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  1. Dexter Williams will surpass Jamaal once he's healthy, he may even surpass Jones
  2. 1st Half RB Report A.Jones - 3 touches 1.3 ppr J.Williams - 4 touches 3.9 ppr T.Cohen - 3 touches - 4.7 ppr M.Davis - 4 touches 2.7 ppr D.Montgomery - 5 touches - 1.8 ppr Just what we all expected
  3. Lol at the crowd going nuts after Pineiro's FG
  4. Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora Not going to repeat what I've heard AB called Mike Mayock out on the field Wednesday. don't have enough corroborating sources yet. But if what I was told is even in the ballpark of what was said then I can't see this player being there much longer
  5. Don't think his auto insurance is going to cover that, lol
  6. From what Rappaport is reporting it was mostly a one way shouting match with Brown doing the majority and it was about the fine and the letter. A few players had to hold him back including Burfict (believe it or not) and Antonio said he, "I'll hit you in the face" and punted the ball and said, "fine me for that"
  7. Hard Knocks really could have been so much better if they filmed an extra week
  8. I keep hearing it's going to turn East but it keeps moving due west, albeit at 5mph, but I'm still in that "I'll believe it when I see it stage"
  9. I'm just getting a feeling that this stays further south than the models are predicting, now how much further south or even if my feeling is right is up for debate
  10. Serious question, was it supposed to be still going due West at this point?
  11. I wouldn't be remotely interested in sending Mack and Woods for Evans, so I can see the resistance from the other owner
  12. Not much change with the 11pm update, still at 150 mph sustained, pressure at 940 MB and still moving west at 8 mph
  13. 140 mph with gusts up to 165 at landfall is no joke. Also predicted to slow down to 5 mph when inland, that's slightly faster than Harvey that sat on Houston for days
  14. Context Matters @dwainmcfarland James Washington playing week four of the preseason... another bad data point. Playing Z for fourth consecutive game (JJSS role). His chances of playing meaningful snaps (at least early in the season) appear low. Despite strong preseason he is a buy-hold candidate
  15. $88 would have bought me... QB - Wentz, Winston, J.Allen RB - Duke, Eckler, Cohen, Guice, Breida, D.Thompson, D.Henderson, K.Hunt, Pollard, D.Harris WR - Ridley, C.Davis, C.Kirk, Westbrook, Watkins, Fitz, M.Jones, Gallup, M.Hardmen, C.Samuel TE - H.Henry, V.MacDonald, J.Cook K - Zuerlein, Butker DT - Rams, Chargers Yes, i realize most auction leagues are shorter benches/rosters but $88 just rostered a pretty decent 30 man team with $112 to spare. The Dollar per point value is way out of whack with the top tier players.
  16. I get the fairness that auctions provide as anyone can win any player but the values or winning prices relative to value always shock me. For instance, here are some values from an auction tonight... Mahomes $46 D.Watson $26 Big Ben $3 Winston $3 Kamara $80 Barkley $75 Guice $2 Breida $2 Hopkins &64 Adams $60 M.Thomas $59 D.Westbrook $1 M.Gallup $1 S.Watkins $1 C.Davis $1 Fitz $1 C.Samuel $1 Kelce $51 OJ Howard $25 H.Henry $6 M.Andrews $1