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  1. I don't like it, 1 stud for a bunch of players looks better for the guy getting the bunch at first glance but is often not the right play.
  2. You might be interested in this article: But another concern raised by the academy is that coroners often are closely aligned with law enforcement agencies.
  3. Your post read as if you were trying to provide some justification for what happened
  4. Being a cop in an urban area Is not easy but there is absolutely zero nil nada justification for slowly murdering someone for no reason. Also just to correct your comment he was already cuffed.
  5. Really doubt that decision is left to the mayor.
  6. Ironically, I'd be a little afraid if Trump didn't have Twitter as an outlet.
  7. Did you happen to read the article? If you had, you'd have the answer to your question.
  8. There’s a map on CNN right now showing new cases in last week by state. W Va is one of three states with inc of > 50%, Va is one of 16 (many in Southeast ) that’s between inc of 10-50% and Maryland is in decline.
  9. Agree most likely not necessary but you don’t know everyone’s situation. They may live with an elderly parent, or maybe have developed a cough or something else for them to be cautious.
  10. He was murdered. Knee on the neck for 9 minutes while the guy was in handcuffs.
  11. Your strategy seems rather arbitrary to me. You’re right no one will go broke doing that but I personally don’t think it’s great advice. I think maybe you’re attached to it because it has personal meaning.
  12. Not trying to start an argument but I don’t think that’s great advice. You can lose money if you sell a stock and buy something else that loses money. You can put your money in a savings count and you won’t lose money. You can sell a stock too early and miss out on gains.