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  1. So I was 'tasked'/'volunteered with trying to run an office DFS Salary style league for a bunch of football fans that don't really know anything about DFS or even fantasy sports in general. Do any sites allow private contests that allow for variable amount of owners? Preferably on a week to week contest, winner take all. i.e. I'd like to set the league/comtest for 10-12 owners, but I want the weekly contests to run even if we only get 6 or 7. Some people will ignore the invites or overall be unreliable week to week until they become addicted to it. Seems like Fanduel and Yahoo both allow private leagues or 'friends' leagues but you need to hit the ownership for a winner take all to run. I'd hate to set it at 10 owners and have 9 sign up and excited just for the contest not to run. Are there any workarounds that would allow this? A year long style league with little to no money guaranteed? Again, the goal is to let people try it out and see if they like fantasy sports, smack talk and the social aspect as apposed to taking their money. Thanks
  2. Giants OL Chris Snee talking about Darkwa's carries Thanks! So at this point he is nothing more than a stash. Likely proved he deserves to be on the field ahead of Andre at best. But I like the comments in the video breakdown. So if he is impressing at practice and his linemen are pulling for him, maybe there is something here. What is Coughlins history with guys like this? He isn't a rookie, and he impressed enough to get valuable touches in the Dallas game. If he continues to do everything right, is Coughlins the type that will move on or will he keep plugging Jennings out there because they paid him?
  3. Foster owner. Blue and Polk are both available. Which one? Darkwa... Wow. Nice runs. Anything on him or was that just a fluke spell with Jennings/Vereen/Williams sucking?
  4. Correct. Brutal game to watch regarding the ground game. AP had one good run and not much else. Asiata almost looked better, but was just because the line happened to open things up on two plays. Guess West is a hold, wasn't planning on dropping just yet... But good to see the fumble was a fluke. I had missed it and just assumed it was on him. Just hope Reid picks one guy and gives him 20. That way I can either hold or cut and move on!
  5. No. No it wasn't. The Ravens had concerns about the K balls, which are not handled by the team staff at all. Not even remotely related. So your saying there was some bad reporting regarding the whole "Deflategate" fiasco?!?! Shocked! Seriously though, thanks for the link. I had always respected Harbaugh as a coach/leader... Good to know the reports were full of crap (all the way around)
  6. So.... Did he even get a snap? Everyone else caught a pass. Lots of hope and a complete no show in a blowout?!?! Think this just isn't gonna happen.
  7. Think the real lesson is you want neither guy. West appeared to get the majority of the snaps, but did split. And the fumble was a game killer. Davis was in at the end. Guessing West is droppable unless the coaching staff rallies to his defense. Can't see them not using Davis as the primary back next week.
  8. Everyone says this is the revenge game. I don't think that will happen until next year. Or whoever Baltimore and Harbaugh are on the slate again. Wasn't it his crying over the lose and lineman confusion that set the whole thing in motion?
  9. Held him for the game just because I feared he would explode in prime time and I wouldn't be able to get him back. Cut him for Jordan Cameron ( who will likely get cut as Miami continues to suck ) Feels good, weight lifted off my shoulders. Totally cathartic
  10. Great, thanks for that. So my gut feeling was sort of right. When he has a guy he likes, he rolls with him. Problem of course is both Davis and West are guys he has picked. On the plus, West has moved from UDFA to #2 on the depth chart, so he most have impressed in some way. So it seems like it's his job IF he can hold unto it. Just a matter of beating on him failing or succeeding IMHO. Gut says a guy that has put in the work to go from UDFA to impressing enough to make the team and climb the chart isn't gonna flub it now.
  11. Ok, serious question. I keep seeing people say RBBC, neither guy will be useful, hot hand, blah blah blah. Has Reid ever used a RBBC or "hot hand" style with his RBs? I was under the impression that he does not. Granted with guys like JC, Shady and Westbrook, it's understandable. What has he done in the past with JC injury? All Davis? Someone mentioned Battle... Was there a RBBC? Don't remember McCoy's injury history in philly. Westbrook was constant last minute drill, but I seem to remember it being just one backup behind him. My point/question is this should end up being West or Davis. One of these guys will have low RB2 value the other will be droppable or handcuff. Or do I have it wrong? Went all in on West. Play the JC owner this week and another team already owned Davis. At 5-0 it seemed like a decent gamble. (FA and 0 bid system)
  12. He must just not have the playbook down. Except for that last play, which went for 8, it is so predictable. Defense knows he is getting the ball before the snap. Finish strong so I can trade this bum....
  13. This situation just baffles me. Spiller is a constant tease I get it. But he looks healthy, the speed sure seems to be there, he has a fat paycheck... And Robinson consistently gets more snaps!? I do think Ingram looks really good, better than previous years and deserves to be the guy. I drafted Spiller as the COP back, but that appears to be Robinson. Is he not picking up the play book? Blocking? There has to be SOME reason he is 3rd in rotation.
  14. Surprisingly this has happened in one of my leagues a few times. It sucks. The most generic answer is to announce it to the league and place west in a separate blind auction. Ask all owners to bid, even if just a zero. West goes to the highest. Ask an owner or co commish who has no interest to process the bids.
  15. Not sure if it still works this way but.... Couple years ago yahoo would process the waivers a few hours before the results. You could basically sit up and wait, and in the wee hours of the morning you would see the unclaimed players become FA while the claimed players would still be on the wire but with the WW instead of FA designation. Then after an hour or so the system would make the roster changes needed. My guess is the system had already figured out who got who, but hadn't actually made the changes yet. If it makes you feel any better, in that situation, you were likely outbid and that's why it let you cancel in the first place. Post # 103 above explains it best I think.