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  1. 12 team PPR start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE ! Flex, K, DT Team A Traded 1.05 & 2019 3rd Team B traded T.Hill, 2.01 and 2019 2nd
  2. What's the deal with Under Armour? I know their latest earnings sucked but that stock has been beaten down almost 50% in just over 90 days, seems crazy to me.
  3. My man crush, sucks he's getting so much attention now.
  4. I scooped Hogan in every dynasty rookie/free agent draft I was in last year. Highest I paid was pick 3,10 in a 12 teamer, so #34 overall. In Zealots I picked him up in free agency prior to the draft for $10 out of my league high $350 Feel good all around, the kid's a scrapper and he's elusive. I'll take 9/180/2 against a busted up secondary, that's the exact stat line Julio posted against Green Bay's busted up secondary.
  5. there's potential for change in a lot situations.. A few QB situations up in the air, Several backfieds, including the Jets,Bills,Ravens, Possibly pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indy, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Dever, KC, Oak, SD, Philly, Giants, Washington, Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Saints, Tampa Bay, Carolina, San Fran, Seattle. WR's retiring like Steve Smith. It's a mess right now heading into the new league year. My best advice is to have soft rankings right now but keep them fluid thru free agency. then tighten them up before the rookie draft and again after the draft and keep an eye on a fe top undrafted free agents and where they sign, is the team fit right, is there opportunity to maybe make the53 man squad at some point.
  6. Not sure Maclin's all that valuable next year. He'll be 29 coming off a 44/536/2 stat line in 12 games and 4/28/0 in the playoffs. I don't see much value in Austin either. So to me this is basically Mike Evans for Fournette/Cook at 1.2 and Mike Williams/Corey Davis at 1.3 with D.Carr. Tough one to call but I can see a believer in the rookies taking the deal, especially if he needs a true QB1, then it's a no brainer for that side. Say Cook, M.Williams & Carr for M.Evans, I can see that depending on team needs and would probably give it a go if Carr > than what I had, Needed RB help in the form of Fournette or Cook and have a solid WR core that afford to gamble on letting Mike Davis go but will have M,Williams or Cory Davis to groom.
  7. 12 team PPR RB/WR/WR/WR/Flex Team A receives Chris Hogan Team B receives Paul Richardson
  8. Is he coming out? I thought he intended to return to school.
  9. AFC 1) NE 2) KC 3) Pitt 4) Hou 5) Oak 6) Mia NFC 1) Dallas 2) Atlanta 3) Seattle 4) GB 5) Giants 6) Washington Wild Card Rd Pitt over Miami Oakland over Houston Green Bay over Giants Seattle over Washington Divisional Rd NE over Oakland KC over Pitt GB over Dallas Atlanta over Seattle Conference Championships NE over KC GB over Atlanta Super Bowl GB over NE
  10. Stephen Hawking's outlook The Intelligent Industrial Revolution NVIDIA Xavier AI Chip Robots That Teach Each Other
  11. One thing to consider is that AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Deep Learning can teach themselves until they are able to perfect their assigned task. In the future they will be even better at that. So, what's to stop them from learning how to perfect a new task when their original task is no longer required? It's not like you're going to drive down the street and see a few hundred thousand dollars worth of outdated scrap metal on the curb. A simple software upgrade is all it will take to point them in the right direction of their next task and they will go from there.
  12. My company has been hammering us since 2012 about pivoting our skills to be in a good position come 2020. We were told roughly 80% of the current jobs at that time would no longer exist (at least in their current form, if not completely eliminated) in 2020. There would also be lots of new positions available, but it was on us to retrain, retool, certify etc. to be qualified for those new roles.
  13. I think the job market shift will be that there are a lot less unskilled/low skilled jobs out there and the newly created jobs will be of a higher skill level like programming and data scientists. That will jack a lot of people up that don't have the aptitude for those new specializations. Of course it could also help a lot of underemployed people that do have the aptitude.