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  1. I go sharking with my younger brother each summer, usually just tournaments. He's got a Master's Captain 200 ton license and is an LT. in the FDNY Marine division. Funny thing is we usually go out on a tiny 23 foot Mako, lol.
  2. With a forecast calling for heat in the mid-to-high 90s along the Eastern Seabord, a number of racetracks have moved to cancel their Saturday cards, including Saratoga, where New York Racing Association officials called it a "sensible decision" not to run. A seemingly growing list also includes Delaware Park, Maryland's Laurel Park, Pennsylvania's Parx Racing and New York's Finger Lakes. Kentucky's Ellis Park has canceled Friday, while Laurel Park also already axed its Sunday card with heat indexes possible in the range of 110-115 degrees. Link of heatness
  3. Saratoga cancelled their Saturday card Arlington debating cancelling Friday & Saturday Monmouth's gonna mid 90's and feel like 110 for the Haskell Saturday
  4. I may be wrong on this but I don't see Blaine playing unless Jamis is absolutely horrid. With Evans, Godwin, Howard and apoor defense I see them throwing a lot and think they will all eat this year.
  5. I saw a stat the other day, it was something along the lines that L.Murray is one of only four RB's to have 6 or more rushing TD's the last three years with Zeke, Gurley and Gordon.
  6. I haven't seen Chubb, Hill, Lockett or Henderson fall as far as that in the redrafts I have done. I agree on Winston and R.Anderson, I've been snagging Winston as my QB2 late and taking Anderson as a flyer. Amari Cooper I'm torn on, while he definitely improved in Dallas, he's still wildly inconsistent. PPR points per game weeks 1 thru 6 in Oakland - 1.9, 21.6, 3.7, 26.8, 2.0, 0 - 56.0 in in 6 games with 48.4 of them in 2 games and 7.6 of them in 4 games PPR points per game weeks 9 thru 17 in Dallas - 16.8, 13.5, 6.6, 38.0, 15.5, 49.7, 7.2, 6.0, 8.1 - 161.2 in 9 games with 87.7 of them in 2 games and 73.5 of them in 7 games
  7. I've been drafting Bruce Anderson late in rookie drafts as a flyer
  8. I really like the way Ensan's been playing
  9. I've been trying to send him (in an FFPC league where he's my #2 behind Watson) for Winston and a late 2020 1st with no luck so far
  10. Springsteen made a cameo tonight playing with a E Street cover band on West End beach about a 1/2 block from me. He's been in town all weekend and was born here
  11. While the inconvenience factor is basically the same as in any city and greater than any rural area, the $$$ factor is exponentially greater
  12. Btw, if you know a coder, they could easily write a script that calls him every minute or so