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  1. I thought that reach might be the worst way to lose a league, but if you had the Broncos defense and lost on that Dontari Poe
  2. I was only in 1 money league this year, and my whole team (sans Jordy) failed to show up in the finals. I was down .4 points with Brown going into the final play. If he gets stuffed and they don't go to OT, I lose 91.02 to 90.96 and cry like a baby. He scored, I win, the Steelers take the North.
  3. I don't believe so. That is a tricky one though.
  4. That Brown effort is legendary. And not just because I had money riding on it. Watching it in slow mo, he's stuffed with two guys leaning in him and his legs somehow stay locked. And when he comes up, one guy is still on him with a hand inside his helmet jerking his head to the side and he still gets the ball in. That's a level of compete that I just plum don't see that often.
  5. Not with Tucker. That guy is automatic. N/m, thought it was a 3 point lead.
  6. My favorite part is when Baltimore ran the play clock down to use a timeout so that they can draw up a REALLY good 4 yard play. Again.
  7. I'd be amazed if he played before the AFCCG. I think the Raiders are cooked.
  8. A giant audible groan from the crowd when Carr went back down. How disheartening.
  9. Carroll: Pass it, what could go wrong?
  10. Thanks for the reply in mine. Here I like Gates moreso than Davis, especially for red zone chances. And the better match-up. Ginn maybe if Benjamin stays limited, but I think Crowell is the safer bet from a floor standpoint IMO. Good luck.
  11. Fractional points H2H. Normally it would be Rawls v ARI, but man he laid a big egg last week (3.90) while West @PIT put up very respectable numbers (12.20) last week. The Steelers have a low ranked D against backs, but man they always play the Ravens tough nosed and their defense seems to be on the rise. This is an important game for both teams, and I expect yardage to be hard to come by. But Rawls hasn't exactly lit it on fire as of late either, outside of one big game. Who ya got? Plz save my championship weekend after the Giants defense gave me a TNF submarine.
  12. I had the Raiders going last week, but I added the Giants this week. The Giants are playing great and they're talented, and Wentz has been turning the ball over kinda consistently the last 5 or so weeks. But those Thursday night games are a total crapshoot it seems. Teams lay eggs there all the time. I think I gotta go with them, though. Oakland doesn't have a great match-up, and the TOs forced seems to favor NYG (without the numbers in front of me.)
  13. That's kind of an accomplishment when you consider how badly Dungy got his teeth kicked in with Dungy's teams. People act like those teams were world beaters when they obviously didn't watch the Eagles wipe the floor with us two years in a row in the first round. Also, Gruden hated Chris Simms, who was a McKay pick. So, not every QB.