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  1. Nice running DrZ! What happened when Swamp Song ended?
  2. What kind of animal swims in weeds and likes to occasionally visit a pain cave?
  3. I had that too in high school. I was off the CC team until a further review with cardiologist, but then good to go. It's a little traumatic insomuch as you think at that age that you are perfectly healthy and can do anything. Then a doctor tells you that your heart is messed up. It's jarring news at that age.
  4. There have essentially been no funny movies in the last 8 years.
  5. It's also now controversial to think that Lambda Lambda Lambda were the good guys in Revenge of the Nerds.
  6. I didn't think it was realistic that a crowd of Russian boxing fans would switch allegiance from their homeland boxer to an American boxer mid fight in Rocky IV.
  7. Rice situation? Tolls? Meatloaf? gloves? 'Grats on the PR!
  8. No food pics from Sunday's pulled pork, but this little video puts me in a happy spot.
  9. I have a sweet headlock finishing move and I feel like this would work better against the gorilla.
  10. Great stuff @gianmarco and @ChiefD! When I was running, I'd feel too guilty to start drinking at noon. Now that I'm not running and I got some pecan smoke wafting from the kamado...
  11. I have predictions for everyone in the upcoming mile. But I'm not going to tell you what it is. However, mine can be unlocked for $5 instead of a visit to the pain cave.
  12. Where are people going to look at what is happening state by state? I've been using 91-DIVOC as the best of what I have bookmarked, but even that site is sometimes tough to look at recent trends for a state of interest.
  13. Yep. I was in decent shape a couple of years ago and I was quickly humbled in Breckenridge. Even just walking some steep hills caused me to be out of breath.
  14. So you don't think he got sick? I don't see anyone here all in on "Utah conspired to poison MJ" bandwagon.