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  1. Did we ever determine who the "winner" was? Just trying to determine if I should be sending money to a charity of someone's choice. Will we be setting up a Q1 2018, Blast the Holiday Weight Gain Away competition? To hold me accountable to myself, still weighing in each Sunday morning. Last week I was at 240.8. I will gain this week, not on purpose but because a toe injury (not an excuse, but today is the first day that I can put any sort of pressure on it) and kid's activities have limited my activity. Keeping diet in check, and weighed myself this Am and am back in the 245-246 range, though the funny thing is I feel like I still look a bit leaner. Hoping this toe injury heals quickly. I joined a men's basketball league, so would hate to miss any games because of it. Previously I shared my cottage cheese dessert concoction that the kids even liked - essentially cottage cheese with PB&J mixed in and optional berries...or in the case of my kids, add some chocolate chips. I've got a new one that I just started trying that is amazing. Basically call it Protein Pudding for lack of any creativity on my part but it is basically Plain Greek Yogurt mixed with Protein Powder. I'm sure there are countless other recipes, but so far I have tried the Yogurt with a Birthday Cake flavored protein powder (surprisingly good and the kids even liked it), with chocolate protein powder (once stirred in very similar consistency to chocolate pudding) and then, when trying to get fats into my diet, I have tried it with the chocolate protein powder and peanut butter... to die for. Good way to get a lot of high quality protein and healthy fats into the diet.
  2. While I think a professional cleaning service is the way to go for sure, couple of other things from past experience: 1. When you can, try to keep windows open as much as possible to create cross breeze and "air out" the house. I know still a ton of smoke in the air, so can't do this right away, but certainly worth it. 2. Replace any air filters you have. If you have A/C, try running it for a while to sort of cycle the air in the house and get it running through the filter. None of that will get the results of a thorough deep cleaning, and depending on how bad it is you may need to do multiple cleanings, but they will help incrementally. Glad your house came through relatively unscathed.
  3. They usually aren't made/announced until Thursday following the games.
  4. Thoughts and prayers for all - shortly after making my post yesterday about my brother and mom, I got the call that my kids school was being evacuated because of the fire down here in Anaheim Hills aka Canyon Fire 2. We were evacuated but, barring a major shift in winds, are safe. It got to less than a half mile from our house. Many friends, both down here and in Sonoma County we're not so lucky, and we are still trying to contact one elderly family friend who lived in one of the hardest hit parts of Santa Rosa. Hard day for my mom as both her kids, who live 400 miles apart, were evacuated for fires and then she was about to be evacuated, but fortunately it did not happen. Having lost our house a little over 4 years ago to a fire, I at least felt a little prepared for what to grab, what to leave, etc. Quint and others affected, please do not hesitate to let us know what you need.
  5. My brother and his family in Santa Rosa evacuated to my parents house in Rohnert Park early this morning, and I just got the call that they are being evacuated from their now. My dad is in England right now helping with his mother who is in her 90s, so just my mom there.
  6. @AAABatteries I'm not surprised by the flat week - two straight weeks of good losses and I kind of expected it based on how this has been going. We go to Florida in 6 weeks for Thanksgiving..... My goal is to be at at least 235 for the start of that trip (and not be back to 250 when we come back). This week is shaping up to be busy for me, so not sure I will get into the gym as much as I would like to, but for week's like this, I try to get extra walking in during my kids practices - for example, tonight we have a practice from 7-8:30 and since I don't coach that team, I will try and make a point to get laps in around the playground rather than socializing with other parents or running errands. Maybe even bring the jump rope and try and do that a bit (I suck at jumping rope, but want to try add it in as a simple way to work up a good sweat and get some cardio in that isn't just walking/jogging when I'm not playing basketball) Phase 3 Week 13 Week 12 Starting Weight: 244.5 Current Weight: 244.8 Week Lost: +0.3 Phase 3 Starting Weight: 267.6 (from July 2 weigh in) Current Weight: 244.8 Phase 3 Lost: -22.8 Phase 3 % Lost: -8.5% Overall Starting Weight (from April 16): 300.1 Current Weight: 244.8 Total Lost: 55.3 Total % Lost: 18.4%
  7. @AAABatteries Busted through the 250s with an unexpected big week, dropping almost 6 pounds. If it wasn't for a friend's 40th birthday party it could have been more, but after the beers and whiskey, we ended up at a local restaurant and I caved and gave in to the craving for their BLT with Avocado which comes on a toasted parmesan sourdough bread with their warm potato salad as a side. Was worth it. Then last night had told my boys I'd make them Steak and Eggs, sort of morphed into Carne Asada, Eggs and Pancakes. Was delicious and looking forward to the left over asada tonight, if the kids don't eat it all after school. Back to being stricter on the diet for the rest of the week, would love to see if I can extend this streak of losing 2+ pounds a week another week, as for the last few months the trend had been to stagnate for 2-3 weeks then have a big drop. Phase 3 Week 12 Week 12 Starting Weight: 250.3 Current Weight: 244.5 Week Lost: 5.8 Phase 3 Starting Weight: 267.6 (from July 2 weigh in) Current Weight: 244.5 Phase 3 Lost: -23.1 Phase 3 % Lost: -8.6% Overall Starting Weight (from April 16): 300.1 Current Weight: 244.5 Total Lost: 55.6 Total % Lost: 18.5%
  8. In your particular case, why not split the difference - put $250/month towards your mortgage and $250/month across the other savings devices. Essentially diversify your savings vehicles here by simultaneously reducing debt and increasing savings elsewhere.
