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  1. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Coaching doesn't matter.
  2. thought i wandered into an onslaught thread for a minute
  3. kupcho1

    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    I can't be the only one fast forwarding through Lombardi's podcast to get to the Dantasy segment, can I? Lombardi is just terrible. And sidekick Tate isn't helping the situation. (BTW, if you hate your liver, try drinking every time Tate says "absolutely" during a podcast. Grating. "Absolutely" his go-to word whenever he's clearly not paying attention to whatever Lombardi is droning on about, and thinking about what he wants to say next.)
  4. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Interesting. Average CEO tenure is around 5 years now. CEO needs to deliver results. And despite having great talent and bringing it in on a consistent basis, the results just haven't been there yet.
  5. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Five reasons why Penn State coach James Franklin is the worst tl;dr #3 doesn't belong on this list. Belongs on the list of why Franklin is the best. That said, #1 is pathetic (did not hear about it at the time, but tbh I tuned out after the loss for a while). #5 is pretty creepy. #2 was classless (I was actually at the game and could not believe he did that) and #4 may be hypocritical, but also have to factor in he's now at a school recruits will flip to rather than away from.
  6. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    😵 Uh .. ok. Seems to me that coaching is a relatively large part of the job. They even put 'coach' right there in the job title.
  7. Should have gone the Beatles vs. the Rutles. No idea who Genisis is.
  8. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    I don’t recall Franklin’s earlier recruiting classes being as hyped as the last few
  9. kupcho1

    House of Cards on Netflix

    None of the US seasons can touch the Brit version. Now that one ended perfectly.
  10. Davis Punkins was terrible. Relevancy?
  11. kupcho1

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Well there's your answer; let's get Joe Moorhead for Head Coach.