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  1. Tool

    Brock Osweiler

    Rock out with your Brock out.
  2. So would playing Hyde the Chubb Johnson be similar to Hide the Salami?
  3. Just seems like Gronk is losing targets. Maybe will change over time and with different game plans but pretty discouraging as a Gronk owner.
  4. Tool

    E.Washington WR Cooper Kupp

    well damn he killed me today.
  5. Tool

    Adam Thielen, wr, min

    Unreal. Seems like Diggs has off games but this guy never does
  6. Tool

    Case Keenum

    The Giants are not good. No way they trade for a guy like Keenum. They're going to to get a high pick in next year's draft and take their QB then. Why ruin that?
  7. If Bridgewater was a pro bowl qb it’s because 6 QBs couldn’t make the game. He was decent but never much more than that. Not sure why people think he was that great- I think people just like his name.
  8. I don't see any reason Brees would retire. He's playing at a top level and has had no injury concerns. Would be a major shock if he retired.
  9. Tool

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    haha. you are joking right?
  10. Tool

    Jordan Reed (TE) Hype Train

    Not watching the game. What’s going in with him tonight?
  11. So not sure if I should try to get him back after dropping him. In ppr, value is still a bit capped as even on his big day had 3 catches. Like his big play ability but not sure he'll ever be a big part of the offense. But maybe his looks will increase as him and Darnold get on same page?
  12. Would have bet a lot of money on that not happening. At least i didn't drop him.
  13. Tool

    Isaiah Crowell

    Came very close to dropping him as needed to pick up a bye week D filler for Chicago. Could've gone either way. Just got lucky.
  14. Tool

    E.Washington WR Cooper Kupp

    Thanks for pissing in my beer.
  15. Tool

    E.Washington WR Cooper Kupp

    he's pretty good...