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  1. Am I wrong that you have to be a bit of a dolt to not get this right?
  2. Please list bios of all current owners, including whether they tuck or untuck jerseys
  3. Hope you didn’t bury that splice broski
  4. Ok. Looks same as a serp from what I can tell. If you google that term you’ll find some info. Are you already maxing your other tax advantaged accounts?
  5. It’s easy to be free... ...when you’re good looking
  6. Can you send plans on that table if you have them?
  7. I hear what you’re saying. I suppose you can do the same “destination wedding” local (also known as a cheap wedding). The advantage (financially) of the destination wedding is the much reduced wedding party. We spent good money on a wedding, call it a 1/3 Otis wedding. While it was great, if I could have convinced the wife we would have done destination. I applaud anyone who does so and saves money