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  1. Play calling was atrocious, execution was atrocious, Cam was bad. TB took CMC out of the running game and forced Cam to beat them, which worked out. My point is Samuel had a real nice game that should have been much better, no fault of his. Same with DJ Moore.Who knows if Cam is the QB ion a year or two or there is a better option slinging the ball. Bottom line is Samuel should not be a drop
  2. 14.3 in PPR in a game where Newton was way off on a lot of his throws, including one that should have been a Samuel's TD on the last play.
  3. was playing FB on Barber's TD run
  4. It was from the show. They rebranded as "Sons of Sylvia" but only released one album. They also were guest performers on American Idol
  5. Gimmie Shelter by the Clark Brothers
  6. Ben Shpigel @benshpigel BREAKING: Patriots WR Antonio Brown accused of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape, according to federal lawsuit filed Tuesday:
  7. You'd be better served to follow folks that use advanced analytics and trends that are more correlated to consistent metrics that lead to success
  8. It's not an exact science. It's an oblong ball that bounces in a funny way. Game scripts vary week to week, variables like defensive coverage, turnovers, weather, penalties, bad bounces etc all play a factor. You're fooling yourself if you are depending on one person's projections as it's just a best guesstimate
  9. Saw this go down today in an FFPC dynasty.. T.Hill and a 2020 4th M.Mack and a 2020 1st
  10. I'm around 248 with Fairbairn and Denver going. Decent but not championship material
  11. I thought Hill left the game in the 2nd series, early 1st quarter. Hardman had 1 target and 0 catches
  12. Bottom line, I think we can all agree that AB did not behave "professionally."
  13. Antonio Brown's latest YouTube video, celebrating his release.
  14. Kevin Clark @bykevinclark Bill Belichick slowly opens a warehouse door. It's revealed he hoarded every 2011 Schutt Air Advantage helmet in existence. "Well my work is done here," he says calmly.
  15. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Antonio Brown and the Patriots reached agreement on a 1-year deal worth up $15 million that includes a $9 million signing bonus, per source.