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  1. Would love to instill in my kids curiosity and grit. Way more important than learning Spanish, lighting a fire or doing a pirouette imo. Trouble is how to instill these. I like nuggets attempt and whoever suggested a list and let them pick.
  2. I just got offered a free beer. Should I accept it, or should I pass?
  3. Quick medical update I've never considered myself anything special and combining that with working in the healthcare industry, I've always been of the belief that 000's of people must have encountered the same kind of injury that I'm facing. The struggle is simply connecting to that doctor who's seen it a bunch of times and knows what to do. So while the MD I'm seeing now seems like the closest to "that guy", the recent patterns of the last few weeks have reminded me of the same old same old in terms of injury... slow rehab and recovery, then happy for a couple of weeks, then injury again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Frustating & depressing all over again. Not knowing the underlying source of pain has been also a huge source of frustration. Since I now have a better knowledge of the affected area (peroneus longus), I did some googling only to find people with similar experiences / condition, but no solutions. So I probed more at my visit with running MD this morning to get a vibe on the working diagnosis & prognosis. He still feels confident that this is nerve entrapment, not tendonitis. When I asked why, he noted that I experience no pain when moving the foot/ankle around, nor do I have inflammation, which rules out typical tendonitis. So the nerve entrapment implies that the nerves in my upper calf area are more sensitized and will signal pain at lower thresholds than would a normal tissue area. If true, it's good news for overall health of the underlying muscles, tendons. But, the path to recovery is sloooowwwwww (as I already suspected). The plan is to untrain these nerves to signal pain and inch-by-inch move this threshold. It seems like 20 miles a week is my safe zone where symptoms don't escalate, so we'll stay at this mileage for the summer. After 2 or 3 months at this level, we'll ever so slowly try to push it. He says that he's seen it before, but its presentation and recovery varies from person to person. So on the one hand, I'm no better in terms of potential weekly mileage than I was 2 years ago. On the other, I feel confident running within this window and I'm not as paranoid about each step being the one that tweaks things. Also, daily background pain has improved vs. 2 years ago, so I'm better than before, just not better better.
  4. With young kids, it cut down the amount of free time for sports watching or anything that I used to enjoy. Now that kids are a little older, I finally have the time to watch sports, TV or movies and I find myself not too interested in much of it (it happened to me too! Damnit). I gravitate towards reading, gaming or surfing web.
  5. Waiting for someone to chime in with how they make their own epoxy instead of spending $100 on 'name-brand' stuff.
  6. I spent the last 2 weekends painting my entire garage walls, ceiling and cabinets. I'm outsourcing (1) new garage door opener and epoxy floor and the rest is DIY. I will be getting new storage cabinets, new fridge and all new hooks/shelves. Your final garage looks pretty sweet from that one picture. Hope mine is half as good.
  7. I'm in the process of getting this done soon. I'm average handyman-wise but elected to have someone else do it. I've heard some stories of bubbling with DIY. That combined with multiple concrete holes that need grinding and what my time is worth for 3 days pointed me towards a pro. Cost is $2,100 for 2 car garage (25 x 21).
  8. It's that time to load up on Kingsford Blue!
  9. if it comes with a teenage Phoebe Cates, I'd probably get one.
  10. I don't need a hand to figure the number of guys in here that have broken 20 while wearing a Ditka 'stach. That's the impressive one!
  11. Bosch has been pretty good for us after a few months. Dishes come out very clean and it's quiet. Coming from a dishwasher with heating coil, it's a little annoying having to stock and use Finish Dry, but not the end of the world. If I could do over and get Bosch with heating coil, it would be great.
  12. 75 / mo DirecTV 10 / mo Spotify 55 / mo Cell for two (covered by work) 30 / mo Home Internet I guess that's 115 / mo out of pocket
  13. They should change the name of All-inclusive to "You like Booze?" It's the make or break on the economics of it.
  14. The issue didn't come up in a gait analysis. I think the effect might be exaggerated since that photo was during the stretch. I got issues for sure. But I hadn't heard of stride height being connected to my peroneus longus woes.