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  1. Yikes. McCoy? Maybe he gets a couple of receiving TDs with some big yardage? That's tough man.
  2. I've got him rostered everywhere in redraft and hoping for his shot to come!
  3. Between his tweet (or whatever it was) about being back soon, as well as the full practice, I guess at this point I'd be shocked if he didn't play.
  4. I was the one who received Singletary and I feel great knowing how valuable RBs can be. I found a guy desperate for a receiver. I would do that trade you mentioned if that guy goes for it.
  5. Hate that! Take a chance. I get this is for money most times, and depending on the amount of money I get it. But this is also meant to be fun. Spice things up!
  6. There is one week that due to byes I may need to play both Gore and Singletary. Could be a worse matchup for that.
  7. I wouldn't be shocked by this. Foster has been forgotten about here in Buffalo for whatever reason. All of this uncertainty is making me steer clear.
  8. There you go then! I was going by the bills depth chart, didn't really give it a thought that he'd play the slot.
  9. Duke Williams should play the outside with Brown and Beasley is the slot guy still.
  10. Just saw it too. Huge addition. Wonder the compensation.
  11. It crossed my mind. My issue was it left me dangerously thin @ WR. I haven't declined yet.