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  1. they viewed pick 17 as a decent WR that has about a 5% chance of matching OBJ's worst season to date
  2. Oof. Glazer is gospel and he's definitely hinting at more than just a monster contract being the issue
  3. i wouldnt even give Chubb's cleats for that offer, so RIdley was Free+
  4. the biggest of which is having died during the height of his fame
  5. so, he's playing the "I was loyal to NYC, why'd they do me like this" card, while he (happily) moves to an upcoming team w a QB and o-line that isnt crippled? he's portraying the anti-AB (even if he actually isnt), what's the issue?
  6. I start threads for things that will happen Like obj to the browns
  7. these guys will be able to apply as permanent residents in canada w the amount fo time they're spending here w those work visas
  8. In the midst of the Rams' absolute best shot at a SB, gurley remained benched. Wouldn't touch him right now. If he wasnt good enough to go for a Ring, im worried he's just not good to go
  9. you look at that offense on paper and call running up the score a "pipedream"? Im not saying they're objective is 60pts a game, but that offense is being built for Baker to go wild with. The defense is solid, getting more solid, and likely the focus of the draft as well.
  10. Might be dead wrong here, but CLE seems like they're planning on going full-on New Orleans, never take your foot off the gas, run the score up if you can mode.
  11. he not only turned it down, he responded with an "LOL" over txt. I was actually shocked. I'm the type that generally offers a VERY fair offer to start, or even overpay (like in this case). I thought he'd say yes, immediately. Anyways, it was obviously for the better... Ended up with Odell, on my Brownies