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  1. What you’re gonna wanna do is get yourself a rat bat...
  2. Anything's possible but I'm very skeptical of Lions dealing Stafford. If they're being smart, they're using the possibility of drafting a QB as leverage for a trade down.
  3. 5. Colts 4. Bears 3. Panthers 2. Bucs 1. Chargers
  4. If Hill really is integrated more will be hard to trust him too much. Of course could be some coach speak so we’ll have to wait and see.
  5. I guess that's more than Trump can say...
  6. I paid for the seat with the option to recline. If I was reclined and someone wanted to offer me $50 or $100 or maybe some nudes of their wife to not recline, I'd consider it.
  7. Just curious where do you come up with some of this stuff?
  8. Depending on speed limit you'd still be impeding traffic, or everyone else would be speeding. But to work with your analogy sure there are some people that drive a little slow and on a one lane highway that can suck, but what you can do, you just deal with it. Same thing here.
  9. Roll your eyes all you want but your analogy didn't make sense.
  10. Actually you're not allowed to drive under the speed limit if you're impeding traffic.
  11. When the person in front of me reclines their seat it doesn't inconvenience me at all or make my flight any less enjoyable. If I'm not already reclined, i'll probably recline my seat in response but that's it.
  12. How tall? Does the person usually just un-recline their seat or is there pushback?
  13. Exactly it never even crossed my mind that anyone would care. Aren’t there enough things to worry about? I’m actually a pretty considerate person about most things but I seriously don’t get it.