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  1. Careful, it's a sleight of hind trick...... while you are distracted enjoying the brown dots, she's busy buying multiple houses with her dad.
  2. Duly noted, however it'll probably be my trashy wife that I sleep with. Can I do that while doing the above? For the above 3, what they told us is that their normal policy is to bill back for up to 4 years of service, which I thought was a bit absurd. They said though that they would cut us a deal and only bill for the last 2 years of service. 2 years of service works out to just under $400 that they want to bill us for. Thus why I put the 4 year and 2 year option in the poll. Ethically, I do believe we should pay something, but on the same note, it's not like we were stealing. We just put our trash out like everyone else - if we weren't a paying customer, then they should have skipped our house and we'd have resolved it then. But, in a sense, they chose to provide the service even though we were not a customer. I'd like to try look at it as them providing a free trial, albeit an extended one, before we decided to buy the service. So far the majority of voters seem to indicate it was their mistake, we should not be on the hook for it. My wife is going to be talking with one of their sales managers about it. I personally feel like settling for paying for the YTD and obviously paying going forward is a fair compromise. 2 years still seems a little excessive, and I fear what may end up in our trash cans if we pay nothing for past service.
  3. Background is that quite a few years ago, I'm guessing at least 6 years or so ago, our city changed who they contracted trash service with. The previous contractor was all billed through the city, just came in on our bi-monthly water,sewage, etc. type bill from the city. Apparently the new company bills directly. Either way, one of those things that I never noticed, just assuming that all was the same. Fast forward all these years and my wife calls the company to arrange some large item pick ups. Low and behold, company realizes they were never billing us directly and we have essentially been receiving trash service for free. What's the right thing here as far as what, if anything, I should have to pay for the missed services? Part of me says this issue is on them and they should just go ahead and start billing me going forward. However, part of me does say, yes, we have been receiving this service, so I should pay something reasonable for what was received. What say you FFA - what is reasonable and right here?
  4. It can easily be used to do this. Just set up a basic Excel sheet with the fields you want, likely: Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code - plus anything else you may want such as date of visit or any comments you may want regarding them. From that setup you can easily create mailing labels in Word if you are so inclined, or have access to it for handwriting mailing addresses. Also, by having it in Excel, you can easily filter the information if you want to send targeted information - ie just to visitors from a particular city or zip code, etc.
  5. Regarding number 4, you make it clear in your letter that she signs (assuming you go that route) that you are neither admitting guilt nor responsibility, but by accepting payment for the windshield, you and your son will be held harmless for any future damages/action etc. and that the matter is closed. Not a lawyer, but was in a minor fender bender quite a few years ago (i barely tapped a car in front of me going about 5 miles an hour) where they claimed the entire bumper needed to be removed to be inspected for damage, etc. Rather than go through insurance, I said I'd prefer to handle it myself. They provided an estimate for the work, I agreed to cover that amount and signed an agreement that even though neither party was admitting guilt or responsibility, by accepting payment, there would be no further action, claim, etc. against me and that was the end of it. They agreed, we signed two copies of the letter (so each party had one), they took the check. I kind of doubt they ever had the car checked out and probably took the money to Vegas, but not my concern.
  6. I heard he was on the chopping block
  7. I have a bottle of combined bady/hair wash. We have a bottle of kids shampoo in there for when they use our shower. She has shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shaving cream... and of course the bottle of water in case she wants to act like one of Arizona Ron's ladies and earn a few racks.
  8. Not just that, many get paid fairly well. Between coaching teams, running summer camps, etc. is the other big moneymaker in youth sports.
  9. Our local soccer league has 3 levels of play - Rec (this particular league only plays in the fall, though other local leagues have spring and other programs) Signature which is the step up from rec but not quite club - limited travel - fall season was all within 30 minutes travel, team fees are very limited, IIRC cant charge more than $350 for the year, so anything above that needs to come from sponsors, etc. Some teams played a bit more, ie summer tournaments, but usually no more than 2-3 all summer, and some teams played in a spring league that was 6-8 games. Club - Travel level - our particular club is less hardcore than most, so the majority of teams either don't play spring or cut back to one day a week with occasional friendlies or tournaments, but most pick up in the summer with 2 practices a week, will play 3-4 tournaments over the summer, play the league play in fall and post season tournaments in winter. For me, all of my kids (I have 3 boys aged 11, 9 and 5) play multiple sports which usually involve overlaps of the seasons for some period of time. We're lucky that for the teams that I don't coach, most of the coaches are encouraging of playing multiple sports and understand conflicts will arise. So, while neither the 11 or 9 year old play baseball anymore, when they did, it was clear that spring was baseball season, so baseball had the priority over soccer. Now, while none of my boys played fall baseball, if they did, we would be clear that fall is traditionally soccer season, so soccer had the priority then. Really comes down to communication and making sure you are part of a team/club that shares your values as far as multiple sports. And when you have multiple kids playing multiple sports, it comes down to divide and conquer, realizing that you will not make everything each of your kids is doing.
  10. And what scoring system is that based on?
  11. As important as the scoring system is the lineup requirements. If you only need to start 1 RB, then by design they will be less valuable as you are required to have less of them. If you need to start at least 3 WRs, then by design they will be more valuable as you are required to have more of them. As others have said, if the goal is to provide a better way to be able to field more competitive teams across the board, then it is a matter of finding the right balance of scoring system (not just PPR/non-PPR, but yadage scoring, etc.) and lineup requirements (adjusting minimum required starters, flex/no flex, etc.) to achieve this.
  12. Oversized medulla oblongatas?
  13. For basketball we use RSportz - it's okay, not great, but it;s the site our overarching organization prefers, so most of hte individual leagues use it. We are likely moving to for our scheduling (cost is $500 annually for the scheduling aspect, pretty much unlimited use , so we can schedule our 5 age divisions regular seasons and playoffs on it with no additional cost, and if we add in a separate summer or spring league, would all be covered), re-evaluating other options for registration/webhosting. My understanding is that tourneymachine has started to branch into the registration side of things, so we have people looking into that. If we do that, we would probably go with wix for the website and link to the registration and scheduling elements. Other sites we are considering are sportsngin as mentioned above - little league, PONY baseball, several soccer leagues and a different basketball league locally all use it, so the single login with sportsngin to manage multiple sports is nice from a user perspective, but I don't have details yet on the league perspective. Local flag football league uses blue sombrero, so we are also going to evaluate that.
  14. With the envelopes, you can track your spend. Anytime you buy something that comes from an envelope, put the receipt in the envelope in place of the cash used. Track on a spreadsheet, by hand, whatever you prefer, but you have all of your records right there. Since she likes to spend, maybe come to an agreement that half of everything that is underbudget for a month goes into savings, the other half goes towards a fund for the two of you to have a nice dinner out, etc. While it's nice to have everything go on a credit card and get categorized/tracked for you, it;s also a lot easier to go way overbudget that way.
  15. IMO, as long as you have a mortgage and/or dependent children living at home, you will want some form of life insurance to cover those expenses should you die and your income is lost. If you have no children still dependent on you, no mortgage/major debt and your loved ones could survive without your income (ie you have plenty of assets saved), then you likely do not need life insurance. I think it was mentioned earlier in this thread, but you are much more likely at this age to become disabled and unable to work, so it likely is more important to have adequate disability insurance, especially if you don't have coverage through your work. With life insurance, you have to die for your family to collect, if you are disabled and have no coverage, then it is a burden on your family to provide care for you.