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  1. And get paid $12MM on his existing contract in the meantime.
  2. Congrats Cappy, no question in my mind TB best team this year. Will be tough to dethrone going forward also
  3. What will be on top of the car? Ie what’s the contents?
  4. So for a 2000 mile trip, assuming a base of 25 mpg and $2/gal gas, that’s $32? no need to price shipping...
  6. 2.5k for plumbing plus the carpentry work sounds like a very good price to me. You check the prices of those units? ive seen tradesman install a “$2000“ piece of kit with only $500 additional for labor, when really that kit can be had for $1200
  7. Celts deserve this loss. 17-7 in turnovers now I think. Take care of the ball and you put yourself in a place to win
  8. If I was a Heat fan....I’d be pissed to be losing
  9. FT 11-2 that quarter. Glad to see Tatum wake up...
  10. Tatum has 0 points. I’m amazed Celts within 20 right now