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  1. Thanks guys @GoBears84 the best thing to do is probably wait a couple of weeks until @Joe Bryant and I do the extended demo video or watch last year's one on YouTube The classic DD has it's way of doing things and is of course a fantastic app in it's own right The way the new one works is in places quite different So while ADP is not directly editable you can manipulate it and with the new one you can program tendencies on a per team basis rather than ADP for the whole league only
  2. Hey @GoBears84 thanks for taking a look ! Custom ADP is not supported here. We have a different solution which is to create rankings profiles for your league or each individual team describing their tendencies. The ADP in the app then adjusts accordingly. You can setup third round flip draft order from the teams and draft order screen.
  3. Opinions differ on that; that much is clear! I don't want to get into that as I think the back and forth on it has played out already. But I wanted you guys to know that this is something where I have seen Joe and David spend a very large amount of time thinking and talking about, and the intentions are only good.
  4. Joe has put a huge amount of time and thought into the forums the last month and continues to do so It's a busy time and there's lots he could be doing but he's invested a ton here If Joe and David wanted them shut that'd be a super easy thing to do. It hasn't been done
  5. hey @Binky The Doormat First down support is in the Draft Dominator this year:
  6. They’ll be at least one bundle; you can buy the Draft Dominator now and upgrade to the bundle later
  7. This sounds more like the Classic Draft Dominator than this new version? In any case: this is an individual support question so please head on over to - Mitchell will be glad to lead the charge there to get this problem sorted.
  8. ok thanks. I will make sure the warning shows there. I'm sorry that's the case for Yahoo leagues. Their API is extremely complete until it comes to anything to do with drafts. V frustrating!
  9. hey @Mr McGibblet yahoo don't publish draft owners on their API When you imported a league you should have been shown a warning about this; go to More => Edit All My Leagues then hit Details => Import Warnings for the league. If you don't have a warning about yahoo draft orders there, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. It's definitely a footballguys page. I'll alert @Memphis Foundry to take a look at those login issues
  11. So the Online version is sold as part of the subscription. If you're an FBG subscriber, you're good to go there. Otherwise, you can continue to use it all summer long, but the data will freeze to whatever we have on June 15. Android and iOS are both $4.99 and are one purchase per Google Play/iTunes Store account. So if you want it on an iPad and an iPhone, you'd only need to pay once. Likewise with an Android phone and tablet. But if you want it on an android phone and an iPad, you'd need to buy it separately in both stores. Apple and Google don't play nice with crediting purchases from each other's systems!
  12. Hey all, The Draft Dominator is released for 2018! Here are the links: Online: Android: iOS: Support As always guys any general questions/discussion about the app - fire away here. To report any issues, bugs or to get help using the app, please open a ticket at our help desk: And here's what we changed for 2018: Offline functionality for chrome and firefox - works even with completely zero internet connection Drafts are now all synced with the cloud across all your devices Import leagues from host websites: every last setting including draft order included. No more manually entering any league scoring or keepers! View under the more menu to edit all your fantasy leagues at any time More triggers for syncing with the cloud automatically, such as when you visit the edit leagues or list draft screens Gold/silver/bronze star system for snake drafts: the top picks are assigned these icons to make tiers obvious for the best available players. Sometimes you might have 1 gold player and 4 bronze; the gold is clearly the best pick. Another time you may have 5 gold, 3 silver and 0 bronze - so 5 great picks, 3 reasonable alternatives and no-one else you should consider. Loading draft dialog: progress bar, draft and league title, and a helpful tip for using the app each time you load a draft. Desktop UI: Correct hover and cursor effects across all screens Cleaner spacing of all the columns 2 column layout meaning the app works in a browser window as narrow as 620px (as well as the 3 and 4 column layouts from last year) Players can be picked, nominated, unpicked or added/removed to/from the shortlist directly from the players list, without having to first open the player card Menu system much cleaner and easier to use New pick UI: On the draft board list, selecting a pick now shows details for that pick in a modal panel instead of a small window bottom left. The panel automatically switches to the next pick in real drafts; picks can therefore be entered quicker than ever before making it easy to keep up even on 30 second timers In auction drafts, our current valuation for the player is now always visible whenever a player is up for auction From the new pick view, the selected or nominated player's player card is also directly available Pretty colors back for selected picks on the draft board list! As well as capitalization of player names, therefore making the draft board list look as much as possible like a IRL draft board Mock auction bidding now happens directly above the draft board list, not in the pick view, so on large devices, it is always visible top left of the screen - it's the most important part of the screen during an auction, so that's where it belongs. Draft board list automatically scrolls to the current pick in the draft, whenever it changes Other minor UI tweaks to match the colors and fonts of the Footballguys website Draft start/resume buttons moved to always be directly above the draft board, where they belong New column system on the players list. Much easier to switch between column groups (e.g. VBD, Analysis, Projections etc.) On desktop, every column now also has a tooltip to explain exactly what the metric means (e.g. the VBD start column explains exactly it means) On desktop, draft results and cheat sheets can be directly downloaded and printed, without needing to first send a link to your email Draftmaster improvements will draft and suggest more defenses/kickers to cover all weeks uses a customized positional need ratio Flexible positions per site: your MFL league lists Kahlil Mack as a linebacker but Footballguys has him as a defensive end? Not a problem anymore. The app now switches to whatever position he's in for the league you currently are drafting in. Incoming stats can be decimals for games played, touchdowns and some other categories Auto-Imported keepers can be assigned to a specific pick in a specific round Support for passing, rushing and receiving first down scoring Small tablets or "phablets" may now be able to use the landscape column layout on android All tablets and iPads can now be rotated to portrait mode, going down to the 2 column view if necessary Renaming EDP to ADP+ The active draft can now be deleted at any time from the list drafts screen Minor ui changes: Position selector hover/selected effects to make it more obvious For auction drafts, in the 4 column view, there is now a list of teams with their remaining budgets and max allowed bids in the 4th column Sliders: killing the ugly shadow. Making them bigger for an easier target to drag around Rankings profile: some help text to explain how to use this advanced view Bolding the rank column of the main players list to make it super clear this is the most important column for snake drafts The same for the retail column in auction drafts The main settings menu on large devices was moved into two columns to prevent it overflowing vertically on smaller screens Cheat sheets: keepers marked Auction values now 100% consistent with the players list for the first overall pick Bug fixes: Issue with alert boxes on desktop being unclosable and therefore freezing the app Preventing users manually zero'ing roster or scoring settings (this would prevent drafts from loading) Issue where teams having more keepers than the roster size of the league would deduct draft picks from other teams, as well Increased default AI picking speed in mock drafts All data update issues on desktop resolved Mock auction freeze issue Display fixes for auction drafts that use decimal bidding Draft board grid display: align team columns wherever possible Auction drafts no longer force everyone to draft a complete starting lineup (although the AI will still always try to do this) Issue where mock auctions initial bid selector was corrupting any future use of message prompts - not allowing text to be entered in them (e.g. "Please enter the name of your new rankings profile" prompt could get disabled) RB/WR flex + WR/TE combined leagues will now always have an optimal lineup selected for them every time. Previously it was possible for a WR to go in the RB/WR slot and a RB left on the bench, instead of the RB being placed in the RB/WR slot and the WR in the WR/TE slot.
  13. We're done with signups here for now - thanks guys
  14. CBS is not yet online for 2018 so we can't add support for it yet. We're keeping an eye on this page: and as soon as they're back we're probably around a week away from having the integration setup.
  15. yes please do. Please mark it FAO Simon and include your OS, Firefox version and FBG username. Thanks. Things can't get fixed unless I get the details there.