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  1. That's a s-load of quarters to buy the parts for one of those.
  2. odd collection of pictures highlighting that product. Yes. Yes more. NNNOOO!
  3. FFA Swap Meet! Right height for me, but where do you live?
  4. Anything I should be mindful of when buying a bike off Craigslist? Looking to get a decent road bike... Eyeing used Specialized Allez.
  5. Hey, did you know that Bill's daughter plays soccer so he knows a thing or two about women's soccer?
  6. Nathan has cooties!!! wooooooo!
  7. Pepper Brooks - Dodgeball
  8. Are they paying me $4.99 to eat or do I have to pay? Either way, I'm out.
  9. Less than 2 weeks away for our trip for Columbus Day weekend (sat thru wed). Great info in this thread - thanks! I'm traveling with wife and 2 girls (8 and 10). We'll be tourists on this trip and I've been to NYC multiple times, so we have a general idea of what to do but it's mostly the usual tourist beats and we're go with the flow type travelers. We're staying in hotel near Korea-town. What tix should we buy ahead of time? Ellis Island/ SOL? Broadway? What things would be better on the Tuesday/ Wed when tourist crowds are less (besides everything)? Any recs on cook-your-own Korean BBQ? Bagels near Mid-town East/Flatiron? I'm not huge on going to every high-rise lookout deck. I've never even been to Sears Tower in my hometown. Are there rooftop bars that would be good around sunset time that we could pretend to look cool for a minute while knowing that the real crowd will be there hours after us? If not, is Top of the Rock or ESB worth getting tix ahead?
  10. This would have been a better backstory for Spiderman origin. Also, his peens shoots out cool webs.
  11. Did you know that Nietzsche died of syphilis? Both good movies at their time but neither has aged great, I give the nod to Better Off Dead for Ricky and Charles De Mar
  12. Pretty good show. Kept it pretty close to the album version for the most part and setlist was really heavy on Teens of Denial. No complaints. Lead singer looks like a 24 year old version of McLovin which takes a little while to warm up to. Venue holds about 700 people so great place to see a show. Opening act Lucy Dacus was also better than I expected.
  13. Going to see Car Seat Headrest tonight.