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  1. It's always been free online for subscribers FWIW It's now got a free version online for everyone, too, without premium features. The exact same thing applies to the mobile app. Free version for everyone, subscribers get the premium features auto-unlocked fore free as well. Non subscribers can also pay $5 to unlock the mobile app.
  2. This "drafts disappearing" issue should now be resolved for good. Shout from the rooftops right here (and mention me) if you see it again.
  3. This thread is not for DD Classic. There's a separate forum for that. Although MFL import is up and running for the new Draft Dominator, and mock drafts in the new Draft Dominator are currently loaded with ADP.
  4. @Rubi please be sure to include what browser you are using, including version, your FBG username, and your operating system. Thanks.
  5. Here's a link to the video playlist again, if anyone else is interested: I'm open to ideas for other videos too. I'd like to do a few with various staff members during live drafts showing how we use the app. Any other videos I do though will be sometime after mid July due to my schedule here.
  6. hey @BroncoFreak_2K3 ! Great question. I can only think of two reasons why you'd want to do that. it's a best ball league and you notice from the rosters => by week view that you are particularly weak in one week. You may then want to increase weekly weights for that week as every point counts in best ball. it's not a best ball league, and you notice that you've stacked up a bunch of players who all have the same (first half of the season) bye week. In that case you might decide during the draft to "throw" that week, write it off as a loss, and adjust the weekly weights for it to 0. In leagues where rosters change frequently due to multiple WW claims and trades, it's probably not worth doing this as who knows what your roster's going to look like in the second half of the season.
  7. Hey @Amused to Death ! Auction values, amount paid and salary caps are on the teams listing. That's on the right hand column. If you're viewing a specific team, hit the Back button, or, make your browser wider and it will put both views side by side. Depth charts are under the asterisk menu above the cheat sheet. Best value pick is not a strategy that the new app uses. We think we have a much better system now. I did a video on this here:
  8. A ton more videos on the playlist today. And two on auctions as requested by @BroncoFreak_2K3:
  9. I’d like to keep individual help issues to zendesk as we’re better equipped to get you help there - open a ticket at theres a difference between rosters and keepers. For players to show at the start of the draft they must be imported as keepers and they must show on the edit keepers screen.
  10. Some new videos fresh off the presses here: More are coming. Let me know which topics you'd like me to cover.
  11. There are arrows to the far right of every league's name that allow you to move them up and down the list.
  12. If you're at , the 5 second primer is the first option under LINEUPS in the navigation
  13. No need to signin. Just open a ticket. Signin there is for FBG staff only.
  14. did you visit to sync it? If so, let's funnel this and all user-specific help queries to our helpdesk at - thanks guys.