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  1. I'm not too far from there. I'll try to make it and be the guy requesting songs by Loverboy. I won't be able to make it until 6. I have not been in there but it seems like it is getting a good crowd and it's in an ideal location.
  2. Well if the data is in the phone, clearly cracking the case will allow you to get at it.
  3. 7F here today. Sweet nostalgia to hear the ice crunch under your footsteps. As well documented, I have a small repertoire of loops I do. The list gets even smaller when sidewalks are icy or snowed over.
  4. I assume that every person that logs "Morning Activity" to Strava is doing just that.
  5. I want to know how he went faster on the banana mile. Was a gorilla suit involved?
  6. Ho hos taste better and are funnier to say. I eat Swiss cake rolls more often because I'm not worth a hoho.
  7. The best kind of boner (at least that's what my wife tells me)
  8. I thought it was something about tulips and an organ.
  9. Phenomenal runs today fellas! Great to see pay off for all of those runs leading up to today. @MAC_32 @pbm107 @-OZ- @gruecd @The Iguana @SteelCurtain. Looking forward to race reports.
  10. They took it away once they realized it wasn't on Strava.
  11. Gucci monocle and cashmere smoking jacket too
  12. Love how preposterous these 80's movies plots are in hindsight. Midwest bar wants to clean its act. Only apparent option is bouncer from out east. But the clean-up is foiled by small town rich guy for no significant reason. East coast bouncer must defeat rich guy and his goons.