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  1. @Quint Good luck with it. Please let us know how it goes. "People won't care how much you know…....until they know how much you care." -T.Roosevelt
  2. Watched it last night. My takeaways that haven't really been addressed yet in this thread were: So many instances where people described AH as paranoid........and then you hear about how he reacted to the drink spill in a club. And how he shot his friend/buddy in the back seat straight thru the eye without much fanfare or discussion While at Univ of FL: seems to me that this is when things started to pick up. Noticed that he really didn't have any tattoos before college and then gradually, the pictures of his time in Gainesville show more and more tattoos each time. Who was his roommate? Who was he hanging around during his time there? Wanted them to dig a little more in this area I know UF had a problem with players during Urban Meyer's tenure Speaking of tattoos: Why in the world would AH get tattoos related to murders? just shows how out of touch with reality he was The Fiancee: The most damning part of the whole story was that AH called the fiancee from jail and instructed her "in code" to remove the gun locker/murder weapon(s)........and she is caught on tape, for goodness sake!!! She has the nerve to act innocent on the stand while being caught in an obvious lie [I don't recall this part of the trial being released or discussed by the media at all.] The Inter-connected Family: I also never knew about the relationship between AHs Fiancee and her sister, who was dating Odin. What a devastating blow to an entire family to first lose a family member to murder and then have to deal with the obvious split in taking sides in the courtroom.
  3. I agree that the best standard initial responses to the salary question should be: "want to find the right position" "looking for an opportunity that fits best for all" “looking for to be fairly compensated for the role & my experience that I bring to the table. “ Also, there are so many factors/layers to answering a question about salary demands that makes it nearly impossible to answer that question on the fly Direct Compensation factors to consider: Base Salary, Annual Bonus, Profit-Sharing, Benefits, or Equity & non-compensation factors to consider: PTO, Flexibility around work hours or working remotely So, if pressed and you feel you need to give them an answer, do you give them just Base? But all of the above is assuming you have already started a dialogue/interview. I have found it can be challenging / frustrating when you are looking online. Some of the issues I have come across: You see a posting.....and even though you have been looking, you have no clue on what the salary range might be because i've seen such a wide range in my market (yes, i know you won't always know and should go ahead and post to it but my area is notoriously up to 25% below the national average) [I have a good friend/neighbor who is the Director of Robert Half Accounting Placement in my area & he is helping me with my search & I do appreciate that I have been able to pick his brain at times when the posting is not one of theirs. I saw a posting in my market that wanted a High Level Controller for an Engineering/Construction firm and then listed a ton of requirements........I have this exact background and wanted to pursue it. This was a direct posting by the company (not thru a placement agency) and so i called my friend to ask him what he knew about the company/posting. He called them to get more info and they told him they were already in the final stages of the process (even though it was a relatively recent posting) and he found out the company was more than $35k below what i currently make. Colossal waste of time and doesn't give you confidence for the long haul. You see a posting.....and read thru it and start to get interested.....and then when you go to apply, they ask for a salary requirement with a drop down box (& no chance to ignore it) You see a posting by a placement firm and it never discloses the name of the company or the general location of that company. Yes, i know you have to be diligent and the best course of action is to call the placement firm to get more info...................... but then you find out the company is not even close to your section of town and it would involve a > 1 hr commute.
  4. I actually had Mahomes and Kelce..........and i missed the cut. (got nothing from from T.Sharpe and 0.5 from Lazard)
  5. @Anarchy99: Big thank you for finishing this thread and a crazy trip down memory lane from the 80's.........including the many zany personal stories that enhanced it!
  6. Sudeikis getting some fun flak 😎 for punching baby Yoda: (but don't forget that his character was also responsible for killing Kuiil)
  7. 11 team Superflex 0.5ppr...........(yes, we do have 11 owners and play doubleheaders) Championship is combined score of Wk 15 + 16..........i'm already down by 36 points so I'm probably going to end up losing the championship. ME: OPPONENT: J.Allen, Fitzpatrick, R.Wilson, Winston Carson, Eckler Zeke, Mostert Hopkins, Julio, RWoods KAllen, Hill, AJBrown Doyle Goedert Myers Lutz BALT NE Pats
  8. Looks like JAX isn't signing any free agents (with this list and the recent news)
  9. Raise your hand if you Butker'd yourself today 😰 (picked up / started Siebert)
  10. For me, it's Laird or D.Wash in my flex (waiting on more info re-Jacobs)
  11. I'm going with Higbee over Cook too. (can't afford for Cook to be out or exit in-game)
  12. So any thoughts on what to expect from Wentz @ WAS? (i'm not optimistic on starting him as WAS def is a little better than we saw from the NYG last WAS tendency to play slow)
  13. who played Fitzpatrick today ? 😨
  14. Has there been any visual feedback on warmups yet? (might not be able to discerne anything since this is an upper body injury.....but thought i'd ask)
  15. Superflex League: PICK TWO Josh Allen v BAL (worried about lower scoring game, some weather) Goff v SEA Fitz @JETS (Mia won't be able to run) leaning toward Goff + Fitz