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  1. Seriously! If they don't have film on the guy and have not a clue or word to say my initial impression is that he is NOT 2nd rd. worthy. OMG #greedydeficient
  2. I wouldn't call it THE move I'm talking about but it's a nice glimpse of what will be needed soon.
  3. As with most Quinn picks, I'm initially irked then I have a chance for the buzz to wear off. I walk it back and analyze it and come to grips with it. Hock is a typical Quinn pick in every way. Fits a need, team orientated player, somewhat reasonable value for the pick slot and is about as cushy/safe pick you can make. My concern is that is BQ simply trying not to fail or have a bad track record as a GM with his draft safety dancing or is he legitimately putting together a winner from the foundation up. It's hard to say and understandably so as Lion's fans simply don't know how winners are truly constructed. My other concern about BQ is that when is he actually going to get bold and make THE move that potentially puts us over the top if it were to ever happen. Not sure he has the stones. Hasn't shown it yet IMO. Better land a CB or OL in the second. Please and thanks.
  4. I guess I've lived a sheltered FF life running a 1 RB min start (3 max) 2 WR (4 max) 2 flex league for 25 years. I come from the golden age of RBs in the 80's and 90s and starting 4 = mind blown. :oldmanvoice:
  5. I get that it's 14 teams, I get that it's deep but I am absolutely certain you can take a better stab than Patterson at this point. He was a thing because of NE desperation but that's not the case now.
  6. Moral high ground will not win you championships my friend. I mentioned that it feels "wrong" but that's only semantics. A better word would have been dirty but I'm alright with that. You are playing by the same rules as everyone else so it's all fair. If you want to put your foot down, avoid yahoo or sites that allow for a multi-position designation in the future. Don't do it to your detriment if playing Samuels betters your team.
  7. Yeah I'm thinking of flexing Gronk over Adams @ Dallas as well. That's really not a good matchup and they just haven't targeted him enough to keep him involved if that game script plays out.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. It's a short week vs. a well known divisional on national TV coming off a dominant performance. The Jag's floor should be 5-7 IMO. Lowest over/under of the week helps. On paper it makes total sense. Of course I'm going to feel ill benching Chicago's D but..... ETA: Plus you can use JAX wk 15 home vs. Sanchez Wash and Chicago week 16 vs SF.
  9. Truly awful. He's basically Jesse James without the blazing speed. 😆
  10. Absolutely. If it wasn't for name value, he'd be ranked as like TE14 or worse each week.
  11. Can't disagree. It feels wrong but for me it's a small potential consolation prize for getting burned by Gronk this year.
  12. I reached early for Adams as he was just getting carries before their bye. Scooped up Jackson earlier than non Gordon owners would want to after his initial carries because everyone figured the rostered Ekeler was the only show in town. Gus, welp right place right time in the WW. Samuels was let go just last week by the Conner owner in a necessary roster move. He's above me in the standings so his loss my gain! This may all end up being a bunch of nobodies that crap the bed but I am feeling I'm peaking at the exact right time.
  13. Ajayi, Royce Freeman, Lat Murray. 12 teamer, 8th pick and took Gronk @ 2.05 Needless to say, I've been scrambling all year with stop gaps so I was reaching very early for FAs down the stretch and just got plain lucky with bottom feeders just quitting the wire.