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  1. How ironic that Mike Vick will be on a short leash. or a long one...Eagles | Sticking with Michael Vick long-term? Thu, 01 Nov 2012 08:59:41 -0700 Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid said QB Michael Vick will remain the starting quarterback and his status will not be determined on a week-to-week basis. 0 Comments | Source: Philadelphia Daily News - Les Bowen | Read more: Funny. If Vick keeps this garbage play up he wont be benched? Get real.He's turned the ball over a bunch but the hate of his play is out of control. The whole team has stunk it up. He's been hit more than any qb in the league. Other QB's have played much worse but not even a whisper about them losing their jobs. On top of that he's been playing tight, not trying to make mistakes. That's not his game. The guy needs to let it loose and not worry about every throw being perfect. He's got to be able to relax and not be looking over his shoulder all of the time. I think his post game comments last week showed just how much of a distraction all of this Foles talk has been. Finally Reid once and for all puts it to rest, Vick calls a player only meeting and now is talking about getting his swagger back. The guy is ready to light it up.
  2. They've played a lot of tough defenses. It'd be a shame to bench him now because the schedule is about to get a lot easier starting with horrid New Orleans this week.
  3. Also, does it matter if i buy it from Apple (with a contract from the carrier) or buy it directly from the carrier?
  4. As someone who is about to be a first time i-phone owner, what are the must haves in terms of accessories, protective equipment for this sucker? Do I have to have some kind of screen protector? Some kind of shell? Can I get away with just using it as is or will I regret that? Sorry, I'm clueless. Thanks.