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  1. In every single interview he talks about getting better. "We just need to get better"..."We're just trying to get better"..."if we can just get better we'll be fine". Every interview. It's eery how often he uses that phrase. I'm beginning to think he's losing his mind. And with all the "getting better" he seems to be trying to do...he never does...and his offense never seemingly gets worse.
  2. 2 big plays and TDs barely missed because of OPI that were questionable calls. Hass is fine. Britt is fine. If healthy production will come.I saw those but I am curious about the amount of times he went deep. Anyone know?He was targeted deep twice by my count and caught both, one for a touch. He was ticketed both times for pushing off. Pitiful call on the touchdown. The NFL needs to institute the NBA's new flop rule. Ironically, Wright scored his TD a few plays after Britt's touchdown was negated. Wright pushed off way worse than Britt did. All said and done Britt should have been in double figures in the 1st half. They went away from him in the second for some unknown reason. He wasn't targeted much at all.I disagree with your Locker comment. Hass looked really good and went downfield often.
  3. I'm not. As others mentioned, I grabbed Britt late in 2 of 3 leagues (picked up off waivers in one). I just want to see a couple weeks of OK production first to know that he is in fact healthy. Moore has looked good so far and I expect he is 100% back now and is Palmer's #1 guy. Moore is now where we hope Britt will be, plus Britt plays a top pass D.In terms of yards they rank 2nd after 4 games but that is a little misleading.In passing TDs allowed they rank 19th. In sacks they rank a pitiful 24th. Tied for 28th in interceptions with a miserable 1 INT. They've faced Peyton, Palmer, Sanchez and Vick. Vick and Peyton threw for 2 TDs and Palmer threw for 3. Even Sanchez threw a TD pass. They've been awful on the road.
  4. That conflicts with this: and a few other places I heard it was going to be $250. Interesting. I will pay either with a smile.Maybe there is a price difference between PS3 and using your computer/tablet.There is. $299 for PS3, $250 for computer/tablet only.And please...nobody get this because I don't want any competition for bandwidth please