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  1. I have Kupp and Hill and wouldn’t even consider trading either for Schuster
  2. I see that argument for sure. But good Qb's are hard to find and Brees is on his last legs. Probably won't happen - unless Brees retires on his own - but there's an argument to be made to turn things over to Bridgewater.
  3. "Extremely frustrated to own", really? I own him in 2 leagues and I wouldn't say that at all.
  4. Saw some of this game, he looked good.
  5. Brees is probably a little better than Bridgewater right now, but what about this question. Would the Saints be better off if Brees retired after the season? Bridgewater's not going to want to be a backup for another year, it's possible but not likely.
  6. Wow, I plugged this guy in today, I'm an idiot.
  7. You're deep enough at RB where i'd do that without much hesitation. Bell with Darnold will most likely be a different player.
  8. Your rb's are pretty decent. Gurley makes me nervous. Wilson having a career year, yeah maybe he tails off a bit from the pace he's on, but I wouldn't do that.
  9. I dunno. Guy had a pretty serious ankle injury. I realize injury was to his his knee and maybe it was a freak injury but when someone has one injury they can move differently than they normally would.
  10. If? Mahomes ain’t playing next week
  11. Prob will happen one way or another. Maybe one game outside US for each team? Maybe 2 bye weeks? That would mess with fantasy...
  12. Maybe. Depends on each situation. My team’s good enough where I prefer to own the insurance.