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  1. Just picked up two ring spotlights. One wired, one battery. Had to purchase them in separate transactions as it only gave the discount on one when I tried to purchase them together. Down to $140 from $199... had not seen them that low before. If battery life is an issue I'll pick up the solar panel, but it's not on a deal so decided to wait
  2. Just scrolled through all 221 pages of their featured deals that they had listed- flagged a couple but didn;t see anything that made me giddy. Will probably grab a couple more Fire TV Sticks at $20 each though
  3. I've tried but my kids didn't go for it. May do further experimentation with different bread types. Used Wonder bread when I did the mayo, may give it a try when I use sourdough bread.
  4. It's your Pork Belly Burnt Ends, but with only a gas grill available. Just curious if it's worth trying without a smoker.
  5. My phone says its 104 in Orange right now, and 100 here in Chino Hills
  6. @TheFanatic Curious as to your thoughts on this - thinking of trying to give it a go on Sunday if you think it could work
  7. Easy enough to also do on a gas grill? Any modifications to the directions I should consider. Been looking at this recipe and the earlier posts over the last few months, and I think I may finally pick some pork belly up from Costco to give it a whirl, but I've only got my Weber Genesis.
  8. Does she have any filters applied to the pivot table? Also, if the values were added after the pivot table was created, just making sure - she is refreshing the pivot table, correct?
  9. Finally did this over the weekend. We have family staying with us for at least the summer, possibly longer, and I decided to use them all as guinea pigs for the brisket. Had the 5+ pounder from Costco that I got started at about 9am on Saturday morning, then found out we were going to my mother in laws Sunday afternoon so the kids could swim and to watch th basketball game last night - so now I'm feeding 14 people - so quick run to Costco and grabbed another 5ish pounder and got it in the water a little before noon on Friday. Water temp was 155 degrees. Sunday around 12:30 (so roughly 27 hours and 25 hours for the briskets) I pulled them from the water and put them on the grill - I've got a Weber Genesis, so had one burner going with Hickory wood in the smoke box for it, temp right in the 275-300 range - not a ton of smoke which is good as my wife is not a big fan of overly smoky flavored meats. Pulled them off around 2:45 or so, let them rest for 20 minutes, then sliced and covered with foil to head down to my mother in laws place (worked out well to give me some quiet time in the afternoon). Simple sandwiches - soft french roll, brisket and some BBQ sauce - big hit. There were some leftovers, which I have a sneaking suspicion will not be there when I get home tonight, but already been asked to make more soon.
  10. Sounds like a night with a Kardashian......
  11. The boards over at The Huddle should be referenced as a cautionary tale.
  12. Conveniently timed to air after the next Avenger movie - despite what the ABC President said in the quote above, you have to think this is not just a coincidence.
  13. I've got these and they work fine Pretty inexpensive so when I had to replace the first pair about a year in after a lot of use I was not disappointed.
  14. Sorry, should have been more clear - can be either a smoker or on the cool side of a grill to impart some smokiness/get some bark going. The recipe I saw and was going to try:
  15. I almost picked up some chuck roasts yesterday to try this, but went with brisket instead to try out a recipe I saw - it's a 24-36 hour cook followed by a 2 hour finish on either grill or in oven.