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  1. I thought that reach might be the worst way to lose a league, but if you had the Broncos defense and lost on that Dontari Poe
  2. I was only in 1 money league this year, and my whole team (sans Jordy) failed to show up in the finals. I was down .4 points with Brown going into the final play. If he gets stuffed and they don't go to OT, I lose 91.02 to 90.96 and cry like a baby. He scored, I win, the Steelers take the North.
  3. I don't believe so. That is a tricky one though.
  4. That Brown effort is legendary. And not just because I had money riding on it. Watching it in slow mo, he's stuffed with two guys leaning in him and his legs somehow stay locked. And when he comes up, one guy is still on him with a hand inside his helmet jerking his head to the side and he still gets the ball in. That's a level of compete that I just plum don't see that often.
  5. Not with Tucker. That guy is automatic. N/m, thought it was a 3 point lead.
  6. My favorite part is when Baltimore ran the play clock down to use a timeout so that they can draw up a REALLY good 4 yard play. Again.
  7. I'd be amazed if he played before the AFCCG. I think the Raiders are cooked.
  8. A giant audible groan from the crowd when Carr went back down. How disheartening.
  9. Carroll: Pass it, what could go wrong?
  10. Thanks for the reply in mine. Here I like Gates moreso than Davis, especially for red zone chances. And the better match-up. Ginn maybe if Benjamin stays limited, but I think Crowell is the safer bet from a floor standpoint IMO. Good luck.
  11. Fractional points H2H. Normally it would be Rawls v ARI, but man he laid a big egg last week (3.90) while West @PIT put up very respectable numbers (12.20) last week. The Steelers have a low ranked D against backs, but man they always play the Ravens tough nosed and their defense seems to be on the rise. This is an important game for both teams, and I expect yardage to be hard to come by. But Rawls hasn't exactly lit it on fire as of late either, outside of one big game. Who ya got? Plz save my championship weekend after the Giants defense gave me a TNF submarine.
  12. I had the Raiders going last week, but I added the Giants this week. The Giants are playing great and they're talented, and Wentz has been turning the ball over kinda consistently the last 5 or so weeks. But those Thursday night games are a total crapshoot it seems. Teams lay eggs there all the time. I think I gotta go with them, though. Oakland doesn't have a great match-up, and the TOs forced seems to favor NYG (without the numbers in front of me.)
  13. That's kind of an accomplishment when you consider how badly Dungy got his teeth kicked in with Dungy's teams. People act like those teams were world beaters when they obviously didn't watch the Eagles wipe the floor with us two years in a row in the first round. Also, Gruden hated Chris Simms, who was a McKay pick. So, not every QB.
  14. I ended up going with Wentz. Thanks so much you guys.
  15. Absolutely try and make that deal. Cooper is an easy buy low and I think most people would do him for Lacy even up. Cooper completely shores up your WR situation. Charles isn't as sexy a pick up as he once was, but still has upside. Much better than Gio, assuming Hill stays healthy. So throwing in Floyd doesn't really hurt with these two upgrades. Even if you have to add a little, I think this would be a good deal.
  16. My starter is on Bye week 5. Looking ahead, I need to drop Mariota (who is a not good football guy). Who do you choose? Wentz @ Detroit Siemian vs. Atlanta I like Wentz as a QB more. Although I feel like Siemian not only has better targets, but Atlanta has been atrocious against the pass. And he's at home. Who do you take, the better match-up or the better QB?
  17. Mark Emmert, head of the NCAA, makes $1.7 million. #### the NCAA. And all these guys do is figure out ways to exploit college kids. They don't generate revenue, they just negotiate with the given leverage that is athletes and teams that people will pay to see. They only govern like this is amateur athletics when dealing with players like Gurley, or even worse, like guys like Jeremy Bloom. But when they're in billion dollar negotiations with ESPN, it becomes a business again. 'Joke' is again unbelievably apt word here.
  18. It will never happen, and for good reason. You can't restructure an entire offense for 1 guy, and if Tebow goes down with an injury (he already has this year because his playing style puts him at risk) then what? You can't exactly find a replacement with his skill set. You would have to revert to a regular offense. Just isn't worth it for any team to do because there is no guarantee it would even be a successful offense.We aren't talking about nuclear physics. Look at RG3, Wilson, Cam, Kaep to a degree. Modified option, pistol formation. Cousins came in for RG and did fine. Hell, most of these guys ran that in college. Tebow came in mid year last year from Orton-lead offense and they adjusted just fine.Yeah, but why not try and develop him as an actual QB? That's what needs to happen. You can't keep playing the guy as a gimmick, then point to his flaws as a passer as a cap. Teams have spent way more time developing garbage QBs like Chris Simms, why not Tebow?
  19. Vick? LOL, Freeman is better than Vick. Freeman isn't done here yet. It's the first year with Sullivan and Jackson and Martin. You've got Nicks and Joseph to look forward to next year. And they need help on the D-line, O-line, and at CB. No way they draft a QB high next year.Agree...which is why I think the Bucs are in a no-win spot for the next 2 years. Freeman is not good enough...he can improve, but i dont think he will ever be good enough. I'd be shocked if they extended him....he's not Schianos guy....but they can't cut bait.But we need to draft a QB this year in the first few rounds.Freeman will likely get tagged, if nothing else. Which would allow us to see if he can improve again or maybe even take a step back again. Can't see them drafting a QB before round 4 though. Especially given that, with this year's QB class, teams are going to be forced to over-draft QBs. There's no value, and we'd be creating a QB controversy with an average talent. If we're going to replace Free, we should do it with someone who we are going to give a full try at QB for 3 years or more. Because for every Russell Wilson, there's 15 Charlie Frye's.
  20. Vick? LOL, Freeman is better than Vick. Freeman isn't done here yet. It's the first year with Sullivan and Jackson and Martin. You've got Nicks and Joseph to look forward to next year. And they need help on the D-line, O-line, and at CB. No way they draft a QB high next year.
  21. He was complaining about racist his character was getting and was asking "what's next, I'll be saying "N"?!!". In context, not only should he not be criticized, he should be admired. Context matters.Of course I thought his blatant racism was uncomfortably hilarious. To be fair, according to pretty much anyone who has worked with Chevy, he is the most giantest of douchebags. It was only a matter if time, and probably for the best, that he left.
  22. Smashing Pumpkins- Mayonaise. Arguably their best song ever, but not really known outside of hardcore fans of them.
  23. best of the 30 for 30's so far, imosuch a sad story. people forget the impact all these years later.I liked it, but Best That Never Was is still my favorite. It was such a great story, that most people had no idea of and wouldn't have known otherwise. It had so many elements of a great story. Once in a great while talent, potential left unfulfilled, a fall from stardom to being broke and out of the game, all the way to him redeeming himself with a return to football and an unlikely stint in the NFL. Them showing him footage of himself in HS really seemed to geniunely make him happy.I'll take The Two Escobars but this was def a top 30/30I still haven't seen that one, but I want to. It doesn't seem to be replayed as much as the chosen ones, like the U, Dupree's story, or Broke.