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  1. also im wondering if wilson/carson + the best 2 chargers and eagles is enough for me to advance past this week. i would think it should be, no?
  2. i was definitely wondering if 'hope-theres-no-first-week-cuts' was a legit strategy.
  3. ok thanks. yeah youre right you can click on wk14 then theres a link to wk 13 content. ill just do that from now on.
  4. not sure where to post this (looked around for a while on the site, couldnt come up with anything). mods feel free to move wherever the correct spot is. anyway... im probably the only one who feels this way but every monday i come back to the homepage either for mnf projections or to reread/review some articles from the week. the current week season long landing page is NEVER easily accessible on the front page. sometimes itll be down below. last week it was. this week it isnt (however wk 11 and 12 are. because...???). i would kinda understand this on tuesday but the current weeks games arent even finished. am i missing something here? today i looked around for 5 minutes for wk 13 projections before i just gave up. perhaps theres a link i dont currently see or a simple way to find this that im not aware of that somebody could clue me into? tia.
  5. so to recap godwins night: fumble 2 td drops insane heads up play for a long td that didnt count 20 yard sick catch and run on 3rd and 18 awesome td catch did i miss anything??
  6. lol godwin has made like all the best and worst plays of this game.
  7. if quizguy gets eliminated whos gonna update us on his team at halftime of the 1pm games every week with posts like 152.45 + (Rivers/Stafford - 23.95) + (Freeman/Kelly/Zeke/McCaffrey - 6.90/10.10/13.10/33.70) + (M Jones/Gallup/Chad Williams - 10.10/13.10/13.50/19.60) + (Burton/Seals-Jones/Vannett - 5.80/10.10/13.10) + (Butker - 9.80) + (Jets/Raiders - 16) say it aint so!
  8. yeah thats why you should have paid up for zuerlein. oh wait.
  9. gonna advance but how long will i stay alive with no rbs or wrs?
  10. ill prob advance but awful start. nothing from my rbs or non-lockett wrs. wow this sucks. luckily colts TE combo kept me alive. #feelsbadman.
  11. yeah absolutely. bell:gurley is not apples to apples. gurley is much younger (in rb years), healthier and has no off-the-field concerns. also the rams have a qb on a rookie contract still so they can afford the cap hit easier and are also at the start of their super bowl window as opposed to the end of it. for all these reasons it makes much more sense for the rams to lock him up now. where there is an apt comparison i think is the part where he mentioned stringing them out with franchise tags. but you cant really blame the steelers for being smart with this. its the way the system is designed. rb is the least important position on the field and they guys have such a short shelf life that this approach (with a rb on a rookie contract who drastically outperforms projections, that is) makes a hell of a lot of sense.
  12. found another player that calcomatic doesnt have registered yet: mike wallace. its not giving him credit for his points.