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  1. Solid album name for Goldenplane.
  2. It's a fast casual Mexican restaurant
  3. Why Chrome has an incognito mode.
  4. Gonna RAIN on you Warriors!
  5. I agree. Not sure what solace there is in living in a mansion built due to your lost child.
  6. (lame pot joke coming....) Gives new meaning to the Mile High Club!
  7. These are like nicknames; they just don't work if you start them yourself.
  8. Not only is Michelle never even considered to be put up on the block, but she's bland enough to avoid any screen time. MVP of the season so far.
  9. I would venture to guess that the results were due to the pig biology and not your cook method. Keep cooking and you'll get a better feel for normal. Usually no need for flipping. Likewise, foil shouldn't impact things that much.
  10. Bring back pictures. So stupid that threads like that anonymous confession thread got deleted but inane political threads with the exact same arguments for the last 15 years are allowed to prosper like a cancer. Childish behavior is ubiquitous but treated very differently.
  11. Just wait until he tries bacon on a maple donut.
  12. Good God, I would just like a whiff of poo nanny
  13. The B Sharps All holes filled with Norwegian Hardwood