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  1. F'ing Brits steal another one from us
  2. Goff went 15/225/1/1 last week. Even after Cooper's 3/33/0 week he's still on pace for 193 pts. in a PPR. Not bad for an old FCS white rookie. That's T.Hill, A.Robinson, D.Hopkins, K.Benjamin, J.Crowder, W.Sneed, S.Diggs territory last year. And while some of those guys suffered thru bad/terrible QB play, so is he this season. Now, starting him over Crabtree is a little but he should be a decent "What the heck flex" play in PPR leagues that start 2WR/2Flex or 3WR/2Flex.
  3. From Dr. Jene Corey Coleman | Hand fracture | 4-6+ Weeks The Browns haven't released details on Coleman's injury. But hand fractures generally take around six weeks to heal and wide receivers struggle to play with any size splint. Coleman fractured a hand early last season and missed seven weeks. That's a reasonable starting point for this injury.
  4. Been watching the line move up all night, now GGG -190
  5. Yep! I think a lot of people were caught off guard by the early start
  6. His head and heart weren't in this fight. I don't know if it was a lack of confidence due to the previous decision, age (30's pretty old for these paperweights and he's had almost 50 pro fights) or something else, but he just didn't seem like himself. I think we've seen the last of him. Lampley even mentioned that he looked off on Friday. I'm surprised the sharps didn't pick up on anything, he was a big favorite. Last I saw he was -355 around 8pm EDT. The Inoue fight should have been stopped at least a round earlier, if not two. Nieves was just running away, I felt embarrassed for him after awhile. Juan Fransisco Estrada - Carlos Cuadras was a real entertaining fight. I had it 114-113 right along with the three judges. Nice brain fart by Buffer announcing "Carlos Estrada" as the winner. Both camps thought they got the decision.
  7. Gilbert looked emaciated at 145
  8. I gave Nunes 1, 3 & 5 and Val 2 & 4. Very close rounds, that take down sealed the deal in my opinion, even though Shevchenko did more from the bottom. Shevchenko would be a beast at 125, not sure where that would leave the Bantemweight division, especially with talk of Nunes thinking about 145. Nunes - Justino would be a fun fight though.
  9. This is equivalent to the Touts that offer a month of free service when their "Game of the Year" losses.
  10. David Payne Purdum‏Verified account @DavidPurdum 1h1 hour ago From @CaesarsPalace: "In last three hours, we’ve written over 1,200 tickets on the fight, 92.8% of them have been on Conor McGregor."
  11. My guess is closer to midnight
  12. Officially they are saying the ring walk will not be before 11:15 EDT in any circumstance. I could be later than 11:15 depending on how long the earlier fights go. Ariel Helwani‏Verified account @arielhelwani 1h1 hour ago For all those asking: McGregor/Mayweather won't walk to the ring before 11:15 pm ET, according to multiple sources. Plan accordingly. Ariel Helwani‏Verified account @arielhelwani 60m60 minutes ago Of course, if undercard goes long, they could walk later, but again, no sooner than 11:15 pm ET / 4:15 am GMT / 8:15 pm PT, per sources.