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  1. Simon Shepherd

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    You said name a play that they can run with Hill they can't with Brees. We agree that the option is such a play, right? Taysom Hill has 5.9 yards per carry. He merits some prep time.? Any time at all is time you need, with Drew Brees in charge of the base offense. If I'm an opposing DC I'm thinking, how do I cover a situation where two guys with the speed of Kamara and Hill lineup in the backfield? Maybe Newton/McCaffrey is similar enough to that but I can't think (completely off the top of my head!) anyone else who can do that. And we saw a little success last night with McCoy and Ivory (perhaps because the Pats hadn't prepared for it?!) This week for instance: the Rams so far have played the Raiders, Cardinals, Chargers, Vikings, Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers and Packers. None of those teams have anything like this Hill look (I think - please correct me if I'm wrong!). If I'm right there, I'd go on to say the Rams do not know what to do (enough) and they will be spending time on it this week. Anyway pulling this back to Tre'Quan. I don't think the Hill package necessarily excludes Smith. I pulled up some tape from Sunday on Game Pass. I didn't have to go further than 12:29 in the first quarter for a Taysom Hill play, with Smith on the field, running a route. Kamara lined up next to Hill in the backfield. The play was a deep pass targeted to Michael Thomas. So they will call long pass plays for Hill. and Smith will be on the field at the same time. This is great news for Smith's value. We shouldn't think of the Taysom Hill plays as lost plays for Tre'Quan Smith. When Smith is off the field and Hill is on it, from what I've seen that's in a goal to go situation in which case, that's not really Smith's area of the field regardless of who's at QB.
  2. Simon Shepherd

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    Option run. Obviously they are never going to run that with Brees. So defenses need to prepare for it. I think where your point falls flat is the difference between "can be run" versus "would be run". Payton is never going to put a 39 year old Drew Brees on a designed run play (ignoring QB sneaks which Brees does in a sneaky thrust-the-ball-out-then-pull-it-back kind of way!). So defenses are obviously not going to waste time preparing for that. Taysom Hill however makes you prepare for that. Because a) if he's on the field you know Payton might call it and b) if he does, he's fast enough to catch you out on the perimeter (Brees is not).
  3. Simon Shepherd

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    The reason Payton loves the Hill package is that it's working right now, but I think more so that it has to be a serious PITA for defenses to prepare for. They can run so many different plays out of it and it's a style of football that really couldn't be more different than Drew Brees under center. Opposing DCs have to devote time to preparing for it. So just running it for a few plays a game makes life that much easier for the rest of the offense (including Tre'Quan Smith)
  4. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    Ok; we’re definitely in support desk territory here. email me using my last name at our domain with the OS, browser you’re using on desktop and I’ll see what I can do.
  5. Is this just on the classic primer or everywhere? It sounds like an issue with the lineup settings for your league
  6. Send it directly to me if you’ve been unhappy with help desk. My email is my last name at our domain. more often than not this issue is the other way round (correct on new, wrong on classic) as new supports much more scoring i answered a similar email today where someone was hand counting projections to fantasy points and saying it didn’t match up; turns out they weren’t accounting for bonuses but the new system was theres always a logical explanation!
  7. That’s not the case. if there’s an issue with your particular league please contact support at apps at footballguys dot com
  8. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    There's a new version today (1.5.96). It adds a different format to the 5 Second Primer that is exactly the same as the classic version. To access this, go to 5 Second Primer, hit Settings & Sync top right and then switch to the classic option. There's also a small fix for the Projs column on top 200 forward, and some other minor cosmetic changes. Users of the iOS web app on saved-to-homescreen mode should see the app remember the last page you were viewing between loads now too.
  9. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    I'm not able to replicate that one. Weekly weights work fine for me and change the rankings exactly as I'd expect them to. Sometimes it's different people doing these. Bob Henry does the forward projections, whereas the info in the email for waiver wire pickups would have been from Sigmund Bloom. But we are always discussing things in the background. I am not seeing Johnson ranked way way higher than Chubb at all though. In my league Chubb is listed 10th overall. I suspect that you are looking at the top 200 forward before it's been updated for the current week. If that's the case on the new system there is some grey text just above the player's table explaining that top 200 forward projections have not yet been released for the current week. We release those by 2pm EST Tuesday every week (usually earlier).
  10. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    It’s a completely different algorithm. it essentially now does VBD calculations for every week of the season and then sums them together for each week. theres a button on the page you can hit that gives you a full explanation of how it’s calculated yes, always go with the new version at (it’s not really an app per-say; it’s a website that displays nicely on mobile too) it will be using more of your scoring rules for your league and everything there strongly considered the classic version and how it worked, and how we can improve on that.
  11. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    No because the new one has our latest, best algorithms and uses more of your scoring rules where they disagree new is always better
  12. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    Yes! Yes, it would do that too.
  13. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    Why not use the new version? It’s 100% feature matched to the old one. I believe the issue with classic was fixed yesterday.
  14. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    Working fine for me i can see Breida and Brees
  15. Simon Shepherd

    New MyFootballguys (Top 200 Forward, Primer etc)

    @heckmanm, IR spots are not supported this year but this is something that has passed our 5% of leagues test so we will look to support that for next year.