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  1. I'm really struggling to figure out where he's gonna fit in Green Bay's offense. He's not really a full time RB and he's not a full time WR. Between the two I'm not sure he's more than a RB3/WR4/Flex type this year.
  2. Detroit has Abdullah, Riddick, Zenner & Washington. Just doesn't seem like a necessity for them either.
  3. The Giants have Perkins, Vereen, Gallman (just drafted) and Draughn (just signed.) Seems unlikely, Vereen counts 4.9 million against the cap and I can't see them cutting Perkins, Gallman or Draughn.
  4. True, but Bloom doesn't do in season IDP content and Dr. Jene will no longer be doing any.
  5. A good example of IDP being the red headed step sister here at FBG is the last IDP article (sans Jene's combined draft board) was in late March, almost a month and a half ago and a full month prior to the NFL draft.
  6. Can't be that much of a sleeper, he's going early to mid 2nd
  7. Top 5 in Vegas right now Dallas Cowboys 5/1 Atlanta Falcons 6/1 Seattle Seahawks 6/1 Green Bay Packers 13/2 New York Giants 10/1
  8. True, I think Perine, Kelly, Thompson & Marshall are the four they keep.
  9. I'd be really surprised if Sammy didn't overtake Kelley & Jones early on, at worst by week 5 or 6.
  10. Zealots Non-PPR J.Hill & 2.10 for H.Henry
  11. After NE signed Boldin I can't see them bringing Blount back. They have Burkhead, Boldin, White & Lewis now, they won't carry 5 RB's.
  12. Adding a second toilet to the master bathroom so we can advertize it as 1 and a 1/2
  13. Bet against the Reds with Pete Rose. They're 150-1 to win the NL Pennant and 300-1 to win the World Series so you should make some nice bank.
  14. Dimon is a foul ball