  9. @AAABatteries Lost the Vegas weight - I made the mistake of seeing where I was at weight wise when I got home from a really good workout on Saturday and while I was ecstatic to be under 250, I knew it would be fleeting once I rehydrated. Still, I am just about at the 50 pounds total lost mark - I will make that happen this week. Kids are back into full on soccer season mode, so my weekend availability when I was usually able to get in my more intense workouts is a bit more limited, so need to make the midweek workouts work, and with practice schedules changing a bit, I may be able to find some time to go on walks while the kids practice to get a little extra in. Feel good though - took the puppy for a run at half time of my kids soccer game and was able to keep a good clip going for a couple of laps - results being noticed by friends I don't see all the time. All very encouraging and making me want to stay focused and determined. Phase 3 Week 11 Week 10 Starting Weight: 254.2 Current Weight: 250.3 Week Lost: 3.9 Phase 3 Starting Weight: 267.6 (from July 2 weigh in) Current Weight: 250.3 Phase 3 Lost: -17.3 Phase 3 % Lost: -6.5% Overall Starting Weight (from April 16): 300.1 Current Weight: 250.3 Total Lost: 49.8 Total % Lost: 16.6%
  10. On this topic, what are the best sites to run a league - in this case, some of the kids on my sons basketball team would like to do a fantasy league together, so trying to keep it relatively simple. I assume Yahoo or ESPN have offerings that would likely work Any options that don't require daily lineup management, i.e. can you set it up so that lineups are only adjusted once a week or something like that?
  11. Are you looking to lose weight or lose fat? If the former, its simple - don't eat, cut off a leg, exercise more, etc. If it's the latter, toss the scale, clean up the diet (get rid of the sugar and sodas and Starbucks Frappuccinos), do a combination of resistance and cardio training and judge success by the mirror and how clothes fit and not a number on the scale.
  12. @AAABatteries Vegas for FFPC didn't ruin me as bad as I thought it would - only a 3.5 pound gain for the trip - apparently I should have gorged myself more, though I think I did that yesterday with the kids and Sunday night football - pizza and ice cream. Should be back at it this afternoon in the gym and getting back to it getting the diet in check. Would really like to see that 24x mark on the scale. Phase 3 Week 10 Week 9 Starting Weight: 250.8 Current Weight: 254.2 Week Lost: +3.4 Phase 3 Starting Weight: 267.6 (from July 2 weigh in) Current Weight: 254.2 Phase 3 Lost: -13.4 Phase 3 % Lost: -5.0% Overall Starting Weight (from April 16): 300.1 Current Weight: 254.2 Total Lost: 45.9 Total % Lost: 15.3%
  13. Big drop for me this week which fits the pattern of drop, stall for a couple weeks, drop and so on. I know the scale has jumped up since I weighed myself on Sunday AM (however that weigh in is without having played basketball or working out first thing in the AM) as my cousin was visiting for her birthday and we made sure to do it right - taco night on Sunday (kept myself to one tortilla, but I overseasoned the asada a bit so too much salt and I felt it yesterday) and with yesterday being her actual birthday did up a bunch of ribeye and shrimp on the grill with asparagus and baked potatoes and I said f you to keto and had two potatoes. MMMMM. Today is a flush day, going to b strict on the diet and try get at least 1.5 gallons, possibly 2 gallons of water in to help flush that excess salt from the weekend. I leave to Vegas on Wednesday night for FFPC drafts, so I am hoping to simply stay within 5 pounds come Sunday morning. Phase 3 Week 9 Week 8 Starting Weight: 257.7 Current Weight: 250.8 Week Lost: 6.9 Phase 3 Starting Weight: 267.6 (from July 2 weigh in) Current Weight: 250.8 Phase 3 Lost: 16.8 Phase 3 % Lost: -6.3% Overall Starting Weight (from April 16): 300.1 Current Weight: 250.8 Total Lost: 49.3 Total % Lost: 16.4% @AAABatteries
  14. Follow these steps, put in the formula above. I don't know what limitations there are on calculations and logical arguments in a Word table, so even though you can put in a formula, you may not be able to get it to do what you want.
  15. Absolutely this - 16 team with required 2 RB plus a flex, and only 2 required WRs go RB early and often. If you can manage to come out with 2 of the guys not likely to be in a major timeshare you will be way ahead of the game, as there will still be plenty of viable WRs in the 3rd and later. In fact, I might even suggest considering a thrid RB in the first 4 rounds if any value remains, as that kind of insurance policy can be huge in a larger league like this. This setup, also definitely wait on QB until your positional players, and quite possibly some RB depth, has been filled. Oh, and of course draft the players that end up scoring the most points.