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  1. It was a little boring season, but I'm actually fine with it. No faux outrage because of how someone likes their coffee. No stupid twist to favor someone. It was a relatively pure season for better or for worse. Good for Cody - well deserved. Nicole got what she deserved too - she gave out plenty of lies and backstabbing to others, so she shouldn't have been surprised when it happened to her. Tyler had pointed out to Enzo a few weeks ago that there's no way he could beat Cody, but then again, I'm not sure if Enzo had much of a case against Nicole, Christmas or Tyler either.
  2. You weren't swayed by "I rode his coattails to the end, bro"?
  3. If it gets to 65, do you bust out the tights?
  4. My expectations for tonight: - one of the comps coming down to luck - a few bitter jury votes - a whole lot of filler and then try to cram in stuff in the last 2 minutes For predictions, I'm going with Cody over Enzo to win it and Tyler for America's Choice.
  5. I keep meaning to do that tight pants outfit for Halloween. With 2 teenage girls, it will generate maximum embarrassment this year.
  6. Chess Pumpkin Pecan Cream Key lime
  7. watched it last night. Some really funny moments, but his best moments are interacting with strangers. The first one had lots of interaction tied together with a little scripted plot/acting; this new one had a lot more scripted plot to its detriment. Good, not great.
  8. Yeah. You don't want to cover up that decorative codpiece.
  9. ^ This guy likes Yoda dolls more than having sex.
  10. Neil Young's way way better than Duran Duran's.
  11. Can't you buy and download this from PSN? I played it from scratch a few months ago... the initial nostalgia is great, but quickly wears off.
  12. That luxury comp was so stupid. Any one of these finalists could have turned on Cody in the last couple of weeks, but that would be too exciting. I think he deserves to win, which means he probably won't. I'm guessing Christmas goes home tonight. Cody or Nicole wins next HOH. Cody takes Enzo and beats him or if Nicole wins, she takes Enzo most likely and probably beats him. An Enzo-Nicole final two is the only scenario where I'm not 100% who wins.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Those first 6 months aren't that difficult aside from the lack of sleep. Once that baby starts moving though, oof. Get ready for: Wife: "What do you mean you are going for a long run? Will you be back in 55 minutes or 58 minutes?"
  14. I had a minor setback last week with some transient pain in my calf that seems like it has almost resolved itself. yay. Since I can't compete with the end of month mileage #### measuring contests, I am happy to report that YTD 2020 with 8 active months (May and June = 0 activities), I am crushing all of my previous years according to Strava on active time 158 hours YTD v. next highest 143 hrs for full year in 2017. Also beating handily in mileage, but that's not a fair comparison. I've made the transition to full time indoors now (outside of daily walks that I don't log). Got the bike trainer next to the elliptical. I've been doing Zwift for a week now and my quick impressions: - It's great to have coffee, phone, water, laptop at my fingertips. I haven't landed on a routine yet for Netflix or whatever to keep my interest up, but with the newness of Zwift on the laptop, time goes by quickly so far. - It sucks to not have any stop signs. I was riding pretty regularly the last few months, despite that break-in, my butt is sore on Zwift since you are constantly sitting. I am riding with cycling shorts all the time too. I will ride up in the saddle on virtual hills now moreso as a break for my ###. - I haven't scratched the surface on any races, workouts or group rides - seems like there is plenty to keep me motivated for the next several months. - Overall, very pleased with Zwift so far.