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  1. Theoretically you could set up a PivotTable to display this data - just set the state field as a Report Filter, then when a user selects the state the PivotTable would update to display only those records - you can easily set it up to display whichever fields you need to. Not as "tech savvy" as going VBA, but is one way that could work in a pinch. Or, and probably better, if your data is set up as a table, you could set up slicers to filter the data table. Link to Microsoft article on this Another link on setting up table slicers
  2. Depends what you are trying to automate, but if it's just getting charts or tables to automatically update based on a change in Excel, you can build the object in Excel then paste it as a link to Powerpoint. Now the Powerpoint object is linked to the one in Excel, so changes in Excel will be reflected in Powerpoint. If this is something you will be distributing, you'll probably want to change the links to manually update so that users do not get the "Can't find linked file" popup when opening the file, or you'll want to convert the Powerpoint to PDF after updating. If it's something more than that, would need to know the specifics.
  3. Any better deals on HBO? It seems it rarely goes on sale through cord cutting options - I see that Hulu had a deal last year around April where you could get it for $5/month for 6 months then it went back to $15/month, which seems to be the standard. I've got Amazon Prime and Hulu, just curious if anyone had found a cheaper way to get it than the $15/month as an add-on to those services.
  4. You should also be able to just do a PivotTable and group the date/time field by day. Then you can easily count the transactions by day (or month, or year, etc., whatever date based grouping you want) and also sum the transaction amounts to get the total dollars by day (or month, or year)
  5. Too many to recall in college days, but just last Friday was visiting my parents and went to get food for the family (my family with 3 boys, my brothers family and his two boys and my parents). Did a run to In N Out and Chick Fil A as could not get a consensus and they are close to one another. Something joyful in hearing the In N Out employee have to holler out 17 meat down (followed by looks of horror from the other patrons as I was solo). And as I had not eaten at all that day, I ended up consuming a Double-Double, 2 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Large Fries and a Chocolate Shake and still felt as if I could have ate more. I was not uncomfortably full and only had minimal shame. Monday morning before flying back , breakfast for the family (including my nephews, so 5 boys between the ages of 7 and 14) consisted of 10 Chick Fil A breakfast burritos and a 40 pack party tray of the Chik N Mini breakfast biscuits. There were no left overs, and I only had a half burrito and 2 chik n minis. The consumption power of 5 growing boys is amazing and expensive.
  6. I don't unfortunately - always been on the coach side of things. is their contact address for pricing though.
  7. Tourney Machine - most of the groups that run tourneys around here either use Tourney Machine for their scheduling or use an app through Exposure Events. This is for basketball tournaments but same concept, though most do a 3 game guarantee where it's 2 pool games on Saturday then bracket play on Sunday
  8. Anyone here fairly proficient in PowerBI? In particular, I'm looking at how to modify a visualization, but everything I am finding seems to indicate it is fairly complex requiring Java, etc. In particular, I have a gauge chart that I pulled off of the Microsoft site that let's you put in three thresholds - i.e. a red, yellow, green status with the gauge. What I'm trying to do is add in a 4th level, and as I am not a programmer by trade am running into a lot of difficulty trying to modify/customize the visualizations in PowerBI. Anyone here that has created their own visualizations?
  9. Simple solution if you can't decide is the Brookie - it's layer of brownie with a layer of CCC.
  10. I've been thinking about getting one of the Beef Tenderloins that Costco sells - already peeled so I don't have to butcher it too much. What are some ideas on how to prepare that other than cutting it into steaks (can do filet mignon anytime)? I've thought about doing sous vide to medium rare than searing it and slicing thin, but curious as to options just on the grill. I've only got a gas Weber, but can set it up with the smoke box if that's one way to go.
  11. That's why "Center Across Selection" is your friend. Essentially the same display without the formatting issues from merging.
  12. And we are done-- Canceled all Uverse service, just have to return the equipment which I'll do tonight or tomorrow. Went with Spectrum 400MB plan - $65/month - speed test shows that it's coming into the house at over 450MB Got an Obi200 that I've setup with Google voice as the wife wanted to keep the home line - this involved porting the number from A&T to a T-Mobile account, and then to Google Voice. Right around $30 and a little time for that process. Already had Netflix and Amazon Prime - have added Hulu live - so far so good, but with the number of people in our house at the moment, I may have to upgrade to the unlimited streams plan, at least for the short term. Now I just wonder why I did not do this sooner. Saving over $100/month which will pay off the extra equipment I bout in short order (2 Apple TVs and the Obi200)
  13. So, Spectrum coming on Friday to do the setup for Internet - getting the 400MB Internet. Safe to go with their modem (have been told with the 400MB theirs is ok)? If not, what modem and router do those of you that have done this suggest?
  14. Saw that but currently using Hulu Live which has DVR capabilities, gives me most of the local stations and also most cable stations I'm interested in. Update on me - have made the switch to an Obi200 for the phone - ported number from Uverse to T-Mobile to Google Voice. As am in the process of switching internet providers, have not completed setup of the Obi200. Only reason I had to port numbers etc. or even set up home service is because it makes my wife more comfortable as there can be spotty cell service at our house, and as we've had the number forever she wanted to keep it. Minor additional cost to port the number, but happy wife, happy life. Going to Spectrum for Internet - tech comes next Friday so hopefully everything goes smoothly Tested Hulu Live and it was simple enough and enjoyed it that I kept it so far past the free trial. Once we are fully set up (ie Uverse totally out, new internet up, etc.) I will search through the extra options that they have (I think I can get by with the 3 streams, but as we temporarily have additional family staying with us, I may pony up for the unlimited streams short term) I'll go a bit rogue, but as my parents still have Uverse and the full package, I'll leverage their login to get HBO, Showtime, etc. as long as they have it. Already have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Do not have enough hours in the day to keep up with all the shows I would like. Complicating factor - a little over 5 years ago we had a fire in our house - had to be totally gutted, etc. Took advantage of that to wire the entire house with Cat5/Cat6, etc., speakers, et. al. Friend of ours owns a high end A/V company and hooked us up with a good deal on a whole home system that is way more than we needed, and quite frankly is too expensive for us to realistically maintain. But as everything is wired through it, need to keep at least a barebones system in place to leverage the surround sound in the living room and master bedroom and be able to play music throughout the house when we want to. So have their tech coming out same time as Spectrum to convert everything over to the new internet/wifi. I can't say I totally regret not just wiring each room independently, but if I had rather than centralizing through the system that really needs a professional to make updates/changes to programatically, the whole change over would be a lot easier.
  15. Have your husband poop in her yard, that'll teach her.