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  1. What about before those things happened? Was Trump’s behavior acceptable to you?
  2. So Biden was doing all the smearing and deflecting and Trump is a proud man who was just defending himself. Is that your take?
  3. I think it's a little too early to concede defeat. But I think it was more just keeping that option open.
  4. True, but really isn't only one person responsible for that? Do you think if Biden was debating say George Bush this sort of shi!t show would be going on?
  5. Don’t they already have one of best backups. Seems odd.
  6. He’s had some tough matchups and Denver O is a dumpster fire so can’t really blame him but hard to see things getting much better with Lindsay coming back. Guess decent matchup this week but don’t have a ton of confidence
  7. Yeah my leagues have a plan just gonna kinda suck when games are cancelled and gonna come down to who misses that week. But that’s the way it goes I guess.
  8. Well was fun while it lasted... obviously peoples health more important but fantasy leagues could turn into a sh!t show
  9. I doubt the Rams are too worried about justifying the pick at 52. Hendo was pick 70 so not much difference.