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  1. Crazy that the Cop that killed him and Floyd worked together as security at the same club ETA: Not 20 years ago, in the past year
  2. I'm watching this like Cosmo Kramer is our President
  3. Unemployment rate is going to be sky high with nowhere to work after this
  4. His best friend died in the fire at the plant they were working at
  5. I can understand that but there's always the argument that even if one of these 3 year olds won the TC it's tainted as 1) they were run out of order and the Belmont was shortened making the Derby the longest leg 2) the spacing of the three races makes for much more recovery, the whole TC feat was to win these 3 grueling races in 5 weeks with the final leg being a 1 1/2 and 3) The later starts are making for more mature and stronger 3 year olds. It's uncharted territory and crazy times we are living in
  6. Season 1 and season 3 are very good. Season 2 isn't worth watching.
  7. So he's using total nursing home cases statewide vs. nursing home deaths where as you are using total deaths statewide vs. nursing home deaths.