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  1. just gave a late 3rd for tonyan in a TE premium 10 teamer... what the heck lets see where this goes
  2. It sure seems like week 11 or 12 for ekeler. So you're going to want to see him play before running him out there. Buy jackson for an affordable price while you still can
  3. the inability to run the ball is going to eventually kill this team (like it always has under Nagy). Schedule is looking tough next 5 games. rams, saints, titans, vikings, packers... we'll find out where this team stands in the NFC
  4. thanks to the nfl moving byes around i needed to stream a TE this week... after much research and debate i narrowed it down to burton (20), fells (17), and brate (0.8).... well guess which one i picked.... đŸ˜¥
  5. i was fearful cooks on the road on grass was going to be a disappointment and through 3 qtrs it was. looks like even without hop this offense can support two fantasy WR's.
  6. I like Jrob's talent and think he's an excellent dynasty piece, but he's going to struggle ROS. Their schedule is pretty rough.
  7. Jay Glazer just reported on tv that Miles Sanders (knee) and Zach Ertz (ankle) will both have MRIs tomorrow. He said the greater concern is Sanders’ knee.
  8. Well... Seems highly unlikely he'll be available Thursday. Hope it's minor and he can be back for week 8 otherwise we may not have him until week 10 after their bye
  9. Thanks for posting. If the player thinks 3 or 4 then might be more like 5 or 6... Dr chao thought it would be longer than the initial 4-6 weeks given
  10. I don't think nfl cares anymore. As long as it's one or two they've said f it play.
  11. i too wouldnt mind give that kid a shot, i just dont trust gase to give him 10-15 touches
  12. didnt know this info and it's good to know. he should be good to go for sunday once the second test comes back tomorrow
  13. i need a rb play this week, and i'd love to think this kid will get 10-15 touches but i dont trust gase enough
  14. cooks 27%, second was %20 Claypool 34%, 28% Fulgham unclaimed
  15. was hoping to see him at least get in a LP this week. Three DNP's though.... week 8 may be in serious jeopardy. rest up dalvin!