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  1. A lot of questionable points in that article 1)Teams in a 2nd and 1 with 26 seconds left will score 94% of the time (via Pro Football Reference). So is this stat score or score a TD. I highly doubt it's score a TD in which case stat is totally meaningless. Also, there are other very important variables, most importantly # of timeouts. 2) This had nothing to do with Game Theory or trying to outguess the other coach. Pete Carroll had the New England Patriots dead in the water. He knew that there was virtually no chance that the Pats could stop one of the best offensive lines in the NFL with the best running back in the NFL. This is just flat out ridiculous 3) So what got into Pete Carroll’s mind? Well, Tom Brady did. Carroll’s team had just scored at the end of the second half in a 30 second drive that led to a touchdown. Carroll wanted to use all of the clock because he knew he’d only be up by 3 points. He didn’t want to leave the ball in Tom Brady’s hands for one more drive leading to a potential game tying field goal. Wait so why was he trying a pass again? to use the clock? That doesn't make much sense to me.
  2. There was a guy who used to do this back in the 80's; think his name was Clarence Beaks. Not sure what he's up to now. Last I heard he was on his way to Africa.
  3. In a few years all plays and decisions will be done by A.I. and coaches will be a thing of the past.
  4. Just watch the replay. He was headed right for him, and then ducked to the side at the last second.
  5. It’s obvious dude. I’ve watched the replay several times. It would literally be impossible to complete miss someone trying to tackle them. Have you ever seen that in your life? I haven’t.
  6. Only 1 of them was drafted in first 2 rounds.
  7. It was a split second decision. He didn’t want a PI call. It was just how the timing of the play went down. It makes perfect sense.
  8. Saints had just called timeout. Jimmy Johnson was saying that coaches were prob emphasizing avoiding the PI. That’s what was going through his head first and foremost.
  9. Game will be in minny. That would be huge.
  10. Gambling which is ironic because they sat on the ball anyway. And I think final spread was 5.
  11. It wasn’t possible at that point
  12. He couldn’t. He would’ve hit him.
  13. The ball was arriving as he was. I’m positive he was thinking of not getting a PI call.