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  1. some more improvements at 10 second primer fixes for WR/TE combined leagues and other minor fixes default weekly weight to 0 for week 17 shows up to 5 alternative FAs on the primer now (rather than 1) legend for 10 second primer added 10 second primer now even easier to read than before rest of year forward rankings across all positions - new optimal algorithm for this stats to date under Season Rankings - sortable by any stat, across all positions Please check it out and give me your feedback! thanks
  2. The Waiver/Trade app does not have a difference value; it rates trades by starter points, bench points and bench depth. You'll see differences between the way that the Classic applications and the modern mobile/web tools that we do calculate stuff. Generally speaking, our latest algorithms are in the new mobile/web tools, and they support a wider range of league settings also.
  3. That's correct, although we'll be tabbing this screen down into both those views soon, I think, to make this clearer.
  4. Top 200 equivalent is now there. Check it out under Season Rankings!
  5. If this was a non-beta app, I'd be scrambling around trying to fix it. But instead I'm going to optimistically hope they can sort it out! Never a good thing for a browser when all the others including microsoft browsers display it fine...
  6. Thanks; I'll make this clearer on the page it redirects you to, but this online version is for desktop/laptops only. For mobile devices, the mobile apps are what you need to use (but they are currently $0.99 each so you can't go far wrong there!)
  7. Just giving this a bump for the weekend.
  8. About to deploy these changes: more tweaks to the Time matchup analysis chart improvements to UI on 10 second primer for readability hiding the button that switches displayed columns, if all columns are already displayed using subtle colors in SOS ranks, so it's clear (from the perspective of your players playing these defenses) 1st = good and 32nd = not good fix for Ryan Fitzpatrick turning into Ryan Fitzmagic in week 12 (never gonna happen) lists of players should now refresh after syncing rosters if stores don't load after 20 secs, a pleasant error message is now shown rather than "loading..." forever adding last 6 weeks, points per game so far and total points so far to roster-based player lists sorted column indicator is now clearer Firefox display is currently a nightmare but I think their latest browser release is horrific (from a developer-perspective) so I will give them a month or so to clean it up before spending time fixing all their errors. Please keep the feedback coming! This is an ideal time to get your suggestions implemented! August/September we rarely have time nor want to be taking risks of changing stuff. I have the next couple of weeks still to work on this and only a week's worth or so of issues and features.
  9. @wakelawyer In the future, I'm going to have this auto-sync each league as soon as you set it to the active league - if it hasn't been synced in the last hour. So as soon as you go from one league to another, it'll sync, if it needs to, at that time. I've also added a Sync All button! It's under the Settings menu on the 10 second primer. That's the only place where all your leagues are viewed at the same time with analysis of some kind; so the only place where a sync all is really needed.
  10. @Pigskin Fanatic Ok, so I think on the potential bug, what's missing is the ability for you to edit whether or not the league is bestball/draftmaster. Bizarrely that's only been something editable from the draft dominator previously! It's now editable from the edit leagues screen here too. On adding links to the ranking page: the weekly cheat sheets should be identical to Lineup Dominator => Week Rankings. If there's a difference there I'm missing, please let me know! Preseason cheat sheets will be handled by the Draft Dominator. The top 200 is there under Waiver/Trade => Season Rankings although broken down by position right now - that's next up on the list!
  11. This is just for desktop and laptops. iPad users need to use the apps in the app store.
  12. @stickboyyou're just missing a combined top 200 list here, correct?
  13. thanks; a separate developer handles the league integration and I've raised this with him.
  14. Ok guys this is back online. I have made lots of improvements! when you select a player, it will display the player's tab most relevant to the list you selected him from. E.g. if on weekly rankings, it'll show you the breakdown of his points for the week. But from a trade screen, how he will help your roster etc. some cleaning up in performance, not hitting some unnecessary routes when data isn't available showing warnings when you're viewing lists that are powered by Bob Henry's rest of season numbers, but we haven't yet published those to the site for this week bug fixes for when matchups are settled to 100% certainty: having the matchup analysis graphs still display correctly and win % numbers say 100% and 0% rather than just being blank improvements to the by time graph on Matchup => Analysis. I cut out all the useless time periods, e.g. between the end of Thursday night football and the Sunday 1pm games. Still very much looking for feedback on this chart and screen. improved tab UI for desktop: active tab now underlined, and tab font size increased.