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  1. I think playing her one half per game is about right. If she has really embraced it, give her that opportunity. If you can get 2 or 3 other girls to be willing to give it a go, have them play the other half game (ie one girl plays the half in a game, then a different girl the next game, etc.) For reference, my now 9 year old that I mentioned above, as an 8 year old last season usually played half a game at goalie, then for the other half was part of the field rotation, usually playing one of the defender spots (he's just more naturally inclined to be a defensive player). This year he moved up to the club level and the plan going in was for him to play a similar split - however the other kid that would play goalie broke his thumb at the beginning of summer so my 9 year old is now essentially the full time goalie for our regular season. He still practices all of the field stuff and will get back to playing in the field after our regular season, but it's working for the team for now and he is loving it.
  2. Good thought.... thanks for the idea. I can present it this way for when they are playing out back.
  3. Tons of good info here. Any good links or resources for goalies? My 9 year old has truly fallen in love with playing goalie, so I am trying to make sure I am encouraging the right habits, and as he is constantly asking me to help him practice more, I want to be sure I am teaching the right stuff. Through our team, in addition to the usual team practices we have, he can attend two goalie training sessions per week which are led by a coach that is/was the goalie trainer for several local high schools colleges. He's given me a few things to keep encouraging as there is only so much that 2 hours a week will get, and his focus is on fundamentals (footwork, positioning, hand positioning, how to dive properly, etc). He also recommended videos from the St. Louis Goalkeeping Academy, though he said much of their stuff is a bit too advanced for him now, it will give an idea of the things to be doing. I've spent time looking at their site/videos as well as some other youtube videos (Keepernation and a few others seem to be highly rated and good) and have bought myself two goalkeeping books to read so I can be a better resource for my kid. As a dad, it is awesome seeing your kid really have a passion for something (for my older son, it is basketball, but I have a background there and can coach him, not so much with being a goalkeeper), and I want to do what I can to help keep that going for him.
  4. There's ways to do it where you can set up a table with the ranges and percentages, so that if these things change over time or are different by rep you can more easily change/customize them, but in a pinch the nested IF formula should work.
  5. Lots of good advice here. I've got 3 boys - 11, 9 and 5 and while there are times that they get along amazingly, which are the moments I cherish, there are times that they are like cats and dogs. Regarding the discipline, you need to find something that works for them - Yelling is not the way (and I am very guilty of this), so finding the punishment that actually affects them is. Not physical, but something like take away all electronics, or having friends over, etc. Easier said than done, but find a chore or activity that will require them to work together as a team, and until they accomplish that without arguing, they don't get X back.... whether that is an electronic, video games, able to watch a favorite TV show, etc. And sometimes, you can do nothing more than separate them - put them in separate rooms and no interaction until they can both be nice to one another.
  6. A few prunes usually does the trick.
  7. I'm a fan of the Bath Sheets at Costco - they are a bit larger than normal bath towels, I find that they dry very well, soft enough without being too soft where it feels like it is just pushing moisture around and not doing anything. They usually have them in about 4 colors. I believe this is the item, although it is cheaper in the stores, as the website indicates, as they sell them individually, not as pairs. IIRC, usually about $10 each in the store.
  8. Why not both? Best way to resolve a cat fight is with some munching.
  9. Make sure that your date fields are formatted as dates in Excel. If they aren't, Word can have some trouble picking up that they are dates and will display them as numbers. See if you are lucky and the solution is as simple as that.
  10. If you build the If statement to return something such as "Not a Holiday" instead of the null value, will your WORKDAY formula work correctly? Another work around would be to conditionally format the row that your IF statement is in so that if it returns 1/1/1904 (which I believe is the 0 value for date fields), the font is the same color as the cell fill so it appears blank, thus not displaying a value that confuses your coworkers. Did some googling and it appears there is no way for Excel to return a truly empty cell as the result of a formula, as it does have the formula in there.
  11. Instead of " " just put in "" So the formula reads =IF(expression you are checking, "return this if true, "") If the expression works out to be not true, you get a blank cell returned. If that does not work, or if I am misunderstanding the question, perhaps you could use the ISERROR() function of the ISBLANK(). I use this a lot, especially with VLOOKUP or MATCH. Basically the formula structures as follows =IF(ISERROR(Your statement to check),"Value to return if it is an error", "Value to return if it is not")) if checking for blank cells, then use ISBLANK in lieu of ISERROR
  12. This would be my suggestion as well. I primarily have used mail merge for creating mailing labels, but I don't see why you couldn't create a 4x6 layout with the fields you need and essentially get the same thing you are looking for. The non-Excel way would be to use Access to do this, but that would be a bit more complicated than I think you need.
  13. I do this now that it is available at my work. My contributions are into the Roth, by law the matching that I get is traditional, so I get some built in tax diversification there and am able to grow the amount of funds in a Roth account faster that I can with just a Roth IRA. For me the Roth 401K just became an option last year, so my 401K is still heavily traditional, but slowly but surely the Roth side is catching up in value.
  14. FYI for anyone in the market, Weber is apparently updating their Spirit and Genesis lines in 2017, so the current models are currently $100 off. Buying a Genesis EP-330 tonight on my way home from work as I have been without a grill for the last 5-6 months ever since my Charbroil model rusted out after about 3 years. Been wanting to go back to a Weber so I had decided to make the plunge a few weeks ago, but had put off while trying to find out if there would be any offers around Labor Day (Ace hardware gave a $100 gift card around memorial day), but with the $100 off right now I'm making the plunge. Ads say the $100 off price is good through November or while supplies last. I would guess you could get an even sweeter deal once the 2017 models come in and they are really trying to move out any remaining older models.
  15. Careful, it's a sleight of hind trick...... while you are distracted enjoying the brown dots, she's busy buying multiple houses with her dad.