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  1. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Arians just came out and said that Brown isn't the same guy the Steelers drafted and that he needs to cut out the dramatics. It doesn't sound to me that he's interested, unless that's his way of saying "figure things out and we can make this happen."
  2. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I agree with this. He is definitely more of a "me" guy. I'd like to see him end up with a team with no Super Bowl chance and a huge downgrade @ QB. Denver being one place they are talking about a destination. Yikes for his stats if this is the case, at least as it looks now.
  3. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Tyreek Hill

    Tyrod Taylor was a "Pro Bowl" QB. Com'n. I also remember Marc Bulger one year I believe he has 22 TDs & 22 INTs and ended up in the Pro Bowl.
  4. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    If those are the numbers, then a team should be willing to give up a 1st because they are not paying too much. We always hear “that’s a lot to give up and then to pay all that money.”
  5. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Searching the NFL rulebook for the next confusing call

    Some of those, especially 5 like you stated, are real bizarre to think about.
  6. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Dynasty: QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

    I always get Dwayne Haskins mixed up with Dennis Haskins. One is a future 1st round NFL QB, the other was Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell.
  7. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    I think this is a very valid point.
  8. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Dynasty: QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

    Here in Buffalo on the sports talk radio shows, for years have been hearing people say "Draft a QB every single year until you find one." Many have said the same thing you did, increases your chances of finding a good one.
  9. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Patriot Games (Chargers vs Ravens game thread)

    Imagine the AFC Championship game being played in front of 30,000 people if the Chargers hosted.
  10. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    [DYNASTY] Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    I ultimately don't think a run first QB is sustainable in this league mostly because they haven't have sustained success. Even as a Steelers fan, I think it was be exciting to watch him do something this year and during his career. Hope he gets on that horse this weekend, and keeps those big running plays coming!
  11. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I think he’s saying he didn’t lose a game check because he showed up. If he was AWOL, he wouldn’t have been paid.
  12. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    5 Bold Predictions for the 2018 Season

    Nope to Njoku. I think I was doing okay on the Lewis Henry one until he burst out later on. Did well on the JuJu one. Hellz naw on the Tyler Eifert one. And nope on Kirk.
  13. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    Reading this really makes me want to join a dynasty league.
  14. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    On many sports teams, professional or not, if you don't practice, show up to meetings, otherwise go AWOL, you are making yourself unavailable to play. I'm sure I'm not the only one who coaches sports here, but on my team (granted, it's not the NFL, not even close) if you don't have a valid excuse for missing practices, you won't play. I've started games short handed due to this to make a point. I understand it's much different in the NFL, but in some organizations eyes, you go AWOL, you make yourself unavailable on game day.
  15. Twenty-Four Eighty-Four

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Wouldn't he cost the Steelers like $20M if they traded him? Also, what do you think they'd get or ask for?