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  1. 12 team Best Ball PPR IDP
  2. 14 team Superflex IDP
  3. 10 team PPR with IDP
  4. Post link to draft here How many teams in league / PPR or standard / IDP or not
  5. 10 team PPR
  6. Please post how many teams and format and MFL link Thanks.
  7. After the draft Booker won't be so hot. Denver will take a RB in round 1-4 for sure. I would trade Booker now if I had him. C.J. Anderson might land somewhere but I think it's only a 1 year deal and probably sharing the duties.
  8. He is done. Hope he gets to play then trade his ### for anything. Once the court case ends it will be over for him.
  9. 12 team
  10. 12 team
  11. Then write it off. Why try to get discount when it's a write off?
  12. I haven't had Sunday Ticket for a while. I just use Kodi and stream all the games for free. Why waste the money when it's free online.
  13. You can't discount him. He has talent and if Ayaji stumbles he could be the one to own. I got him in the late 2nd round. Worth the pick at that point.