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  1. FFPC Dynasty PPR Team A gave - K.Allen, T.Cohen & 2019 2nd (late) Team B gave - M.Evans & 2019 1st (looks like top 3'ish)
  2. Saw this in an FFPC league M.Evans & N.Agholar for K.Allen & 2019 1st (mid pack)
  3. Virgil Green
  4. I just want to hear my boy Larry Collmus say, "and the 136 year curse of Apoolo is over!"
  5. I think it happened like 11 days in a row
  6. This is almost never the case. The Touts or Scamdicapper's as we like to call them almost never invest their own money on a game, it's just not practical. There's no reason for them to lay out their own money.
  7. An arrest warrant has been issued for Robby Anderson stemming from a misdemeanor reckless driving charge in Florida. The good news is this incident was previously known; Anderson had several felony charges thrown out in court after he was arrested in January. The only charge that stuck was misdemeanor reckless driving. The bad news is Anderson appears to have skipped his court date, which was scheduled for Tuesday. In a separate incident, Anderson is scheduled to go to trial for resisting arrest with violence and obstruction of justice in August. It would be a surprise at this point if Anderson did NOT open the 2018 season on at least a short suspension. Link
  8. Equanimeous! I like that landing spot
  9. The chick that plays "Joy" in that Verizon commercial has a little Maggie Siff to her
  10. Colts backfield going to mimic the Patriots
  11. Albert Breer‏Verified account @AlbertBreer 11m11 minutes ago The one known flashpoint in Derrius Guice’s pre-draft runup: The LSU RB claimed on Sirius that he was asked if he was gay and if his mom was a prostitute at combine. Multiple teams have told me since he’s admitted privately that he wasn’t being truthful about that.