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  1. I was planning to smoke pulled pork yesterday but my kamado lid froze shut. after about 2 hours of trying to thaw, I said screw it and went with crock pot as I would do before smoker. Yelp, I'm officially spoiled. After 8 hours on the 8 hours setting, meat was at 165. Not tender and still tough. I debated about throwing it out, but cut it into small pieces and went liberal with the bbq sauce. Never again.
  2. My parents (both around 80) had never had Taco Bell before, but had it last week.
  3. I feel like I heard a lifetime full of "Roundabout" in one summer thanks to a local classic rock station.
  4. Maybe he didn't hear the whole sentence.
  5. In 6th grade health, we learned that girls bleed down there. ewww
  6. Not Billy Mitchell, that's for sure.
  7. sure you're thinking of the right Joe Namath? That's not the Joe I know.
  8. I would have guessed that Bob Lanier was packing the most downstairs among that list.
  9. just finished his latest audiobook this morning. If you see him again, you can mention this.
  10. I've been trying to find my low impact torture device of choice... I really prefer the elliptical to the bike. I'm still willing to give Zwift or Peloton a try to make the bike more palatable, but just based on my gym with nothing but my phone, the bike gets stale real quick. I do like biking outdoors though.
  11. Rule 1-Never check luggage. Rule 2- accept any sacrifices to not violate rule 1.
  12. You're almost ready for a lollipop run.
  13. I was having same probs as Acer. switched to Eero and those problems went away. I agree that probably any of the mesh would have corrected the drops I was having with using extender.
  14. Speaking of cool milestone, anyone doing the North Pole Marathon? Only 4KM to 'circle' the earth.