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  1. I had the privilege of talking to you at the 2003 WCOFF Auction Master's draft. We were both just watching and I remember some team drafted Jeremy Shockey & Todd Heap back to back at the turn and you turned to me and said, "That's an interesting strategy." We ended up talking for like 20 minutes. Will always remember the Mr. Football days and Old Yeller, best of luck David!

    Interesting enough, the next day I drafted in the same 12 team WCOFF league and right next to Dave Gerczak @Leroy's Aces and his drafting partner. Dave was already highly regarded in the FF community, I believe he finished top 5 in the 2002 WCOFF. We both ended up fishing in the top 12 in 2003, good times.

    ETA: Gotta add a shout out to Appleton, Wisconsin

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  2. Been seeing Zeke switching teams all over the place recently. This one that just went down in an FFPC Dyno was really thought provoking...


    Zeke & T.Hill  (Currently 3rd in VP)


    Swift & Metcalf  (Currently 5th in VP)

    I guess it depends on how close you are to winning it all this year, but damn, if I wasn't a top 4'ish team I'd be tempted by the youth of Swift & Metcalf.

    Disclaimer: I am not involved, just thought it was really interesting, I actually like it for both sides.

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