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  1. We could do a lot worse than Tyrus Quash. But these halftime shows are tame and almost always disappointing.
  2. OMG you just disrespected our veterans!?! Why do you hate the flag and Iwo Jima Kenobi !
  3. nice job @bushdocda!! look forward to the report! hope the muscles are feeling not too bad today.
  4. Milky Way is low on the chocolate candy bar tier, but I'd take it over the super sweet or sour candy like Sour Patch or Nerds
  5. Well did you see any rolls of paper towel dropped? Tremendous arm. The best.
  6. Short article on what's gonna be new with fitness wearables. Digitsole sounds interesting.
  7. He's obviously kidding. No one would do 3 Tri's like that.
  8. It was really hot until I added cream to it.
  9. Raised donuts are also called yeast donuts. See Krispy Kreme or Dunkin glazed for delicious example.
  10. Love the ritual of getting donuts with the kids. My dad did the same thing. About once a month, it still is something we look forward to. Firecakes is the best in Chicago and really liked Dough in NYC
  11. the biggest correction. The very best correction.