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  1. @Athletic Supporter as always, we're just trying to do what's best for our customer base. The reality is not many people play in leagues with this setting. At least - that's our guess! So now we are collecting this data we can know for sure and add support for what people need the most.
  2. double player pools won't be supported this year for sure. We'll look at how many leagues are using those when the season is under way to see if it's something that we should do for 2019 onwards. The system though should be importing some kind of rosters for the league - so at least it can be used for lineup advice in the context of the players you have on your team. So if you could PM me your username and the name of the league I'd be happy to look into that for you and get that fixed. A quick note to all - under Details is a button "League Import Issues" that you can use to see these warnings at any time, even after you close the import leagues window.
  3. thanks @Dacomish for the broken link spot. I've fixed that up now to redirect to the correct place. I expect tackles for a loss is amongst the most popular items we're missing. We'll do a review of this once we get into the season and work out what settings we'll add for 2019 onwards.
  4. @Athletic Supporter @Penguin @tex @snellman thanks to info from @Bazinga! the "no user teams found" issue is now fixed. It was for email logins or co-owned teams. Please try again and all should work for you guys. If not, I am here as always to patch up any other issues.
  5. thanks that's very useful info! I'll look into it.
  6. aagh beyond frustrated this isn't working for you guys. Had all our staff check this out and fixed all errors they reported. We also generated lots of MFL leagues with every rule and MFL deviation we could find. If you are experiencing issues, please PM me your username with details of the issue so I can look into it. I'll post updates here. Please note we're not expanding the types of leagues we support - we're not about to start doing projections for punters or 2 point conversions returned the other way. But the ease of use should be much higher than its been in the past. I really need to hear from someone who is having the "user has no teams" error - I just need a username for a footballguys account and the name of the league with the issue so I can look into the cause there. @Hankmoody I've not heard from you to be able to look into your IDP issue. But I think I found your FBG username and the league affected. If you could PM me those details that will certainly save some guessing on my part. I will get this working 100% flawlessly as soon as possible.
  7. Thanks - please PM me your username and the name of the league on MFL. I’ll look into it.
  8. Please let me know via PM your username and the league and an example of an IDP missing footballguys has never supported punters or any of those scoring options. If more than five percent of leagues imported have those options, we’ll look into it.
  9. MFL has a very nice API:
  10. Hey all, While the offseason keeps things quieter, we have a great upgrade to MyFBG for everyone that we hope is going to make it so much easier to edit your fantasy leagues. In the past, you've had to manually enter all the details about a league. We've synced rosters for a while with league providers, but it's always been clunky, requiring "linking" of leagues. And we'll be honest; it's often not been reliable enough. We now have a brand new system. Our focus is on three main things: make this as easy as possible to use - brand new simpler than ever UI for adding leagues make this as reliable as possible in how it works - behind the scenes testing and pro-active alerting when things don't go to plan import everything you need automatically - scoring, rosters, team names, lineup requirements, draft order, keepers... Right now, we are setup for 2018 MFL leagues only. RT Sports and Fleaflicker are open for 2018 too and we will have them in the next 2-3 weeks too. As other providers come online, we'll add support there too. Please check it out at . I will check back in this thread for any feedback or issues anyone comes across and as always we love to hear feedback. Thanks!
  11. some more improvements at 10 second primer fixes for WR/TE combined leagues and other minor fixes default weekly weight to 0 for week 17 shows up to 5 alternative FAs on the primer now (rather than 1) legend for 10 second primer added 10 second primer now even easier to read than before rest of year forward rankings across all positions - new optimal algorithm for this stats to date under Season Rankings - sortable by any stat, across all positions Please check it out and give me your feedback! thanks
  12. The Waiver/Trade app does not have a difference value; it rates trades by starter points, bench points and bench depth. You'll see differences between the way that the Classic applications and the modern mobile/web tools that we do calculate stuff. Generally speaking, our latest algorithms are in the new mobile/web tools, and they support a wider range of league settings also.
  13. That's correct, although we'll be tabbing this screen down into both those views soon, I think, to make this clearer.
  14. Top 200 equivalent is now there. Check it out under Season Rankings!
  15. If this was a non-beta app, I'd be scrambling around trying to fix it. But instead I'm going to optimistically hope they can sort it out! Never a good thing for a browser when all the others including microsoft browsers display it fine...