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  1. Yep. Manning might be able to squeeze out one more year but he's essentially done.
  2. I'd expect to see a lot of tackling of players trying to catch long passes.
  3. Possibly but in some ways it would have been crazy to give him more than 2 years even if they believe in him, based on his career. And no other team was going to offer much more than that so why give a longer contract then they have to.
  4. Gotcha, i agree with that.
  5. I agree mostly but Lynch is burnt toast.
  6. They're not paying him that much money to be a water boy.
  7. I’m actually more surprised Oakland traded him in for Nelson.
  8. Well seeing as he was inactive most of the year and now they signed Hill that would be a reasonable assumption
  9. Signed by Pats. Could score a lot of Tds if he becomes primary goal line guy.
  10. Actually probably true
  11. You’re right. That’s an even better example then. I take back my comments. Can’t rule out a QB for Denver.
  12. Incorrect. Bradford was on Eagles for a season before they drafted Wentz.
  13. He did. And the Bears are idiots. ETA: And guaranteed money was quite a bit less.