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  1. The photograph on the dashboard, taken years ago Turned around backwards so the windshield shows Every streetlight reveals the picture in reverse
  2. i wish folks had just watched chubb in college. or just watched chubb last season.
  3. my family and i are all alive and well, and not a dollar poorer despite more than a few past health issues, surgeries, meds, etc.
  4. i always enjoyed americans (media/facebook moms) telling me how my healthcare was in canada. there is absolutely nothing i can think of that id place above healthcare in my list of priorities for a country.
  5. how bad the office became season after season. why
  6. when i first bought our last house, the WEEK we moved in, we had two roof leaks in 2 different spots in the house. i spent the next 2 yrs of living in that hosue, stressing and panicing about rain, every. single. time. it. rained. (even tho everything was fixed) it was the worst feeling ever, esp because my wife lost her mind about it the first time. so glad to be outta there.
  7. food network host reviewing a professional chef's best meal he could put together in only 30min "it's straddling the line between fusion and confusion" .... the depth of the manufacturedness of that quote has infuriated me to a point that is unhealthy. it shouldn't, but it does. oh, and the look on her face when she said it...
  8. one of the more bizarre, but respectable careers i can think of
  9. i appreciate that out of respect for his country of birth, he didnt announce fleeing back to canada on july 4. classy.
  10. John Denver - Take me home, Country Roads. Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk (no lyrics, so special) Bill Frisell - Shenandoah (also no lyrics) Elvis - If we never meet again this side of heaven