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  1. Right leg, not left leg.
  2. Things have been pretty decent for me after a hammy pull a few weeks back. My running doc expects that I will have a couple of things like that through the recovery and he's not at all worried. I will get back to running much faster now if I feel some twinges in the hamstring - moreso than I would have in the past. That is also good as I figure out the new version of my left leg. I'm generally in little to no pain when doing 3 to 4 miles each day. I'll start to increase this mileage slowly. Feeling relatively optimistic that I'll be running regularly which is cool,but I'm still a long way from that. Done with travel/ heavy drinking occasions for a while so excited to get some regular progress in the next few weeks.
  3. Most drug manufacturers will have copay reduction programs to take the cost down to low levels. Many times this will still apply if you have no insurance. There are also charitable foundations that can help with your prescription drug costs. There are numerous ones such as Good Days, that should be easily found via Google
  4. Nice racing boys! Nice ag win Mac! Great start to 2017
  5. I forgot to give my wife something. I'm borrowing this gift idea.
  6. I felt so gd old describing the phenomenon of Evel Knievel to my kids. Seems like something that should have existed 100 years ago, but nope, I was alive for it.
  7. We wasted tons of time on that too.
  8. I think after some inspiration from Kathie Lee Crosby on That's Incredible!, I was really into domino rally for 6 or 7 weeks. Don't know how I had the patience for that.
  9. I remember liking the board game This Game is Bonkers! as a wee lad and I picked one up to play with my kids. Still pretty damn fun.
  10. The Rock Not the person. Any particular stone, boulder, or lump of dirt
  11. 23,000 for family of four.
  12. Competitive cake making. I've never done this, but it looks like the biggest ####ing waste of time.
  13. Yes. So are the 7 countries that Obama picked. But that's the only thing he did right.