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  1. amazing show. one of, if not THE best show Ive watched on netflix... on that topic, the producer of money heist just released WHITE LINES on netflix this week... watched ep1 last night and i am really not impressed... actually a terrible 1st episode. gonna see if 2 is any better, if not im gonna drop it. But Money Heist's latest season is maybe one of the best seasons of a show ive seen in AGES
  2. Browns WR Jarvis Landry (hip surgery) said he's "a little bit ahead of schedule" in rehab. “The rehab processes is going great,” Landry said Wednesday during a Zoom video conference with Browns beat writers. “It’s just a little difficult obviously with some of the modality type of things that I’ve been doing that obviously with quarantine and everything I hadn’t been able to have access to. You know, I can’t predict when exactly I’ll be on the field, whether that’s July, August or September. But obviously my [anticipated] return date is sometime in August.” Just three months into a 6-8 month timetable following labrum surgery in February, an August forecast would put Landry on the field at the earliest date possible. He's still expected to be ready for Week 1.
  3. no i'm not... just wanted to get your hopes up
  4. next time you cross the border let me kno
  5. honestly dont drink much anymore... which is wild since i have an endless supply of free local (award winning) beers... i end up giving cases away monthly. i smoke every night, and just have a small bowl of peanuts. but in the event i do get drunk... a pizza delivered or nothing.
  6. i only do takeout from places that are close enough that i know my food will be piping hot. any further, and ill eat at the restaurant. then again, aside from pizza im not sure I ever order in... sushi here and there, but normally i want the restaurant experience, or just cook myself. there's nothing exciting/enticing about paying a 20-40% markup for delivery.
  7. never used one of these services in my life, and we do takeout a decent amount (tho more often eat in) maybe it's the italianness of growing up... but you order and go pick it up yourself. kinda just realized in the events i do delivery, i dont order from places that use these services... a subconscious thing, i guess.
  8. after 4rnds of a rookie draft i didnt have a pick in, he is my #1 waiver claim currently.... doubt i get him tho, i have the 6 slot.
  9. as shannon sharpe so eliquently put it... "show us the guaranteed (money)" dallas keeps talking 30+m/yr, but what's guaranteed?
  10. nelson would've been dead if he botched the job w ben. we saw nelson 20-30ft away from ben. armed. i guess it's possible, but doesn't make any sense. ben was a massive liability to the cartel and his family.
  11. From France: As I mentioned weeks back about believing my wife and I both MAY have contracted covid back in December while in France and Spain (having basically all the symptoms)... Doctors in France are now saying they have in fact traced the virus back to December in patients in some the country ( per BFM News) (again, im not saying we DID have it, I have no idea... but we genuinely have given it strong thought based on what we experienced... very well could have just been a serious flu bug)
  12. ya, but then they did a few hours of workouts which erases everything done on the field. THEN, drafted by cleveland... so you gotta move everyone down about 25-50%
  13. i have trouble believeing that, using PROPER FORM, a single pushup doesnt take about full second. the most athletic guy I ever knew did about 30 in 30, perfect form. if i had to guess, it was closer to 35 or so.
  14. not sure this was ever a real "issue" but on the ThomaHawk podast today, Wills confirmed he's playing LT for the Browns.
  15. 1/2 the world complaining unemployment amounts arent enough to get by on, and we're gonna double the prices of things like haircuts. godspeed. if barbershops didnt close their doors by now, wait til their regulars give em the stiff finger