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  1. Is this back to normal yet? Like can we just get back to arguing about whether this guy will get the ball enough to be a top receiver?
  2. I'd probably move AB for the 3rd. Not saying JJAW is going to turn into something or not, but I think there's so many questions with AB. Will he sign? When? Where? Does he get put on the exempt list? Does he get suspended? Not he get nutty again and not play much?
  3. What do you guys think Mark Ingram is worth? I'd imagine he'd have to to traded to a win now team who needs a RB.
  4. I thought it was a good swap for me. I got Barkley. I'm not as high in Diontae Johnson as some so I didn't mind throwing him in. I think Barkley and CMC are in a tier by themselves so t was with the tier jump for me.
  5. I love the player. Love that he is able to line up in multiple spots. He'd be lacking targets but may get a few carries in the running game. Worth a stash to see what happens.
  6. 12 team 15 keepers PPR Saquon Barkley & Keenan Allen For Ezekiel Elliott, Calvin Ridley & Diontae Johnson.
  7. Still looks small. Must be the gray shirt he's wearing.
  8. I know he was serious. It was humorous to hear it so straight forward. Usually there's more of a talk with it.
  9. What's going on here? Is he a decent pick at the end of a dynasty startup? I know it's crazy crowded in this backfield.
  10. Well he always seems linked to the team of the players he worked out with... I seriously doubt he goes to Buffalo.
  11. I got him in the last few rounds of a dynasty startup that ended a few days ago.
  12. What did you trade him away for? Just curious as I'm looking for a possibly cheap receiver and he was a name I looked at.