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  1. Same. I don't just make trades willy nilly but it is more fun when trades are happening.
  2. If Kamara gets hurt, then probably big time. I really like Murray because he's a great handcuff and has stand alone value in case you're in a pinch.
  3. Oh of course they are all options. I wouldn't trade just to trade. It would be to improve another position for me, unless I can't find a trade I like.
  4. I have Jonnu and picked up Goedert last week. I'll hold. With the TE position a crapshoot after the top guys, I'm hoping to trade him right before playoffs after he comes back.
  5. I'm newer to dynasty. Thanks for the input. Not trying to hijack the thread but since there was just a Hasty trade, I thought I'd throw this one in here since it related.
  6. I was thinking a change of scenery may not be good for him, but this one might not be so bad.
  7. Literally just got offered a 2022 1st for my second round pick in 2022 (unknown of where it would fall, too hard to predict), my third round pick in 2021(likely early 3rd and Hasty.)
  8. I keep trying to get Lamb. I already own Ruggs III and Jeudy but really want Lamb. He's a tough get.
  9. Don't know if you saw this but I just did so thought I'd post it for you.
  10. Matt Rhule says CMC is a "possibility" for Thursday. But he also hasn't been activated from IR yet.
  11. I know it depends on rosters and such, but what are some realistic RB options to trade Lamar for? Apologies if this isn't the right spot for this but I thought since it's more general, it would work.