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  1. does she come with the bike?
  2. Looked into reduction surgery to reduce this burden. The science just isn't there yet.
  3. No worries, I reserved mine at Cubby Bear North in Lincolnshire. #hawkscreech
  4. I bought a table at The Cubby Bear for tonight for $250 on craigslist. No way I'm paying list like a sucker.
  5. That's why I do all of my topless selfies sober.
  6. I judge people by their emotional quotient.
  7. That's the name of my 2 Live Crew cover band.
  8. Are there classes I can take? In English please.
  9. I've seen multiple references to Goat curses this past week, but outside of this thread and that dooshnozzle behind home plate last night, I've seen no references to Bartman amongst Chicagoans.
  10. Trying to pick up Glenn Melvin Peterson in all of my PPR fantasy leagues.
  11. Bleachers were $15 a few years ago. No way I'm paying more than $25 for a Cubs game. -Grumpy old man.