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  1. If you purchased a prime exclusive phone with ads Amazon is removing them for free with a new update this week. If you paid to have them removed through Amazon they will credit your account with a giftcard for the removal cost.
  2. Good deal on the Motorola G5 64 with 4 mb of ram for 179. Includes the Amazon ads but you can turn them off with a little research.
  3. Graham has been on like 8 times and I have listened to them all. Very interesting stuff but scholars consider his conclusions a bit suspect to say the least. Still love when he is on, it goes under the "I want to believe" category for me. I'm sure being high helps too and Graham spent 30 years of his life being high 24 hours a day.
  4. Really like Graham Hancock but deep down feel like he is as much a charlatan as Alex Jones just with a different style and approach. Both guys are entertaining however.
  5. Alex Jones going off on the " succulent hotdogs and walnuts" code words on the Rogan podcast was hilarious.
  6. Alerts on Slickdeals are good plus just searching for things on the site is good because you get to know what a good price is for various stuff. Always go there first for any moderate+ purchase.
  7. Except that this is the pinnacle of the sport and you should not be learning on the job at this point. You should know what to do. Pederson made some horrible decisions and it cost us the win. What makes you think anyone will learn from this? The team is getting worse on the offensive side of the football.
  8. Kenjon Barner. Ryan Mathews has an extensive injury history and the Eagles will look to run the ball this year.
  9. Multiple people eating grapes this week. The prosecuter when she was interviewing the black guy who had a verbal altercation with Nas on the night of the murder and the guy from the wire who is protecting Nas/making him his drug mule. No idea if has any significance , the show likes to do this it seems.
  10. Thought they had some nice deals for people who are loyal to amazon, although some of it was targeted. 10% cash back store card users. $30 of 150 for amazon rewards. 20% off one wharehouse deal order coupon. Free 10.00 giftcard for 50.00 giftcard purchase. Got a nice used phone with 20% off coupon plus 10% cash back. Snagged 2 25 giftcards to be used as gifts and got a nice Lego tie fighter deal. Pretty nice savings.
  11. Ramsey turning and running was 100% out character. How do you think he got into the position he was in? Not little finger cunning. His own father disliked him, but after his success on the battle field, he pretty much had to legitamize him
  12. Amazing effects for a television show both the battle scenes and the dragons. Only thing I did not like is they made Ramsey out to be kind of a coward during the battle while Jon snow was in the thick of things. In the past, Ramsey always came across as a fearless sadistic killer. Would have liked to have seen that side of him one last time outside of killing Rickard.
  13. Not truly regressive in the sense that you do not have to consume soda but most flat taxes are regressive including Pa's flat income tax and sales tax.
  14. I wonder if they ask Sanchez for paycut. Don't know if they could afford his 4.5 million. Pretty scary to go into the season with pretty much just Bradford with his injury history.