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  1. clip tells the story of the season for them
  2. Chief - to be clear, would you just do the work assuming no permit or do a double check with the permit office?
  3. Question for the masses: We've got a ground level and second level (on top of each other) set of 3 season porches (or sunrooms). These have poured footings but no foundation. Oriignal to the house I am pretty sure (100 years old). Each is separated by an exterior door. No HVAC, switched lighting, lots of crank-out windows. Probably where you went to smoke back in the day. Some photos That top level (second photo) I want to make usable year round (this is Boston area). It's 5x11. What I intend to do: -Spray foam the whole thing (3.5" on all walls, floor and add insulation to ceiling) -Reframe, replace windows with double-hung, insulated windows -Add a couple outlets, and a baseboard electric strip -New floor and walls Figure I'm into it for $6-8K if I do all that (mix of DIY and some trades) I will not tie in my central A/C, and I will retain the exterior door. In other words I want this to remain a sunroom, and don't plan to count the sq ft when I sell (which is not for 15 years) The neighbor you see out the window is cool w/ me. I am on a somewhat busy street. Three options I see: -Stop into permitting office and talk to them, see if I need permit -Chat w/ neighbor, let him know I am making room more usable by insulating and replacing windows, and do the job w/ no permit -Something else
  4. Speculation that prices for acquisitions will be way up vs last year with so many teams still in it. The Bruins need a second line winger badly... I am worried on the price but I think they have to add someone. I am dreaming of Kreider...
  5. The flip of it being that the Bolts are XX-XX-XX in 2020 (think they have lost only twice since Xmas in regulation), winning 11 in a row, and they have only gained 11 points on the Bruins and remain in second place Hell of a push by Tampa, Toronto fading fast behind those two.
  6. Almost makes you wonder why that person isnt keeping such an amazing opportunity for themselves
  7. Even if the trend is up, things don’t go in one direction as you know, they go up and down. the drawdowns in a bear market can wipe out gains quickly. UDOW has the good fortune to be birthed in 2009 after the crash. Had it been born two years earlier there would be no UDOW today, I am certain of that 2008 saw something like a 40% drop from the top of the market. Now leverage that 3X and tell me how you recover from that. Once down 3X, you don’t get back to par with a 3X gain (put another way - you’ve got $100. You just took a 50% hit, now you’ve got $50. What percent gain do you need to get back to $100?) Edit to add: you have to pay high fees for that fund as well, both for mgmt and for the borrowing fees associated with the leveraging
  8. My advice - if you’ve got a weight issue take care of it for the purest reason (live longer happier life with your family) VW saving $5/month
  9. Yes, cross off a plumber. You’re only tradesman should be a handyman. you’re definitely in the $7k range max. I’d quote it 3-4 ways
  10. Curious why you included her race and not other things like her age, height, etc
  11. what was your reasoning for choosing your original term duration? What's changed?
  12. Otis, my stab at a materials list. Try identifying exactly what you want for the finish materials Plumber Handyman Electrician Roofer Sink/Vanity combo Faucet Toilet Toilet Seat Electric (materials) Lighting Fixtures New floor (tile? Something else?) OSB Subfloor (take floor sq ft, figure out how many sheets you need) Plywood (take floor sq ft, figure out how many sheets you need) New Sheetrock Fan Mirror Door lock Paint Trim Edit to add - I did wainscoting in my 3rd floor bath, turned out great. Use PVC wainscoting in a bath (even a half bath), paintable and looks same as regular Second edit: The only thing complex about your job would be plumbing. Main factors to consider (ahead of bringing a plumber in) -You will have a 3" sewer/drain line. How will you route it / connect it with your main sewer line (presumably in basement). Think about how it gets there -You need to vent that drain line with a 2" vent. Where does that vent go? Can go out the side of the house or through the roof. Consider where it will go and how it gets there, esp if it needs to go through another room -You need hot and cold water. Since you will run a sewer line that shouldn't be an issue for how to get it there, just make sure you don't run it through an exterior wall
  13. Best thing you can do is spec the job very clearly. I’ll post a materials list for you, it’s not much im installing a brand new full bath (replacing an office) and I’m estimating $18k currently
  14. It won’t be $15k materials will be < $2k. Rest is labor. Figure 50 hrs max for this job@ $100/hr. $7-10k is a good estimate
  15. To be couldn’t have waited and bought one piggy bank? Or better yet take a photo of both at the store and then posted the relevant one?