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  1. Where can I express outrage against the term plate-gate? Asking for me.
  2. we did this last night for Sunday's ep since we're also DirecTV house. Gathered around the laptop and suffered through ads. Oh, The Humanity!
  3. Saw these 2 guys at an NFL game - one had a big letter D and the other was holding up a gate. D-GATE! Such a burn to the visiting team.
  4. why so far in the future on disconnect date?
  5. I've made the switch back to running every day. This is where I was at before arthritis diagnosis and pre-steroid injections. (In theory, the injections should have allowed me to run everyday, but I never got to this point cause I was locked in on every other day pattern). Anyway, back in 2017 when I was in good running shape, I was doing daily and staying less than 5 miles each day. I'm back to that and we'll see how it goes. My calf isn't loving this, but it's the devil I know and I'm tolerating it through icing and NSAIDs. Next MD appt is mid September. I've been behaving pretty well on the diet front and down 7 lbs since July 1. I would like to get down another 7 or 8 before races in Sept. I have to contend with week vacation in August and I'm hoping to stay even during that week. The weight loss is helping overall willingness to train harder. But, dieting does suck and it's a lot less fun than not dieting.
  6. I did same ID and password for my new router - some connected easily, some I had to re-enter. Only annoying one is the TV where you have to use arrows to enter each character.
  7. I plan to do the call soon. The CBS outage gives a good excuse to cancel vs. my annual ST is too expensive.
  8. Pretty nice little Saturday. Bed Bath and Beyond? Not enough time?
  9. That's gonna be rough, but it's the same crap for everybody... go monger some medals! Good luck! Good luck @-OZ- too!!
  10. I think there is something wrong with that FaceApp.
  11. That's all I use. I played with a trial of Lightroom for a few days and found it overly complicated. Also, as longtime computer user, I hate those programs that boast about non-destructive editing - always gets frustrating trying to share the processed picture and trying to delineate original v. edited. I have always been perfectly content to us File Save As for the edited. [Old Man Yells at Cloud] If I started with Lightroom as my first program, I might have different perspective, since I think we are in the minority among amateur photographers.
  12. That is possible to have a flare-up once without recurrence for several years. A uric acid test would confirm. If you aren't on medication, uric acids are generally gonna run high, average or low - it's very unlikely that your uric acid has corrected since then. But if I was you, I'd just wait to see if you have another episode. At that point, take lots of NSAIDs and then have it checked via blood test.
  13. That trailer is long but distinguished.