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  1. When you're talking about a two person keeper, you don't really need to be looking at things in Dynasty terms. Yes, you'll want to hang on to a guy that is a big value next season, but with only two keepers, you're pretty much in a redraft. Players like Case Keenum aren't going to show up as guys that you should target because they pretty much come out of nowhere. He was the third string QB, and even in relatively deep dynasty leagues, he was just a waiver wire guy. If you're consistently getting beat by 1-2 weeks on the big acquisitions, it sounds like you're living a bit too much in the post-breakout sector. That means that rather than grabbing Andre Ellington when he was getting more and more looks each week, you waited to try to grab him after his big breakout game, and by that time someone else already had him. As great as the FBG's upgrade/downgrade report is, most of the players that they are proclaiming as the big pickups are already owned in larger or more competitive leagues. The ones you need to be identifying are those guys who are starting to see a change in their role ( through increased touches, better production, etc.). The upgrade/downgrade report can be a big help, but be willing to look a little beyond the obvious top guys. Also, look at the target and redzone details. See a guy who is getting a lot more targets over the past two weeks than he has all season? He's your guy. See a guy who has 6 redzone targets over the past two weeks? He's your guy as well. Boom now thats great information. Thank you. So looking at the red zone targets is a great place to shop for future talent then? Sounds good. I just don't know where they other 15 guys get their info because a lot of times it pays off. I know I"m looking in the wrong places. Is there an article that actually tries to do this already? That says "hey look at these guys increasing their load and prime to be worth picking up?" One that goes through those targets already?
  2. Do we have dynasty rankings? never seen those.
  3. Hey guys I'm in a 16 team league that is cut throat and brutal. It's also a keeper league where you can keep 2 players each year but they count as an advanced draft pick. (so if he was a 6th round pick this year, next year he will be your 5th round pick if you want to keep him.) Anyway I currently look at the dynasty news and the Offensive Upgrades / Waiver Report nand a few other things in the weekly content but where do you look for the information that says "here are the next big 5 players to watch that if they get an opportunity could be great?" For example like Keenum - I don't remember anyone saying he's a huge talent in the articles etc. OR if its in the upgrade downgrade article there are sooooo many people listed that everything is overload. Is there anything in the subscriber content that says "hey look for these next few guys to get a big opportunity coming" etc? It seems like by the time I go to add someone they've been added 2 weeks earlier in our league. We start 7 people and only have 5 spots on the bench, so its not like people are just hoarding players. Look forward to your input, thanks guys.