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  1. I don't see all 3 babyfaces winning the title at Mania, so my question to you lot is... Between Seth, Becky and Kofi, who wins titles at Mania? I see Becky with the best odds of winning the title and sadly Kofi with the worst odds.
  2. I apologise if I did something wrong and I'll bow out of this discussion. But for the record my name was specifically mentioned, which is why I felt the need to address it. I'll be in the pro wrestling thread if you need me, BROTHER!
  3. Got it! So do not post in any political threads until an arbitrary amount of time has past. We're good now.
  4. Can you define "troll-like" behavior? Just curious. Edit: sorry your definition was too light to read on my phone, just saw it.
  5. I'm not an alias, have been here for sometime now, just rarely posted. HTH
  6. My theory as to why Charlotte won the title, is to make her look "strong" after taking the loss at mania. She'll still have heat from being given title shots even after losing for the majority of the year. Which would take away from Becky's win because the real payoff is Becky tapping Ronda out.
  7. I don't think Trump has been that bad as president. The economy has been doing well enough under his tenure. All the circus aside, I wouldn't mind 4 more years. Plus SNL has actually been funny since he took office, so there's that.
  8. Didn't vote for him in 2016, but will probably vote for him in 2020. I don't see the Dems putting their backing behind Bernie Sanders, who I could see beating Trump in the general election.
  9. Haven't posted here in a looooong time. I think I remember why. But seriously folks, are lefties looking around like what has happened to us? And here I thought right-wingers got triggered when Obama was elected. Left-wingers are like "hold my beer."
  10. I just won the Stanley Cup in NHL '94 with the Hartford Whalers. It took most of the morning but I finally did it!!