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  1. Spent a ####ing decade plus of my life dealing with all issues around gout. Short term : keep prednisone (ideally) or other NSAID around and load up on that stuff at the first twinge or signal of an oncoming attack. Long term : get uric acid under control and people have fewer attacks. This has been proven over and over. 85 % of people have high uric acid due to kidneys and diet has minimal impact in this situation. By all means try diet as its free and might work. If not, take medication to keep uric acid low. If you can keep uric acid levels low, you will eventually have fewer attacks. Source :hundreds of interviews with patients and physicians. Plus medical publications. If you want to try cherry juice or other stuff, knock yourself out. In controlled studies it does not work but God bless the power of placebo.
  2. Historically, patients are really bad at sticking to a diet & exercise regimen. It's the same if a doctor encounters a smoker - both patient and doctor know that current behavior is bad, but the doctor doesn't have the magic words to make the patient stop smoking in a 5 or 10 minute visit, so the doctor doesn't spend a lot of time addressing it. I can't speak for 100% of physicians, but I suspect they know that the patient may benefit from a change in diet/exercise, but it's a complicated lesson and if they believe that the patient isn't going to follow through anyway, what's the point? I do agree with you that there is room in healthcare for MDs to better educated about the role of food.
  3. I like the new one by Julia Jacklin. Sounds like Lucy Dacus
  4. My take on the Mueller report is that I’d like to read the Mueller report before having a take on it.
  5. I will watch The Dirt soon, but I want to make a plug that the book is one of the best rock bio books.
  6. I found this link easier to zoom in for detail.
  7. It's hard to make it dark here for that many hours in the winter
  8. I wouldn't say Vegas has been Disney-fied. It's just more expensive and there are now more people packed onto the strip as a tourist destination. It used to cater to gamblers but that is not their priority so much anymore as jvd2002 pointed out. It is still a place where you can drink and act like an ### without much judgment, but it is definitely more expensive to do so. If you are into food, its much better than it was. I still like it, but agree that it's not quite as good as before.
  9. Lori Laughlin was pretty hot on Full House
  10. slightly less nerdy than May the Fourth day