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  1. I'm not sure without looking at the specifics of the league. It depends on so many factors (number of teams, number of teams who make the playoffs etc) Because chromebooks can support USB mice and our mobile version is optimized for finger-tapping only. On chromebook the online version at works just fine.
  2. Let me know your username so I can take a look. Not really; accuracy is not an absolute thing to measure. When you look into how sites like FantasyPros have done that, you see how subjective any system that analyses accuracy is.
  3. The DD Classic is not something I can help with. Please try Bruce at henderson@ the footballguys domain.
  4. Please email me . This is the wrong forum for the DD Online and we don't do support for this stuff on the forums. But I'll get you the help you need over email. I suspect you just need to use instead of
  5. Yes. Click the pick in the draft board, click a player to replace them with, then hit "Replace". There's also an "Insert" option there that puts the player into the pick and moves everyone after down one pick.
  6. You can try positional adjustments under the wrench icon above the players list This thread is for the new version, not for Classic. There's a dedicated subforum for classic - try asking there. Yes, absolutely. As always we'll import this right if you're importing the league; if you're importing manually then the "Different per position" switch on the edit scoring screen is what you need here. It's quite a big change and will move TEs up a fair bit (as it should)
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by the older version - do you mean Draft Dominator Classic? If so that's here :
  8. yes; and you can export them into CSV format I'm afraid we don't support this. Are you sure those are set on Yahoo correctly? My 0.5 PPR league imports fine from Yahoo. If so, please open a ticket. The online version works great on macs. Phew the draft disappearing thing had me worried for a second there! I'd love to sort the Yahoo sync issues out or look into them a bit to see if the system was misbehaving itself. Generally Yahoo is amongst my highest confidence imports; they have a nice clean API and my own league is there so I test it frequently! Please email me with your username and the name of the Yahoo league. Thanks. No, sorry.
  9. Hey all. Sorry for my late responses here; I'm not sure I'm getting the notifications on this thread via email as I should. You can edit individual players up from the wrench icon above the list then Edit Players. There's no single place to go to move all rookies up. If you need more help with this one, please go to the help desk : . I'm happy to give general advice in this thread, but when we need to get to specifics of a league we need to move over there. Thanks. Same comment as above: for specific league stuff, please go to the helpdesk. I'm sorry if this sounds evasive. We just have to have processes for how we handle stuff in August or it gets out of control. No, this is not a known issue. Please open a ticket at helpdesk. Please include details of the browser and OS you're using. Ok; you two are the only people who've reported this. Maybe one other help ticket, but I haven't completely tracked that one down. Again, is the place to get assistance. Not in this thread. Thanks - I'll file this with the staff.
  10. Tough for me to comment on this without knowing the exact league settings. But in a superflex league, yes it's going to get you drafting QBs. Because it knows a threat to superflex leagues is not being able to start two QBs in any given week. Did you check BestBall under Draft Settings? Sorry. We can't support those old iPads anymore. They just don't have enough RAM to handle the amount of calculations we do, and the view components we use. That sounds like a DD Classic thing. Not something from the new Draft Dominator. Try setting the VBD baselines manually for this - it's on the same screen as the position adjustments.
  11. The VBD values are not fixed. It will absolutely set lower baselines by itself for 2 QB leagues. If you set them manually, take a read of the text at the top of that screen. It explains how you should setup a new league-specific profile for any such changes, so they don't apply to all your leagues
  12. Let me know if this video is helpful here:
  13. 1 - this has never made sense to me - can someone explain how this works? doesn't that mean that theoretically when all the players left will go for $1 someone can just have a "run" and take all the best ones without anyone else having a say? The Draft Dominator can only do 1-12, 1-12 style auction nominations, so it won't help you track who's next to nominate, but since that's always the last team who won a bid, that's not a problem. And it should just let you enter the player nomination even if it has the nominating team wronng. 2) Yes but not on IE. That should work on Edge and will definitely work in non-incognito chrome. IE just doesn't have the bleeding edge tech to support that feature.