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  1. So many ways to go with this......
  2. This is where I was leaning and why I asked about budget. Adjustable dumbbell set, a bench (either flat, or if you can find a deal on an adjustable one to let you do different angles of incline) would be my starter. A yoga or exercise mat is probably worth it to provide some padding. If you have a place for it, a pull up bar. If ceiling is high enough to allow it, a jump rope.
  3. What sort of budget are you looking at and how much space in the basement do you have that can be dedicated or at least used for it?
  4. Continuing my posting for accountability. (If there is a way to copy/paste from Excel and have it come across a bit better, can someone PM me the directions so these columns line up better) Date Weight Weekly Lb. BF% Weekly BF April 16 300.1 0 32.9 0% April 23 296.8 -3.3 32.8 -0.1% April 30 291.9 -4.9 33.6 0.8% May 7 288.8 -3.1 32.8 -0.8% May 14 287.4 -1.4 32.5 -0.3% May 21 278.1 -9.3 31.9 -0.6% Total -22 -1.0% Big week this week with 9 pounds lost. I did have a number of very low calorie days this past week, largely due to being wrapped up with a ton of activities that I did not have a chance to eat much and I kept up the will power to avoid eating too much of the not good for you appetizers, etc. they were passing around at the school fundraising event I was at on Friday. Got two decent days of exercise in at the end of the week - Saturday I got 40 minutes in on the treadmill before coaching a couple basketball games, then we were at a Relay for Life event where I got another couple miles of walking in. Sunday AM I got a good 90 minutes or so of basketball in. Admittedly, my weight on Sunday was after basketball (I have been weighing myself upon waking, but forgot to on Sunday as I was rushing out the door to get to the games), but I did drink about 1/2 gallon of water during/after the game and before weighing myself. Just to make sure I wasn't overinflating my number for the week with a more dehydrated weighing, I weighed myself again this morning and was still at 279, so I'll say the numbers are pretty close to accurate. Proud of myself for also declining to get In n Out which we picked up for the kids, then for dinner last night made carne asada for tacos/burritos, but in lieu of a tortilla, I made At this point I think it is safe to say I will hit my original goal of 275 by my 40th birthday (which is August 24th), so I am going to go back and reset the goals a bit. Obviously long term 4 pounds a week is not reasonable and it is doubtful I come close to a 9 pound week, much less a 5 pound week, again. While I've heard the BF% on the Aria scale may be a bit dubious, I at least like to use the same source to follow the trend. BF has not moved as much as I would have hoped with the amount of weight lost. It's clear I need to up my exercise game as I planned to do to get the BF trending down a bit more, but my original plan of getting back in the gym first thing in the morning as I used to do will need to be modified, as the LA Fitness near my work that I planned to go to is about to undergo an extensive remodel and be without showers/locker room for at least a month and then closing completely for a week or two as they redo the rest of the gym. My thought is to get a quick morning workout in at home consisting of primarily a bodyweight circuit (pushups, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, planks, etc.) to get my body at least used to the more regular exercise again.
  5. Amen to that - we have one guy that brings donuts in every other Thursday....... and, other than the few times they do put things out in one of the break rooms, the round table outside my cubicle is where most of the snack items are left for the rest of the office. Makes me popular as everyone cruises by, but keeps the temptations front and center.
  6. Just successfully avoided breaking down and having the pizza, lasagna, garlic bread and cookies that were left over from a meeting in the building. Smelled damn good, but knowing I have a charity event for the kids school tonight where I am sure I will eat more than I should and definitely drink more than I should, I decided to not take on the extra calories.
  7. I've found myself going closer to a 20/4 protocol (or 19/5)- not necessarily by choice, but again, it is really working for me - I usually don't eat anything until I get home from work which is between 4 and 5, and I try to eat nothing after 9pm, mainly because I am trying to get to bed as I am up by 5 to get ready for work. Getting about a gallon of water in during the course of the fasting period keeps me from feeling hungry (and gets me moving as I am peeing fairly often). As with anything, what works for one person may not work for another.
  8. Big fan of IF, but I think as a bigger guy I am more easily able to adapt to that kind of feeding schedule as there is a lot more of me for my body to live off of.
  9. Even though not part of the actual challenge, want to post updates for accountability April 16 - 300.1 April 23 - 296.8 April 30 - 291.9 May 7 - 288.8 May 14 - 287.4 (was at 286.3 Saturday AM, but did smash a ton of steak and salad that night so I'll blame that not passing through for the gain in the day.. yeah, that's the ticket) Yesterday being mother's day I tried to keep it fairly good, though knew I'd be using a real "cheat" meal for the first time since I started on April 16. My 10 year old put together the menu for the day with my wife, so eggs with monkey bread for breakfast (I limited myself to one and a half pieces of the monkey bread), a little tomato/cucumber/cheese sandwich at lunch (I did no bread, just made little appetizers for myself) then at dinner made burgers and rather than skip the bun went full on with the bun and some thousand island, In N Out style. Totally worth it. Back to the more ketogenic IF protocol today, which is working real well for me. Keep up the posting guys - very motivational.
  10. Seemed to work for me on Windows 7 machine using Chrome. Curious if there is anyway to have these set up so they can also be exported to Excel do some of our own customization - to the sheet and the print settings (for example, I usually prefer to set my sheet up to print on a ledger size (17x11) which gives me the ability to often print larger and also to print on one page) I can copy/paste into Excel but it loses formatting, etc., so it's not the easiest to work with, although, with the way I usually like to customize my cheatsheet for draft day, not necessarily the worst thing, just requires a lot of manual manipulation after the fact.
  11. No, you aren't losing only fat, but the theory behind it is that you are losing a higher proportion of fat compared to muscle by utilizing a keto based diet with a decent exercise program.
  12. This and also weight loss is not the same as fat loss. The theory behind keto is that it is a more effective method to increase the amount of fat lost when losing weight.
  13. Problem is going ot be that because you are able to put any combination of selections into column A, and they come in as a text string in the order they are selected, I think you are going to have a very difficult time coming up with a lookup that will be able to pull over the probabilities, as you would need to have a list with every possible combination of values in every possible order in order for it to work, as I would think that for items with multiple selections you would want some sum of the various probabilities. Perhaps some code could be created to create a running sum of probabilities after each option that is selected, but that is beyond my capabilities.
  14. My updates to make sure I stay accountable. On April 16 I weighed in at 300.1 pounds. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 288.8 pounds 11.3 pounds in 3 weeks - Not quite full on keto, but pretty close following more of an intermittent fasting protocol. Been able to force myself to say no to some things (ie not getting any In N Out yesterday when we stopped on the way back from a basketball tournament, though it did smell amazing, instead I made myself a bunch of scrambled eggs with bacon and spinach mixed in, which was delicious - already planning to make that again when I get home from work today) Finally went back to the gym yesterday morning to get some basketball in with the guys (finally didn't have a game to coach early in the morning), felt good to be back out there even if I was sucking wind early on, once the second wind kicked in I was good. Got 4 games in, full court, going for a little over an hour. A little sore today, but the good kind of sore. Looking forward to this staying a regular part of my routine. 13.8 pounds to go to hit my 40th birthday target, which would require keeping a pace of 1 pound a week. I may need to up that target to keep me focused on pushing myself and not just settling for that. Keep up the posts everyone, very motivating.
  15. I'm afraid we may be married to the same woman.