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  1. Have your husband poop in her yard, that'll teach her.
  2. In the process of doing this now - wife wants to keep the home number, so have ordered an Obi200 to use with GogoleVoice - just need to go through the hassle of porting the Uverse phone number to a mobile one (ordered a TMobile Sim card for this) and then port to Google Voice. If she didn't want to keep the number (we've had it almost 20 years, so I understand why she wants it) would just set up a new number with google. Switching to Spectrum for internet service - should be much more stable and a lot faster. I already have two FireSticks and a FireTV, so going that route over Rokus. Once all that is in place, I'll play with the free preview options of Sling, YoutTube TV, etc. Certain channels my wife really wants, so I'm comparing options there to see what gets the most of what she wants. We already had Netflix and Amazon prime. When all is said and done, should be saving close to $100 or more per month, which will quickly pay for any upfront costs if I need to add additional FireTVs or Sticks anywhere.
  3. I think I've got my wife pretty onboard with this now, but don't necessarily wan to ditch all live programming - I'm reading up on the options like SlingTV, YoutubeTV and DirecTVNow - just curious what everyone's thoughts are. Sling with the Cloud DVR functionality seems like a decent option (I do realize it is not supported for all channels) so that you can watch a recorded show on any device, anyone with experience on this? ETA: I am trying to go through the last 6-7 months of this thread, just figured I'd also ask to make sure I'm getting the most current info.
  4. Any particular seasoning or marinade that you did wit hthe boneless chicken breasts? Did you package each breast separately or did you do a bunch in a single bag? Just curious as I have yet to do chicken breasts in the sous vide, but have wanted to try.
  5. Assuming your data is laid out as you have listed it here, with the Property Name in Column A and the rents in column B, the easiest way would be a pivot table. Just select your data (Columns A and B - even easier if you format the data to be a table, so you only have to reference the table name and your data source automatically expands as you add more data), then in the pivot table layout drag column A to be the Rows, and column B to be summed in the data section. Voila, instant sums of the rent. And as you add more data to the table, simply right-click your pivot table and select refresh for updated totals. If you also have a column with the dates of the rent, you can also add that into your pivot table if you want to filter a certain date range, ie a particular year or month.
  6. Well, my wife did marry me, so at least she can get past the ugly part. Not sure if that is the case with a washer though
  7. Found out my BIL/SIL have approximately a $440 credit for Samsung ($100 less for any other brand) due to a previous issue with a washer that they had. They are staying with us for the foreseeable future and have said we can use that towards whatever washer we end up getting. I'm intrigued by the Speed Queen as it seems to get mostly positive reviews (Consumer Reports has it as one of the most reliable top loader brands and highest rating for Owner Satisfaction), but CNET says they are overpriced and don't clean as well as they should at the price. Hope to have time this weekend to really focus on my research and make a decision - I don't think the extra $100 to get a Samsung will sway me unless the boss (aka my wife) really wants a Samsung - but I don't think the repair guy we have grown to trust works on them. I'm going to have her talk to him for some recommendations as well.
  8. @Joe Bryant What did you end up getting? As of today I am in the market for a new washer - we do a lot of laundry - have 3 active boys doing lots of sports, so the washer is being run constantly, and for the foreseeable future, likely at least until the end of the year, have my BIL and his family (another 3 active boys) staying with us, so will need something that can handle being run near constantly, handle well used football/soccer/basketball uniforms/gear etc. I'd never heard of Speed Queen until seeing this thread, so will check them out as I start my research and make a decision on what to get, possibly as soon as this weekend. @Hawkeye21 - any suggestions based upon our likely high level of usage?
  9. 155 for 36 hours Brisket Recipe I used - J Kenji Lopez's
  10. Just the flat from Costco. Third time doing it. Came out very similar in my opinion, but I am far from an expert with the bulk of my brisket exposure being restaurant and the occasional friend that does them.
  11. Finally did the Pork Belly Burnt Ends.... and it was a huge hit as everyone said it would be, immediately generating requests to make them again ASAP. Full menu from yesterday, as I was in a BBQing mood: Brisket (36 hours in sous vide, then ~2.5 hours on the grill getting some smoke) Pork Belly Burnt Ends BBQ Shrimp Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers (did in oven - some with a cream cheese/cheddar/jack filling, some with a cream cheese/raspberry jam filling) Been requested to make even more with the jam filling next time. Baked Beans - I just take regular Bush's Baked Beans and ad some stuff to them (bacon plus bacon grease, onion, ketchup, brown sugar, garlic powder) Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream
  12. The talk yesterday inspired me - picked up flat at Costco today (they didn't have any whole briskets in, and as I said, I need to look more into how to properly prep that). As of right now, I have nothing planned for Sunday - no kids sports, no crazy honey do list, etc. so I plan to put the brisket in the sous vide on Friday night and have it ready by Sunday afternoon. Now to plan out my side dishes, etc. so I can turn Sunday into a day of BBQ, bourbon, beer, and generally relaxing.
  13. I used vacuum sealed bags. For the flat, I cut it into half so it would fit better, put each half into a bag, put in the marinade/spices per the recipe posted below, sealed the bags and went at it. I don't see why cutting into fourths would change anything. This is the brisket recipe I used (posted previously) that was by J Kenji Lopez and he goes into the various methods to add smoke flavor and the smoke ring. J Kenji Lopez Brisket Recipe I personally did the little bit of liquid smoke in the bag while cooking then finished on a gas grill with some wood chips.
  14. I did brisket for 36 hours finished on the grill outside for a couple hours. The first time I did it, my kids and extended family immediately said it needed to go into the immediate rotation for dinners, etc. Have done it a couple times now and it has been a hit every time. So far have only done the flats from Costco, but I've noticed that every so often our Costco gets the full brisket (point and flat) which is a lot cheaper per pound for the prime, so may get one of those once I have a chance to better look up how I should best prepare it.
  15. I figured that much out, and have the Weber smoker box to make a poor man's smoker. Sorry it took so long to get back to you - usually sets in just around 225 or so. I bought the pork belly yesterday from Costco - then I got my kids basketball schedule for the weekend and I won't be home to do them this weekend - I'll have to try and find time this week to experiment a bit. At least it's not a very expensive item to experiment with.