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  1. Meh - it's the same style offense they used last year when they were the #1 team in the nation, and the same type of rotation (only 6, maybe 7 players playing regardless of score). They were #1 in the nation again this year until losing at the Nike Showcase this past Saturday against another top 5 or so nationally ranked team.
  2. I've got an Epson WF-3640 - the scanning is fine, but I've had nothing but issues with the printing/copying as the ink clogs all the time. I've read it is unfortunately a fairly common issue for what seems like an otherwise decent machine for the $100-125 price point (I think Costco often has it discounted to under $100 - tempted to buy a new one and return the old one). I don't need to do a ton of printing, most of it is for kids school projects or things my wife needs for PTA stuff, I actually tend to use the scanner and copier features more, so when I finally decide to chuck this out the window, will be interested to follow this thread to see what fits that bill.
  3. I do the same thing, only longer cook time (closer to 10-11 minutes), for hard boiled eggs. Put them in an ice bath then into the fridge. Pull them out when I want one. When done right, they are perfectly cooked and super easy to peel out of the fridge. Will have to work on the soft boiled - my kids really like fried or over easy on toast, or when I make them a breakfast sandwich but with an overeasy egg so the yolk runs through the sandwich.
  4. Up about $36/month compared to last year - covering me and family
  5. Would have preferred better casting
  6. Do they offer $1 shots with purchase of a beer like they did at John Wayne?
  7. I think they make pills that can help with that.
  8. So, just what was she planning on having you do with that account number?
  9. 5 out motion, basic pass and cut. Easy drill that I use to help teach it is to set up cones in roughly a circle shape, say 8-10 feet apart. 1 cone more than kids in the drill (i.e., with 4 kids, have 5 cones) Each kid goes to a cone, 1 ball. teach them to make a strong pass, then cut to the open cone, Next kid passes and cuts to he cone that is now open. Rinse and repeat. I am doing this with my 3rd/4th grade team (8 and 9 year olds) and I am also doing it in practice with my younger kids (1st/2nd graders, though I have 3 kindergarteners on the team). They key is to let them know that they should be moving at all times, trying to move towards the basket, and moving to where the defense isn't. My oldest team (6th graders) still does a variation of this with more of a dribble-drive approach, but it is still a lot of pass, cut and replace.
  10. If you somehow sold the Hyundai, fronted what was needed to cover the delta on the loan, let's call it $5K from what you have said, how long do you think the Honda with 220K miles on it will last? How much in repair bills are you willing to put in to the Honda before deciding it is actually cheaper to replace it? When you do replace it, how much would you be paying for the replacement car, what type of car (how old, mileage, etc.)? At this point, if you actually look at the variables, you may well be a lot better off just keeping the Hyundai and planning to drive it until it hits the 200K mark. If you have the $5K to throw at the difference as implied in the earlier posts, why not look to refinance the Hyundai if you can find more favorable terms, use the $5K to bring down the balance owed and have what should be, in theory, a much more reliable vehicle for your daughter for a much longer time.
  11. Definitely worthwhile. Our local league requires the head coach to have at least a D I believe to coach at what we call the Signature level (basically a step below club, more an advanced rec that plays against other local leagues signature teams) and they require I think the C to coach within the club level. I got the F a few years back as they also required everyone to take the basic class to head coach the rec teams. Only took up a few hours on a Saturday morning (was before it was offered online) and I thought it was well worth it as a relative soccer newbie.
  12. Not universally implemented yet in the leagues around here - they do not have it yet in CSL (one of the Southern California club leagues), though they are enforcing the no headers rule (well, most of the refs are). Some of the other club leagues are enforcing the build out rule. Not sure what they are doing in the rec level, as my son that age is only 5, so no goalies, etc., but I'm pretty sure it will be implemented by next season if they are not already doing it this year.
  13. My 11 year olds basketball team did a fun pregame chant that was just the kids - they;d all circle around one player who would lead themand build up to a loud Comanches (the team name) chant. The kids really liked it and got fired up with it. For soccer (which has a number of the same kids on the team) they do a team chant before the game. I also really like when after high fiving the opponent after the game, having the team line up and clap and thank the opposing team's parents for coming to the game then come back to our side and do the high fives. Some teams at both my 11 and 9 year old levels do this and I think it is a very nice gesture.
  14. I think playing her one half per game is about right. If she has really embraced it, give her that opportunity. If you can get 2 or 3 other girls to be willing to give it a go, have them play the other half game (ie one girl plays the half in a game, then a different girl the next game, etc.) For reference, my now 9 year old that I mentioned above, as an 8 year old last season usually played half a game at goalie, then for the other half was part of the field rotation, usually playing one of the defender spots (he's just more naturally inclined to be a defensive player). This year he moved up to the club level and the plan going in was for him to play a similar split - however the other kid that would play goalie broke his thumb at the beginning of summer so my 9 year old is now essentially the full time goalie for our regular season. He still practices all of the field stuff and will get back to playing in the field after our regular season, but it's working for the team for now and he is loving it.