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  1. even a broken clock is right twice a day
  2. glad to hear you have insurance friend 👍
  3. how much does this cost in the us of a
  4. hard no. im high on dobbins, but let me see that backfield and him touch a ball in the nfl before i put him ahead of maybe the best pure RB in the league. also think chubb catches a few more balls this season too.
  5. Went undrafted and grabbed him off waivers immediately after the draft ended. Praying this ends up the steal of all steals. (i had no picks in a 4rnd rookie draft)
  6. the man event was the epitome of a "puncher's chance" that's all jorge had, and anyone who looked at it objectively saw that. when jorge heard the first 50-45 score his face melted.
  7. not a spot anyone wanted him to land in. butchered his value. buuuuutchered
  8. ha, nah i sold the pick for amari cooper pre-draft but yes, he wouldve been there by a country mile.
  9. been avoiding this thread completely, and basically blinding/deafening myself to this whole thing as much as i can (which has been easy w only 10ppl working in my office, down from the usual 120-140, and jst staying home) really hope things improve for you guys down there. really sad to hear it.
  10. NFL has handed down these penalties to the Patriots for their television crew filming the Bengals-Browns game in December, sources tell @MikeReiss : $1.1 million in club fines. Loss of 2021 third-round pick. Patriots’ TV crews not allowed to shoot games during 2020 season.