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  1. yeah i did the same and have roughly the same team as you. i feel like this year lent itself very well to a big roster with a bunch of the 'backup' rbs and cheap QB/TE on it.
  2. wow ive got 8 of the top like 12 owned players. nsi good or bad.
  3. ftr i was talking about zay jones (sorry for the derail) when i said "nobody said hes on his way to stardom".
  4. yeah this is pretty much perfectly drafted. exactly how you should try to win the big money.
  5. nice strawman. nobody claimed hes "on his way to stardom". i was just responding to your quote that hes not rosterable in redraft or dynasty, which is pretty clearly wrong. maybe he ends up being nothing. heck, probably he ends up being nothing. but hes a high draft pick entering his 3rd year in the league with a 2nd year rocket-armed QB who had some good production to close out last season. probably not a player who should just be dismissed at this point.
  6. idk anything about dynasty leagues, but 30 players went ahead of henderson in a rookie only draft???
  7. yeah why would a young, improving player who was a 2nd rd draft pick and a top 10 WR from week 13 on last year be draftable?? nothing to see here.
  8. your QB strat is interesting. it seems to vary between 'waste too many early picks' and 'wait too long to get a decent backup' i think the middle one is my favorite. but man, had you just taken like carr or darnold in the 16th instead of eli id like it so much more. also i love your strategy of taking a stand on guice. keep grabbing him in the 7th in all of these that you do. if youre right, you have potentially a top10 RB on all your teams and put yourself in a great position to have a shot at the big prize money. this is the type of strategy adjustment i think you need in this contest to fully maximize your chance at hitting a big prize.
  9. i think this is very good. please stop taking a 3rd TE if you already have kelce. there was no 18th rd RB that you could have picked at all??
  10. i mostly like it but 3rd TE over 6th RB seems pretty bad. especially bc you already have kelce.
  11. i think 3 TE is not optimal at all. i think you need every one of those late round draft picks for RB dart throws. so in your case that last pick ian thomas is almost never ever doing anything for you. whereas a last round pollard/mattison/edwards/etc. could potentially win your league or help in the playoffs. youre looking for ceiling in these things, not floor.