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  1. Wow had no idea Thompson was so old (in RB terms)
  2. You might need to work on creating some new models. Your missing the one where Pitt runs him into the ground on the last year of his deal
  3. Thing is Jax was pretty desperate to a certain extent. They think they can compete now I’m guessing so if they didn’t get Foles they had no other option. And they had no way of knowing that Washington or maybe another team wouldn’t come in with an offer.
  4. Actually playing until someone scores regardless if it takes 3 days is the dumbest of dumb ideas.
  5. To suggest that the Keenum signing takes Wash out of the running for Rosen is pure lunacy.
  6. Pats liked Rosen a lot coming out of college. Would think they'd offer pick 64. Not sure if Cards would take that or not.
  7. "Since the overtime rule was changed for the 2011 postseason, eight playoff games have gone into overtime. Five were decided with a touchdown on the opening drive." 5/8 is kind of a lot. I think in the playoffs teams are expending so much physical and emotional energy that when they get to OT they're just done.
  8. A 3rd rounder? Wow. He was picked 10th last year in a heavy QB class and down to a 3rd rounder? Has his value really declined that much? I would be shocked if it has. (Rotoworld) NBC Sports' Peter King was told the Cardinals might only get a third-round pick for Josh Rosen. Analysis: "Probably a three," a "renowned NFL GM" told King. "Not what the Cardinals would think his value is." The Cardinals are reportedly planning to select Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick, meaning they need to trade Rosen. Owed a total of $1.98 million in base salary over the next three seasons with minimal roster bonuses, Rosen's contract will be extremely team-friendly for whichever organization trades for him. Teams with aging starters, like the Patriots and Chargers, will likely take a long look if Rosen is actually available.
  9. I'm from upstate NY and that place is an institution. Really good food. I think the sandwich should've been covered in mayo though...
  10. +150 to Miami seems ludicrous with all the possible iterations that could happen.
  11. First they come for the billionaires, but you could be next.