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  1. Been in the Spanish Virgin Islands for last week...has not made following hockey easy. Return flight: Tues night 😕 my final leg from DC to Boston leaves at 9pm, probably couldn’t be worse for a 7pm start. Hopefully DC airport bars have the game on
  2. I imagine it’s covered below but my advice, don’t run around the common, don’t run through Boston. The only good place to run within Boston is on the Charles. See this map for guidance on distance Edit to add: i hate stopping / starting so that means no Boston streets unless you start your run at 4am. And to me the common is too small and I hate multiple loops (vastly prefer one big loop). Plus the Charles is gorgeous
  3. Cappy> Wait I’m going to eat a lot of crow at work. Pumped up the Bolts big time to another big hockey fan at work, using words like “maybe the best team ever” and “all they do is win”. He came back with things like “Presidents Trophy curse” and “playoffs are a different game”. So I’m gonna hear it. Big big issues for the Lightning now, mega cap crunch. Gonna be a tricky offseason for them
  4. This is about as bad as I’ve seen them. Losing every 50/50 puck, unable to clear the zone
  5. Really hesitating...too much in his head, needs to just play and quit trying to be a hero
  6. There’s lots of head injuries that aren’t concussion related. Are you normally this dense? What if he got poked in the eye, is that subject to concussion protocol?
  7. Bro, not a concussion. Helmet smashed into head. Imagine wearing a helmet and someone laying on top of it. It hurts and pinches your skin, might take a few minutes to shake it off. There’s no “both ways”.
  8. Not sure if you are watching the same game. He got his helmet mashed into his head, that was what the issue was. Tavares came down on his helmet with his full weight. Took him a few mins to shake it off. If you think Tuukka was milking that you’re outta your mind
  9. Been really impressed by Chuck McAvoy this game. Kid is really anchoring that D
  10. Ya that was weird. Goalie gets flattened, in clear pain, crowd taunts him for 5 mins