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  1. I guess the other question is - what do you do with the info from whatever tool you use? i use mine to summarize total assets, organize my accounts, and identify when I need to rebalance. It serves that purpose well
  2. I have a google doc sheet that I update about quarterly. Takes me about 15 mins a quarter, hr per year. Maybe a little longer if I need to rebalance.
  3. yes, ball valves readily available at that size. This PVC, black pipe, something else? Your plan sounds good based on what you wrote.
  4. I’m just worried that the water is coming in via the foundation, and now you’re putting the water right back against the foundation. your sump outlet presumably is away from the house where it can drain off / be absorbed into the soil
  5. Seems ok to me so long as the garden is not next to the foundation general thoughts - add ball valves to each branch. You will need to play with valve positions to get the right amount of water to the garden do you get below freezing?
  6. Are you going to send power to it? Water? I think I’d at least do power, and if you’re going to dog the trench for power I’d consider adding water in there. the idea is good. Not sure where you live but in New England the first design principle of shed building is withstanding the elements. All those extra openings are entry points for elements and critters. Design those well
  7. This I spent half a year in Saudi. Wasn’t outdoors all that much...
  8. You’ll need to close your Heloc as part of the refi. No way around it
  9. so...will need a paint job then?
  10. Been looking to upgrade my old Allez (alum frame w/ carbon fork) to a full carbon bike. Looking to spend $500-700. Just saw this, looks screaming... Thoughts? some red flags on it being 'brand new', why selling? Need to make sure frame has no issues. Any other thoughts?
  11. So you own a voltmeter?
  12. I closed with them, there were no lender fees. Got my $750 back. Honestly they were great the whole way through. I was a little nervous as well as you here, but it all checked out and went smoothly.