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  1. Possibly. I guess it's also possible that Ramsey has a back issue that the Rams chose to ignore when giving up 2 firsts and a 4th all the while still needing to sign him long term. :shrugs:
  2. It's my belief that AJ is slow playing this to stay off the field up until the week before the trade deadline (29th) then magically he will start practicing. It's sort of a version of the Ramsey move just a little more covert which would be totally his style. He seems like a classy dude who doesn't want to whine but he also doesn't want to dip his toes back into this grease fire anymore. There are probably talks going on behind the scenes and Natti is telling him to keep doing what he's doing which gives them more negotiating power since teams won't think they have to trade him. I could be way off but Natti would be out of their minds to not explore this possibility.
  3. Patriots vigil 🕯️🕯️🕯️
  4. Yes. One mention of NE and it snowballs apparently! I'm all about my man Terry but I do think SF defense can shut down just about anyone at the moment. Nobody was hotter than Cooper Kupp going into week 6 and well 4 for 17 yards later has me considering other options. He's going to get SF's full attention. He's only a flex for me (Julio/M.Thomas) so going to have to pivot elsewhere I think (Hyde/Hunter/Engram/Waller).
  5. Both players going for the ball and collide. Flag on defender for a personal foul. I'm over today's NFL.
  6. Sometimes you are just too wide open.
  7. Lot of plays early for that GB defense. Should pay big dividends later on for the Lions. FGs ain't going to get it done though.
  8. Haymakers alert. GB better get their hands up because they are staggered already.
  9. That play call is not your grandpa's Detroit Lions opening play call. That was a nice early gamble to plant your flag.
  10. He jumped off the screen to me. It's not very often I say "whoa" while watching a player. The last time I said that was Alvin Kamara preseason before his rookie season. Caused me to take a last round flier on him. Not saying he's that but... he sure looked the part.
  11. Update: Lions TE T.J. Hockenson cleared concussion protocol and is expected to play vs. Packers, per Dave Birkett (Lions beat writer) of the @freep .
  12. Remarkably this is my first time owning Julio. I've been happy with the TD output actually. The thing that's always given me pause about drafting him is his mysterious lack of TDs. He's only had one season of 9+ TDs in his career. He's on pace for 11.
  13. Darrell Henderson really jumped off the screen to me. I will try to swap Mack for him. If Chase Edwards happens to still be floating around, he's a legit stash and possible flex going forward. He will command more touches.
  14. We are talking about a serious concussion here, not a sore ankle or tight hamstring. Just because you test it out with practicing doesn't mean symptoms won't all of sudden reoccur out of the blue. It happens. Also, Detroit has really no reason to announce it. Why give GB a clear picture of how to game plan them? Detroit would certainly play things differently if Hock is out.
  15. So the sudden circus at the TE position goes like this for me: Engram(Out) Waller (Bye) picked up Vernon Davis (now out) picked up Henry (Will start but if not...) Vance McDonald is still available for the late switch if necessary. All of this overthinking for what will probably be a 3-28 out of Henry if I'm lucky.