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  1. If Keenan Evans isn't at full strength on Saturday then I love the Jayhawks in that game.
  2. That was the booster rockets that came back. Spaceman & the Tesla are still out there conquering other galaxies.
  3. Recently Browsing 3 members Penguin GAlmgren BrutalPenguin
  4. As far as audits go I believe the IRS can only go back 7 years worth of filing but can do unlimited years where no return was filed.
  5. Ariel Helwani‏Verified account @arielhelwani 8h8 hours ago UFC just sent out another press release about tonight’s UFC 223 presser. This time, it calls Ferguson/Khabib a “lightweight title bout.” It didn’t state that yesterday.
  6. Was your username influenced by the original Shuke from the 18th century or the modern day one?
  7. FFPC Dynasty QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2Flex PPR Team A received rookie 1.05 Team B received JuJu
  8. Seeing 9.5 everywhere now and even a 10. The implied team total for the Jags is 18.5 which seems very low after they just got done hanging 45 on Pittsburgh.
  9. Seeing New England -8.5 and -9 out there
  10. Seeing New England -8.5 & 46 at Bet online, Pats -9 & 45.5 @ Westgate
  11. Heck Wilson was the #1 overall scoring player in Zealots standard leagues, former Phenoms PPR style leagues and #2 in FFPC leagues in 2017. Like him or not as a real life QB but the kid put up monster numbers.
  12. I'm not so sure Cooper falls all that much if they release Crabtree, there's not much else there other than Cook.
  13. Cutoff is at 84 and climbing now