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  1. Ok we have a new release for you guys. The version number is 1.5.88. You can see what version you're running underneath the menu options down the left hand side. If you see 1.4.xx then refresh the page, close all tabs pointed at and then open a new tab and load the site up there. Here are the improvements: Better updating for future versions I close tabs in my browser all the time; apparently a lot of people don't so haven't been getting updates promptly. Updating to this version is still clunky (can't help that) but all future updates will be handled much better, with an "Update available" message whenever one is ready. Team Highlighting Yellow = your team (always) Blue with white text = free agents (I toned down the blue from my last screenshot too) All other non-yellow and non-blue colors: other teams. These colors have also been chosen to help color bind people as much as possible. Deep Linking Some pages are tabbed in the app (e.g. Your Roster). So they all shared a URL, which is kind of clunky. Now each tab has its own URL, so I can post here specifically a link to league power rankings, which is an awesome feature but I can see that very few people have found it so far: Other Fixes FFPC kicker scoring fixed (and other sites that use kicker distance scoring, e.g. 30-39 yard field goals = X points, 40+ = Y points etc) More roster sync options on the 5 second primer screen Matchup screen renamed to "Matchup Dominator", again we just want more people using this as it's super powerful and I think being skipped over a ton right now. Roster screen renamed to "Your Roster", for much the same reason. When you switch positions or league on any rankings list, the scroll on that list gets reset to the top, with this release. Bye weeks added to the Your Roster > Roster screen. Top 200 forward actually shows more players than that, if your league is deeper (maxes out to total owned players in the league, e.g. number of teams times size of each roster) This is likely to be the last significant changes for a little while here. I'm away from home for a while (travelling to California) so I'll be fixing anything that needs fixing, and listening to any feedback you guys have, but any more changes are likely coming in mid October now. The big two new features we'd like to add in are a "rate my league" screen that gives every team a % chance of winning the league given schedule and projections and playoff settings, and a live scoring screen where you could track all your fantasy matchups in one place as the games are taking place. We'd also like to work some more on the trade section.
  2. Thanks @KingPrawn likewise we are extremely grateful that you guys care enough about Footballguys to provide that feedback to us. Customers of most products would not bother to feedback their thoughts because they don’t care enough. ill be back here shortly with the next release.
  3. I have desaturated the blue for the next release given the feedback here what I want to keep is the white text. I've calmed down the tone of the blue.
  4. The way I do this (that I think we can improve upon some) is to go to Roster > Teams by Pos, and then cycle through the teams in the top menu on that page, looking for charts that are basically the opposite of mine (strong where I'm weak and vice versa)
  5. I have changed the colors on this for the next version - thanks! No other team is yellow or blue (reserved for your team and FAs) Customizing colors is really something I want to avoid as I don't think most people would bother to use a color picker... if these colors are too similar the next thing I'd try would be to have up to 4 different colors only that are set when you select the teams, rather than being set before. Just that means I'd have to breakdown the code that handles highlighting and rebuild it! On the Excel export: I want to bring that to discussion with David, Joe and all, as that goes beyond simple interface stuff. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. This is basically the same, except that it's more obvious blue is separate from the other highlighting. And you can highlight other teams with more than one shade. So an upgrade for you guys!
  7. I want their to be a difference apart from just the shade we happen to have chosen. if you highlight multiple teams it should be clear: yellow is yours, other colors are other teams, inverted blue is free agents thats my thought process here at least. The other option would be to use grey for free agents but that hasn’t been a popular option so far i understand that you guys know blue = free agent. But newer users wouldn’t, and we need a system that’s obvious and intuitive for everyone! im going to run this for a couple weeks and see if we can get some more feedback from it in production. Thanks as always for your thoughts!
  8. Thanks @Phantom Knight just so I’m 100% clear: what would you want to change in those settings? that full set would be more than we’d do there I think but maybe we can add a smaller set or just change how the primer displays something.
  9. Should take around 5 seconds for first screen and pretty instant after then. if it’s longer let me know your browser. other than that im not seeing any feedback I can do anything about here. In response to your why change question: - classic does not display nicely on mobile - classic does not support a very wide set of scoring compared to our Draft Dominator tool - there’s a bunch of ideas we had for new stuff that we’ve done here too. I don’t think I’ve seen a single comment here on the Matchup screen - positive or negative - so it doesn’t look like people are checking these things out before passing judgement - look around the industry: there’s a few MyFBG like systems now and compared to others, classic MyFBG is not as polished
  10. Thanks @Tom Hagen, that makes sense. I'll add it to the list. *edit: done. Just waiting for tomorrow's release! I'm still hearing issues with spotting free agent highlighting. How do you guys feel about this idea:
  11. thanks! Email me (last name at ) the leagues with those lineup issues and I can look into that; unless it's an IR spot? Which we don't support right now (but are likely to next year) It should be the 5 second primer. If you're seeing 10 second on the new version, refresh the page, close the browser and then re-open. Just a quick note on this: we felt the 10 second primer had actually turned into something that people spent way more than 10 seconds on! We felt a need to split that down into two screens. One which just tells you our best advice, so if that's what you want, you can grab it and set your lineups accordingly. that's the 5 second primer. But the more detailed view - that you should be using if you're spending any amount of time on this other than just taking our best advice - is the Matchup screen. There is so much detail here. All 3 projection sets, you can edit the consensus projection balances, optimize to win percentage, view all players available to you (ie, your roster and all free agents) for any starting lineup spot, view charts for your matchup's win percentage, positional comparisons, points over time.... there's just an insane amount of stuff there. That's our most detailed view now and one we believe people will enjoy!
  12. yes, exactly. Anytime any of those icons doesn't make sense, try clicking on the player. The top of their player card then explains all their icons. In this case "start?" means you're not starting that guy, but we think you should. "bench?" means the opposite.
  13. It looks very clean and non sloppy to me so if there's a display issue I'd love to see that so I can fix it. My last name @ our domain is my email.
  14. Would love some more feedback on why that is, when you have some time. There was some fantastic feedback on that screen in the new version, all of which I addressed. It's now way more compact, and all the columns from the old version are there. Plus it has the stock up/down arrows, better display of tags, a few more useful columns and links through to the detailed player analysis screens. I don't see a reason now to use the old one but as always I'm all ears!
  15. It has full IDP support.