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  1. Link to the cheesecake discussion please.. I must have missed it and now need to get indignant on one of the two of you
  2. No way any of us believe you do this if you don't even shower daily.
  3. Ugh, yeah, hope they get it fixed quick
  4. Or you look at it as them giving you 500 free additional channels - now if only it included HBO and the other pay channels
  5. Just checked on an Apple TV and I also have a ton of CBS local channels and it looks like a few other channels are duplicated (notice A&E for example at the top of my guide was duplicated, showing different shows, so likely an East coast and a West coast feed)
  6. I went ahead and ordered it, figure they are very good with returns if it ends up not working for what we need - I hadn't considered that we have the trim around a lot of the doors, etc., but some researching showed that there are ways to work around this.
  7. Thanks for the input. Couple questions that I just want to clear up for my research: From what I see, there are 3 modes - disarmed, Home and Away. Can you give some insight on those. I am guessing that I'd use disarmed during the day when I am home working and the kids could be in and out, etc. - does it give a chime when a door is opened? I am assuming Home is for when we are home and settled in for the night? And Away is for when we are not home at all. Does it work "Home" and even "Away" if I want to leave a few windows open? How is the app? I had read some reviews that said the interface was a bit iffy as far as arming/disarming from the app as opposed to the keypad, curious to your experience. In regards to monitoring, am I correct that if I am disarmed, they basically are not going to be checking on every time a door is opened, if I am "Home" they will call if a door is opened but the passcode is not entered in time? Just trying to determine if the monitoring is worth it for us, and what it truly entails. Like you, I would also likely add smoke/CO sensors as well down the road. I've had to replace a few in our house recently as the ones we have from First Alert generally last about 7-8 years before the power supply goes bad, eventually will replace all with the smarter Smoke/CO2 sensors. I think for the $200 deal for the basic kit I am inclined to go for it, just trying to clear up some details before making the plunge.
  8. Anyone using the Ring Alarm system. I already have Ring cameras (doorbell, over garage and in backyard), and with the Prime Day deal, they have a 14 unit option for $199 which includes the main base and a range extender, 2 motion detectors, 2 keypads and 8 sensors for doors/windows. Additional sensors are $20. I'm not necessarily looking for anything to be monitored (though Ring has a $10/month monitoring option), just want notifications for doors being opened and windows, etc. usually to track for when the kids are coming/going and to make sure nothing was left open. Curious as to any first hand experience with it.
  9. When you shower, you need to dry between the folds....... (you deserve that for taunting me last night when you caught up in AFL to beat me for the week)
  10. Finally got a chance last night to do the tasting with the friend of mine (our schedules were both insane so it took a while to get them to align). I'll compile our notes and get them submitted hopefully tonight. I was a little surprised that he and I had very similar rankings with only a few minor differences (ie the one I had 5th he had 6th, my 6th was his 5th). Thank you again @[icon]for doing this.
  11. I know it's not quite apples to apples, but when New Zealand had a couple recent cases, their contact tracing was detailed enough that they were able to identify a trash can lid and an elevator button as the likely sources of transmission. As you said, I'd think that even with the limitations in our own contact tracing there would be more information available. Link to article
  12. Mandalorian Season 2 starts at end of the month