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  1. A girl decides how far she's gonna let you go in the first five minutes.
  2. Talk about first world problems
  3. I wonder if there will be another new juror-returns-twist if Paulie doesn't win this comp.
  4. I haven't come across an entity in the healthcare continuum that isn't motivated by money and many times doctors are the worst offenders.
  5. Good band name for Willie.
  6. I'll only begin searching if there is an ***OFFICIAL *** thread about it.
  7. If we're allowed to acknowledge the accomplishments of Simone Manuel in swimming in light of her skin color, then we should be able to acknowledge the accomplishments of white/yellow/brown athletes in track & field associated with their skin color. In an ideal world, it should matter. But in this world, there should be a double standard applied.
  8. I remember watching that race with no pre-knowledge of it and told my kids to 'check out that dude in the green outfit.'
  9. #### I can't believe this. So sorry to hear.
  10. When ordering food, find out what she wants then order for both of you. It’s a classy move.
  11. I usually like the Gladwell ones, but the PED doping discussion went on and on and on. Finally fast forwarded and enjoyed the how to make Track & Field more watchable discussion.
  12. Hoping for some positive news soon. Good luck shady!
  13. 2 glasses of wine and an ambien.
  14. If I had to give hummers to all guys in the ATL area, I'd hate my job too.