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    it would be vetoed for collusion. best wishes.
  2. From the second ab spoke about lamar over baker, what are lamars numbers.
  3. he's always been unstoppable. he just needs to not be injured and be thrown to
  4. wait... you have canadian bacon on mcmuffins in the US, and we dont even have that in canada? regardless, you should be getting sausage on it
  5. odell will become the slant king henceforth
  6. he's really gonna stretch the field for mayfield.
  7. ordering anything besides a jr mcchicken or mcdouble w big mac sauce is doing it wrong.
  8. i think we've all seen hines ward come up with nasty, dirty gritty catches that left your jaw open. as did steve. when i think crowded secondary and someone who needed to catch something short (against a historical defense) these 2 came to my mind for some reason
  9. anyone who thinks he isn't suiting up thursday, is playing against him. end of discussion.
  10. i put out feelers in case it was gonna be 8 weeks, and got some decent offers, but nothing that made me budge.
  11. "bunting specialist" who is STILL on pace for nearly 1250yds despite a "disastrous" start? ok.