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  1. How many historical highs do you think there have been in the history of the stock market? The first one was closing bell the day they opened it, I would guess thousands have happened since
  2. Pay for cars in cash. That part is simple and probably takes care of a third of that amount. do you have any other non mortgage debt? If so pay that too what is your emergency fund amount? Different people have different things, I do $25k for what it’s worth. I have this earning 1.5% or so, that is easy to get with Ally or others. so that might leave $40k or so. So you fund 529s? Do you max Roth’s?
  3. This is my worry wife wants simplicity (suppose I do too but her more) and will not trade simplicity for good sound
  4. Ok I’m learning a bit seems what I really need is just a sound bar. I had one a while back but the integration sucked (it was a Visio and it was like 10 years ago). Sounds like the new ones integrate much better. hearing Yamaha, Polk, and ZVox are the main players.
  5. Should have mentioned. Not looking to spend a ton, def less than a G the above looks good tho!
  6. Looking for a TV, likely in the range of 50" or so. Want to have great sound without a receiver / etc. Basically looking at either TV with great integrated sound, or TV plus Soundbar. If it's the latter, I want full integration - Soundbar mounted directly below the TV, all wires will be hidden (I will snake through wall if needed), and I want one remote (ie the TV remote controls the soundbar volume). I don't want a soundbar remote, I just want the soundbar to be an extension of the TV speakers. Tried googling this, not the easiest thing to google. Any recommendations? I am thinking that if I get say an LG TV and an LG soundbar this integration will be there (but I'm not sure). Thanks!
  7. No way they sustain this - but what above set by Marchand and Pasta
  8. Wow, amazing game Pens/Bs. Best win of the season for the local boys
  9. I think the word you are looking for is fickle based off your other posts in here Boots are something I am willing to spend on. First, they are like double the material of shoes. Second, nice boots get noticed. Third, nice boots feel great on your feet I am a big Paul Smith fan for boots. You can get them on sale if you watch
  10. Seems obvious, strange that they didn't see it coming...
  11. Make sure you use a waterproof barrier like Kerdi or Redgard. Common miss on bathrooms I think
  12. I assume you don’t deduct student loan interest on taxes (or at least hope so w an mba) student loan or Roth. Either works fine. Maybe student loan, get rid of all non mortgage debt
  13. Dishwasher is really easy. Sink plumbing depends, but usually not bad. the whole project though sounds messy.... good luck