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  1. Mike Clay @MikeClayNFL Tyreek Hill on 38 routes against Bradley Roby in 2 games against Houston last season: 9 targets, 3 catches, 45 yards, 0 TDs Tyreek Hill against Roby and the Texans in the first half tonight: 2 targets, 1 catch, 7 yards
  2. I've tried hundreds of sauces over the years but Lucky Dog's "Year of the Dog" is my absolute favorite. i just ordered another 4 bottles a few minutes ago.
  3. I love how they keep showing how out of touch Johnny is with the current times. "What's wifi", "You have reached the smartphone voice mailbox of Cobra Kai" and my favorite "are Trapper Keepers still cool?"
  4. Being a Jersey guy that was in his late teens at the time, I had many adventurous days there . Such a crazy park
  5. Lol, the guy went off the track. down the Mountain, across I94 and landed in a swamp
  6. Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the UK all rising, this thing's not going anywhere.
  7. How fast do you go thru the filters with conditions like they are now?
  8. I don't think she's with him in Omaha. There was one episode that flashed forward to Gene coming home from Cinnabon to a small crappy apartment and he sat on the floor watching old VHS recordings of his "Better Call Saul" commercials
  9. With UFC judging, Stipe might need the 5th. We've seen some really crazy scoring over the years
  10. I have 2 units on Stipe -105. Cormier wants to go back to wrestling but I don't see him being able to do that for 25 minutes at his age.