tire cleaner Gummy Bears, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Beef Jerky, Choc covered almonds, etc......(go to a Whole Foods type place where you fill your own bag w/ granola, choc, nuts, etc) (as a joke, one year my daughters bought a $1 drug test or a hemroid cream in the dollar store for their uncle) Another good place to get stuffers is TJ Maxx or Ross or a store like that. They have all kinds of different international / gourmet snacks. Personally, I like the Stroop Waffles, or the Virginia Gourmet Peanuts, or Choc covered espresso beans