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  1. Or they could ague my facts and we could have a discussion. I'll admit it's hard for them to do, since they are you, know..FACTS. It's far easier to LABEL me a TROLL then win the argument. But I get it...if I lived in CLE maybe I would put my head in the sand too....
  2. I love that your calling me a TROLL, but you won't refute my statements. But then, you really can't.
  3. Yep, I was just about to leave LA and move to CLE. It has so much to offer.
  4. By this do you mean guys putting their head in the sand and keeping the "one QB away" dream alive? My list is accurate, sorry but that's the truth. CLE is CLE, that is not going to change. Why don't you go watch that puff piece "The draft" if you want a feel good Browns story. Your not going to get it on the field.
  5. Any agent worth his commission would tell a client with other options (especially a QB) to go someplace else. Free agent QBs who have gone to CLE have had like a 95% failure rate since 1999. Why would anyone go there is they had other options. A "starting job" is not necessarily the best move for your career. I know about 15 former Browns QB's who would agree. Let's look at a list of guys who would probably agree with me.. 2017DeShone Kizer (15) / Kevin Hogan (1) 2016Robert Griffin III (5) / Josh McCown (3) / Cody Kessler (8) 2015Josh McCown (8) / Johnny Manziel (6) / Austin Davis (2) 2014Brian Hoyer (13) / Johnny Manziel (2) / Connor Shaw (1) 2013Jason Campbell (8) / Brandon Weeden (5) / Brian Hoyer (3) 2012Brandon Weeden (15) / Thad Lewis (1) 2011Colt McCoy (13) / Seneca Wallace (3) 2010Colt McCoy (8) / Jake Delhomme (4) / Seneca Wallace (4) 2009Brady Quinn (9) / Derek Anderson (7) 2008Derek Anderson (9) / Brady Quinn (3) / Ken Dorsey (3) / Bruce Gradkowski (1) 2007Derek Anderson (15) / Charlie Frye (1) 2006Charlie Frye (13) / Derek Anderson (3) 2005Trent Dilfer (11) / Charlie Frye (5) 2004Jeff Garcia (10) / Kelly Holcomb (2) / Luke McCown (4) 2003Kelly Holcomb (8) / Tim Couch (8) 2002Tim Couch (14) / Kelly Holcomb (2) 2001Tim Couch (16) 2000Doug Pederson (8) / Tim Couch (7) / Spergon Wynn (1) 1999Tim Couch (14) / Ty Detmer (2) Yeah I don't think too many of these guys would be telling anyone they would go back to CLE if they could do it all over.
  6. I realize I'm being unfair here. I really should give the Browns their due they have so much to offer free agent players. Here is a summary: A. Great Weather B. A World class town with entertainment, the arts, glamor and glitz C. Lot's of endorsement opportunities D. A huge market E. Lot's of opportunities to get on prime time TV F. A team that is "one QB away"-I hear that a lot on this thread. G. Great ownership (It's not like the guy was accused of ripping off hard working Americans) F. A franchise that sets new bars for success, and has a culture of success Why any free agent would be a fool to pass all this up. Plus they have all that money to spend. It can work our great, just ask KENNY BRITT!
  7. Let's see... NY JETS NY GIANTS (ELI can be beat out) Broncos Cardinals Bills Jaguars Vikings Those are just off the top of my head. There are also several places he could go be the back-up and have a better opportunity long term: Chargers TEXANS COLT BALTIMORE PITTSBURGH The reality is that the Browns in the last 17 years have been a place where QB's go to see their careers die. Show me that I'm wrong. Better even as a back-up then going to CLE.
  8. Quick call a moderator. This guy dared to say the browns will fail. Funny when I say it I get suspended. But he says it and it's ok? HUH?
  9. How about a place where QB's don't just go to Die? He would be better off going to another team and being a "bridge" QB then going to the Browns.
  10. Yes a perfect example of whats wrong with AMERICA today. One cannot do anything that could possibly upset anyone or they get muzzled and treated poorly. A rose is a Rose, and a Dog is a Dog, and the truth is the truth. I'm sure I'll be suspended, but whatever. If speaking the truth without a bunch of PC feel good fluff makes me the bad guy after helping protect this country and it's freedom, that's sad. All you have to do is prove me wrong but you can't so you go to "Mommy" to make the "bad man" go away. It does not change the truth, but it will make you feel better.
  11. I think they are being too "old school" with the position and need to give Johnson more carries even if he is a little on the smaller side. He is a playmaker. Crowell is just a thumper, they need playmakers.
  12. Yes, and for every guy on your list we have 3-4 that are out of the NFL or are waiver wire fodder. My point is you can't really build a fantasy team by drafting rookie WR's. You can throw darts and pray. The quality of the prospect WR's has gone way down.
  13. Ahhh so only POSITIVE comments are allowed here. I seem to remember places like GERMAN and RUSSIA that made sure to get rid of people who did not agree with the party line. Did I get transported to those places? I posted several valid comments that I don't think your going to get your dream free agents to come to CLEVELAND. The facts bear me out. When was the last high quality free agent that came to CLE? Funny I cannot remember one. But I'm the bad guy for speaking the truth? If I'm wrong, please tell me the last BLUE CHIP FREE AGENT who signed with the BROWNS. You can't do it can you? Your letting your frustration at the team color the fact that I am speaking the truth, but you don't like it so I become the problem.