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  1. Locked this in for tonight- T. Taylor Bell Murray Gabriel Hill R. Matthews L.Green Blount Seattle
  2. Prelim- Taylor/Freeman/Bell/Hill/Crowder/Rishard matthews/L. Green/Blount/Jets D
  3. TBH.... Its gonna be tough to put Bell AND DJ in the same roster this week. They eat almost 1/3rd of your budget combined.
  4. Pulling my App up now, will give a preliminary lineup momentarily.
  5. I haven't even looked at the next weeks slate. I'm gonna step back and regroup. I have been to dependent on the O/U on games late in the season and not paying enough attention to the hot hands. Gonna step back, re-evaluate the late season and Carpe Diem.... I hope..
  6. only lost about 10% of what I put in this week... NONE OF my cash LU's hit, GPP kept me afloat. If you didn't have Bell this week you were SOL. LOL
  7. Cousins and Crowder starting off slow..
  8. Lewis, the way to beat Balt with a RB is to throw the ball to him.
  9. Finalized my lineups barring any new news. Cash-Cousins/Zeke/Murray/Baldwin/Crowder/Gabriel/L.Green/Gurley/Jax GPP- Wentz/DJ/Bell/Gabriel/Lee/Ginn/Witten/Zeke/Jax Lets see how this plays out!
  10. TBH, I think all of them are solid stacks. If I had to rate them they would fall like this- 1. Cousins/Crowder - Philly was hot on D to start the year. However, they have been slipping over the last few weeks. Something is missing, maybe it's the offense is putting them on the field TOO much.Whatever it is... I like it. Cousins is hot and the game is currently sitting at a 46.5 o/u for score according to Vegas. Ill take it. 2. Luck/Hilton - Lucks second game back since his concussion against a rival at home.... NEED I say more? I will anyway. Currently Hou is ranked 14th in the league defending the pass and they are ranked 22nd in the league against the #1WR on teams allowing 78 yd/g and 10.1 pa/g (passes per game to this receiver). So without a TD on average they are allowing 12.8 Fantasy points per game to the #1 WR on the opposing team. That's a solid floor IMO. 3. Brady/Edelman- They are third simply because of how strong Baltimore is on defense. Bal is ranked 5th against the pass and 1st against the run. Where you beat Baltimore is Throwing to the RB where they rank 22nd in the league. Bennett will be locked down, Bal is ranked #1 against TE's. Against the #1 WR on teams, Bal is ranked 18th allowing 75.1 yd/g and 8.4 pa/g. Now that is a solid floor, however, I see this game as a low scoring affair. Maybe 21-7 or something along those lines with Blount getting a GL TD or 2. 4. Eli/Odell- Dal @ NYG is going to be a great game. However, I feel like the Dal offense is going to keep the NYG offense off the field. Dal knows their D is not that great, so ball control will be key in this game. This would be my GPP stack if I had to pick one. IF the NYG can slow down ZEKE and DAK, Eli and Odell are facing the 27th ranked pass D that allows 8.9 pa/g and 67.4 yd/g to the #1 wr on the opposing team. Those numbers may not look great, but when you look at how Dal stacks up against the #2 and #3 WR on opposing teams, the numbers are similar to what is allowed to the #1 WR. I say that because the NYG are great at getting Odell in the slot or playing him in the 1,2 or 3 position in trips. They will find a way to get him targets. BUT all of that is dependent on their D stopping ZEKE and DAK. Hope this helps!
  11. Being that he joined Thursday and this is his first post.... I feel like this is SPAM.. just a hunch
  12. Are all of your entries GPP or are these just your GPP and you already have your cash LU's decided?
  13. Personally I like Green in the flex. Pitt uses him as a BIG slot as well as a TE so you get the best of both worlds. Add in that Buff is ranked like 28th in the league against the TE, it's a win-win. Witten should be a solid floor guy against the Giants. Kicking myself for not going with my gut and picking up Hill from KC last night.
  14. same... got only 3 for tonight's slate. sucks lol
  15. Nope, told me that deposits CANNOT be made on cards without the DK members name on it. Had to send copies of MY DL, wifes DL and a current utility bill to get it unlocked. Lost ALL of my Thursday night slates. I was fading the games but wanted to take advantage of the guys playing guys from the KC/Oak rosters.