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  1. he made my list, esp under a new coach. but i get why some might not put him there
  2. and that's completely fine. but im tired of swinging and missing. I hit a decent amount too, but find the studs i try to trade for keep their value much better than the hit rate on rookies (whether picks involved in the trade or not) as i said... Lamb aside there isnt really a rookie i see w a good chance hitting cooper territory. But that's just me Of course some might and might even surpass him. but who?
  3. Would you take this trade today in a PPR league? Amari Cooper for Jeudy(if he's even there) or reager or clyde or akers or jefferson or mims + a late 2021 1st? I sure wouldn't. But when I just see the picks.. last year, ya, SF3 probably does make that trade, but why? The more i see it, the less sense it ever made to me
  4. sure, i get that. I also understand there's a new coach in town, that could really help that out (what im counting on) I know Cooper's upside. Now I'm betting on Cooper's consistency.
  5. The only WRs I see in this draft having Cooper upside are Lamb and Shenault... My gut at times still says Higgins, but he is trending down hard these days. And shenault cant stay healthy. I have zero shot at Lamb... So, for me it's a WR id settle on, and what id expect to be a late 1st next year, and who knows how that crop looks. It was a no brainer for me. But Ill admit, SF3 of last season probably doesnt make this trade, cuz I was still in "picks are fire" mode. But picks have burned me enough now, to have swung the other direction
  6. Are draft picks overvalued in Dynasty? We had a pretty good, albeit short discussion in the dynasty trades thread, about what you’re have in this deal: Amari Cooper V 1.06 + 2021 rounds 1-4 (projected to be late round picks) It seems the consensus wanted the picks. But why? What is the hit rate on picks? I was personally a pretty big advocate of hoarding picks and swinging for the fences, but found more often than not, it was a whiff. And I like to think I am a pretty good college scout (I watch a lot of ball), and have made some great calls… but missed big on many too. Why do we prefer unknowns to studs?
  7. aaaand this is where im at... ive done a complete 180 in regards to draft picks v certified studs. in the further above mentioned deal, I am the side that traded 1.06 + 2021 rnd1-4 picks to get Cooper. how often are draft picks a total swing and a miss? how often are draft picks just ok? now how often are they a stud? the odds of me hitting a cooper on a mid 1st, projected late 1st and later rounds picks is slim to none (ok, maybe not THAT rare, but not good either). and for years I held on the "picks are vital" theory... now im on the "trade picks for studs" theory... im sure ill settle on middle ground again at some point, but count me in the crowd of someone tired of hoping to score a homerun, and just get the actual homerun. give me kamara over 1.01 all day, everyday, without a second thought. (caveat: the only RB in the past several yrs id have kept the 1.01 for, are barkley or chubb)
  8. gotta limit the number of dummies available to vote at least here i know the number is finite.
  9. appreciate the responses. not liking posts as to not "sway" results.
  10. 1 team won the belt last season, the other is competitive, but some serious injuries stopped any push to win it
  11. I'd posted this much earlier, but didn't get much outside of Dr Dan... We have a small wager (me and the chap involved) as to who the consensus thinks won the deal: 10 team ultra competitive PPR: Amari Cooper for 1.06 + 2021 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
  12. waiting for Trent to get cut, maybe? Still 100% certain it's LT at 10. Has to be
  13. thanks, bud. when i lived in europe, i never, ever, under any circumstance made my own bread. it's just idiotic to do. 1 euro for the best, organic french bread made fresh throughout the day. the piles of crap we get here in North America, or paying 8$ for organic loaves/boules? no thanks. when in NA, I bake my bread as much as is possible. in fact, these past 2 weeks, ive probably made 4 boules and 1 pain de mie (loaf of "sandwich" bread) AMAZING
  14. thanks guys... sorry didnt wanna leave ya'll hanging but didnt have time to look who was/wasnt taken. LB an obvious need. approved.
  15. can anyone make the pick for me, i havent been following and am dealing w a serious work related issue. thanks and sorry
  16. 10 Team (Very Competetive) PPR Dynasty League: 1.06 + 2021 1/2/3/4 for Amari Cooper
  17. Wok with Yan Pasquale's Kitchen Anything with Giada's jugs swinging.
  18. Cleveland Browns : 1st - Andrew Thomas - Left Tackle 2nd - Antoine Winfield Jr - Safety 3rd - Bryan Edwards - WR
  19. 3.11 - WR Bryan Edwards, SC Big body WR is a must for Baker... Completing the trifecta of unstoppable WRs, and now with Njoku back, 3 sublime RZ targets, in Hooper, Njoku and Edwards. Sick to my stomach seeing 100 RZ plays end in failure last season *** @Ben & Jerry's is up
  20. mike still the best wr in the league even for fantasy, but he's gonna steal some yds/tds
  21. With their 2nd round pick, the Cleveland Browns select: Antoine Winfield Jr - Safety