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  1. I'm a fan of the Bath Sheets at Costco - they are a bit larger than normal bath towels, I find that they dry very well, soft enough without being too soft where it feels like it is just pushing moisture around and not doing anything. They usually have them in about 4 colors. I believe this is the item, although it is cheaper in the stores, as the website indicates, as they sell them individually, not as pairs. IIRC, usually about $10 each in the store.
  2. Why not both? Best way to resolve a cat fight is with some munching.
  3. Make sure that your date fields are formatted as dates in Excel. If they aren't, Word can have some trouble picking up that they are dates and will display them as numbers. See if you are lucky and the solution is as simple as that.
  4. If you build the If statement to return something such as "Not a Holiday" instead of the null value, will your WORKDAY formula work correctly? Another work around would be to conditionally format the row that your IF statement is in so that if it returns 1/1/1904 (which I believe is the 0 value for date fields), the font is the same color as the cell fill so it appears blank, thus not displaying a value that confuses your coworkers. Did some googling and it appears there is no way for Excel to return a truly empty cell as the result of a formula, as it does have the formula in there.
  5. Instead of " " just put in "" So the formula reads =IF(expression you are checking, "return this if true, "") If the expression works out to be not true, you get a blank cell returned. If that does not work, or if I am misunderstanding the question, perhaps you could use the ISERROR() function of the ISBLANK(). I use this a lot, especially with VLOOKUP or MATCH. Basically the formula structures as follows =IF(ISERROR(Your statement to check),"Value to return if it is an error", "Value to return if it is not")) if checking for blank cells, then use ISBLANK in lieu of ISERROR
  6. This would be my suggestion as well. I primarily have used mail merge for creating mailing labels, but I don't see why you couldn't create a 4x6 layout with the fields you need and essentially get the same thing you are looking for. The non-Excel way would be to use Access to do this, but that would be a bit more complicated than I think you need.
  7. I do this now that it is available at my work. My contributions are into the Roth, by law the matching that I get is traditional, so I get some built in tax diversification there and am able to grow the amount of funds in a Roth account faster that I can with just a Roth IRA. For me the Roth 401K just became an option last year, so my 401K is still heavily traditional, but slowly but surely the Roth side is catching up in value.
  8. FYI for anyone in the market, Weber is apparently updating their Spirit and Genesis lines in 2017, so the current models are currently $100 off. Buying a Genesis EP-330 tonight on my way home from work as I have been without a grill for the last 5-6 months ever since my Charbroil model rusted out after about 3 years. Been wanting to go back to a Weber so I had decided to make the plunge a few weeks ago, but had put off while trying to find out if there would be any offers around Labor Day (Ace hardware gave a $100 gift card around memorial day), but with the $100 off right now I'm making the plunge. Ads say the $100 off price is good through November or while supplies last. I would guess you could get an even sweeter deal once the 2017 models come in and they are really trying to move out any remaining older models.
  9. Careful, it's a sleight of hind trick...... while you are distracted enjoying the brown dots, she's busy buying multiple houses with her dad.
  10. Duly noted, however it'll probably be my trashy wife that I sleep with. Can I do that while doing the above? For the above 3, what they told us is that their normal policy is to bill back for up to 4 years of service, which I thought was a bit absurd. They said though that they would cut us a deal and only bill for the last 2 years of service. 2 years of service works out to just under $400 that they want to bill us for. Thus why I put the 4 year and 2 year option in the poll. Ethically, I do believe we should pay something, but on the same note, it's not like we were stealing. We just put our trash out like everyone else - if we weren't a paying customer, then they should have skipped our house and we'd have resolved it then. But, in a sense, they chose to provide the service even though we were not a customer. I'd like to try look at it as them providing a free trial, albeit an extended one, before we decided to buy the service. So far the majority of voters seem to indicate it was their mistake, we should not be on the hook for it. My wife is going to be talking with one of their sales managers about it. I personally feel like settling for paying for the YTD and obviously paying going forward is a fair compromise. 2 years still seems a little excessive, and I fear what may end up in our trash cans if we pay nothing for past service.
  11. Background is that quite a few years ago, I'm guessing at least 6 years or so ago, our city changed who they contracted trash service with. The previous contractor was all billed through the city, just came in on our bi-monthly water,sewage, etc. type bill from the city. Apparently the new company bills directly. Either way, one of those things that I never noticed, just assuming that all was the same. Fast forward all these years and my wife calls the company to arrange some large item pick ups. Low and behold, company realizes they were never billing us directly and we have essentially been receiving trash service for free. What's the right thing here as far as what, if anything, I should have to pay for the missed services? Part of me says this issue is on them and they should just go ahead and start billing me going forward. However, part of me does say, yes, we have been receiving this service, so I should pay something reasonable for what was received. What say you FFA - what is reasonable and right here?
  12. It can easily be used to do this. Just set up a basic Excel sheet with the fields you want, likely: Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code - plus anything else you may want such as date of visit or any comments you may want regarding them. From that setup you can easily create mailing labels in Word if you are so inclined, or have access to it for handwriting mailing addresses. Also, by having it in Excel, you can easily filter the information if you want to send targeted information - ie just to visitors from a particular city or zip code, etc.
  13. Regarding number 4, you make it clear in your letter that she signs (assuming you go that route) that you are neither admitting guilt nor responsibility, but by accepting payment for the windshield, you and your son will be held harmless for any future damages/action etc. and that the matter is closed. Not a lawyer, but was in a minor fender bender quite a few years ago (i barely tapped a car in front of me going about 5 miles an hour) where they claimed the entire bumper needed to be removed to be inspected for damage, etc. Rather than go through insurance, I said I'd prefer to handle it myself. They provided an estimate for the work, I agreed to cover that amount and signed an agreement that even though neither party was admitting guilt or responsibility, by accepting payment, there would be no further action, claim, etc. against me and that was the end of it. They agreed, we signed two copies of the letter (so each party had one), they took the check. I kind of doubt they ever had the car checked out and probably took the money to Vegas, but not my concern.
  14. I heard he was on the chopping block