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  1. injury is the only reason that makes any sense for the lack of usage and all parties swear injury is not the issue.... you give the guy who scored 20 td's 20+ touches in the superbowl if he's 100% i dont care how well CJA played leading up to it.
  2. he finished at wr24 in my 0.5ppr format. but with only 600 yards receiving his finish was due to his high TD total. phillip rivers recent history doesnt suggest he can support two top 15 WR's (defnitely has happened in the last 5 years - not even close)... working in his favor is he is a top 10 draft pick with obvious talent. even with tyrell leaving it doesnt seem reasonable to expect much better than this year fantasywise (assuming his yards get a bump and his TD's regress) way too early, but probably going to keep him at an 11th round value in redraft but i think if he goes in the 6th or 7th next year it may be a bit too rich considering his situation and allen's presence
  3. i think 95% is fair. short kick, but some kickers choke under pressure (blair, cody). plus the rams would have had a few second left so who knows if another miami situation coulda happened. would the saints have kneeled down to bleed clock or would they have run the ball and perhaps the rams let them score? a lot of unknowns
  4. get rid of nammath before any more borderline HOF new york team players get put in
  5. i didnt think it was a catch... i mean the defender had his arm in there the entire time miller had the ball in his arms... he didnt really make a football move to me.... but it sounds like i just dont have a clear understanding of the new catch rule since the official ruling was it was a catch
  6. i apprecaite the contest and offering it to us.... but i never do this because i find it impossible to pick a roster... its too hard for my dumb brain to figure out how to stack and balance teams properly... ... good luck though to everyone
  7. fantasyland scenario here.... but would have preferred nagy pull starters early in 3q vs. vikes... and tell the backups to play at 80-90% speed.... let the vikings come back and win the game.... dont say a word to the media that they let them win.... then pummel them in playoffs.... its not feasible, but i'd much rather play minny than eagles... oh well, cant change it now.
  8. arent most of the "team builders" on draft day the same people as the try hards who work waivers hard all year? you'd have to have a full league of try hards to have 25 man rosters work as intended... otherwise the try hards will just hoard talent and the gap between casuals and try hards widens when you give try hards more roster spots.
  9. #1 seed gets to pick his opponent in semi-finals... it helps eliminate the situation where the #2 seed plays the weaker opponent due to a rigid bracket... because in my opinion the #1 seed shouldnt have a worse matchup than the #2 seed in the semi finals. been doing this for 4-5 years and so far a decision has not changed a loss to a win for the #1 seed... but one time the #1 seed picked the wrong opponent and ended up losing. to give the non playoff teams something to play for in weeks 14-16....we have a consulation ladder tourney... the kicker is the prize money is not taken out of league fees... but rather is funded by the owner who finished in last place in the regular season.... essentially its a last place fine. in my 10 team league the 4th and final playoff spot is assigned to the team with the best overall breakdown record (breakdown record: each week you compare scores against the entire league and total wins/losses... then you total that for each week of the season). This helps get the best teams in the playoffs and reduce the h2h points against luck factor... in fact this year my team claimed the spot and i ended up winning the title when i otherwise would have missed the playoffs without the rule.
  10. studs and duds worked again this year.... 12 team auction redraft, spent 85% of my money on Gurley, AB, evans, cooper... then worked waivers and FA to build the rest of my roster... goal is to get in to the playoffs not have the best week 1 lineup. i love working waivers and making trades so it fits me perfectly. having an elite TE matters: I definitely have a rudimentary understanding of VBD... but i do understand points scored and when the difference between TE4 and TE10 is nearly double... that matters and gives you a huge advantage.... in the semis in my two leagues... of the 8 teams 7 had top 5 TE's in their lineups. I've been doing this for a few years, but I try as hard as possible to avoid drafting any RB, WR, TE over the age of 28. the data shows these players decline off career averages and in some cases can fall off a cliff... granted i did draft AB in one and keep him in the other so of course there are exceptions... but i feel it is a rule of thumb that is simple and has worked for me. especially in the middle rounds of drafts... give the younger guy a shot vs. hoping for a rebound year from an aging vet i'd rather invest in a RBBC for a team that is a good NFL offense then try to chase RBBC's on bad NFL teams... it just never seems to materialize in to a viable fantasy option.
  11. it was painful watching gurley have to limp his way through the 2nd half of the game against philly last sunday night... all because john kelly was so terrible they couldnt play him.
  12. i spent all week waiver blocking my opponent who had $0 faab left. so of course it didnt matter as i ended up nearly tripling him up. it's fine to beat yourself up over close lineup decisions... but to fret over a fringe end of roster player who happened to have a better game than one of your stud starters is not reasonable
  13. AB, watson, ertz, kamara, MThomas, evans.... league record for points scored in a game and obviously as a result a title...! AB won me both of my leagues this year with that monster week 16.