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  1. This was me too, college for chase, law school for verdict. They broadcast the verdict on a large TV for a room holding about 100 of my fellow future lawyers, and I remember watching everybody's reactions based primarily on race, and thinking to myself "Two different Americas..."
  2. My wife (jokingly) asked if I was comfortable in the knowledge that by calling him out for his crap that I was torturing an old man, and that I helped put him in the ground. I'm comfortable with my decision.
  3. We literally could not fit an SUV and a second car in the garage. We could fit one, but would have to keep one car in the driveway regardless, so we just use the garage to store bicycles, sports stuff, etc. Works for us.
  4. Two key updates: 1) We widened our driveway so my wife and I can now both fit our cars at the same time without an issue. 2) Crotchety neighbor recently died. We have spoken with his wife, who has said that apparently he was a total d-bag all the time (some of the stories she told us are crazy) and that he parked in front of my house to piss me off, because he could. I KNEW IT!!! Vindication is mine! (FWIW the widow seems much, much happier and more friendly after her husband's passing.)
  5. Did you get into my brain? The three '96 films are among probably my 50 favorite movies of all time; Trainspotting is in the top 10. Re As Good as it gets, I went to see it with a friend at 10ish o clock show. My buddy fell asleep about half way through, in a theater that was probably about 90% empty. Rather than watch the rest of this boring BS, I literally wandered around the lobby for 15 -20 minutes looking at movie posters, which I deemed more enjoyable than watching As Good as it Gets.
  6. As I was watching Carl and Debbie yell from the stands competing for Kelly, i was thinking, "what the hell am I watching?"
  7. Carl's GF is where its at. (I checked, she's comfortably legal.)
  8. 11 year old son- "Fortnite is dead." Has moved on to Apex Legends. 7 year old, still all in on Fortnite, as are his friends. We haven't let him play Apex.
  9. It is funny that you mention her history, because I I was afraid to bring it up as a Jewish person, and, ya know, outrage culture.
  10. I've been thinking this about this in the context of the comments made by Ilhan Omar re the impact of AIPAC and its influence it, and its money, has on the U.S. political process. The comment of "All about the benjamins" was deeply anti-semitic? What? It is fairly clear based on her history that Ms. Omar is not a big fan of Israel and its policies. That said, I don't get the outrage here at all. I'm Jewish. Is the "outrage" that Jews exert influence via money? Is that even a common stereotype? Don't all lobbyists exert influence with money? Is AIPAC an exclusively Jewish organization? Being anti-Israeli policies or overt Israeli lobbying interests is not anti-semitic. What is she apologizing for?
  11. 0 - 18- 5 (but four before I turned 7) College/law school- 5 Post law school- from 25 - 33 yrs old- 5 Last 11 years- 1 So 11 non-school homes, 16 with college/law school places
  12. Of course you are right, factually, but read what I wrote again. my mind was blown. I didn't think... The time period you are discussing i was in high school in upper middle class suburbs of NYC,. Not a lot of the music stores catering to the Sub Pop label. Alternative music stations in the late 80s were playing The Cure and Depeche Mode, which I didn't like, and I only knew from classic rock. I was saying that Pearl Jam opened up this world for me. I'm not saying that it didn't exist, but rather that my exposure to the world you were referring to was nonexistent.
  13. Same here. I was a freshman in college when Ten came out and other than the Living Colour album, had probably not purchased an album by a musician that started after 1980 for the entirety of my high school years. I heard Alive the first time and my mind was blown. I didn't think anybody was making anything close to this type of music in that barren hair metal landscape.