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  1. if he sticks around the WR40ish ranking that i see him at on early 2020 draft sheets... he's going to be on my team again next year.
  2. wtf, c-mike has a frontpage rotoworld blurb and this thread is still dormant? this place is asleep!
  3. a gruden jameis partnership would be epic... gruden's ego would say he can reign in jameis.... it would be amazing... would be OK if he stayed with arians next year too
  4. in my redraft keeper he's a 5th round cost... will be interesting to see where he lands and what his ADP will be in 2020
  5. any more ideas? may need to add players this weekend before rosters lock
  6. i agree... this is solely lacking.... case in point is this year a lot of people just assume start your WR's against the stinky redskins... what you miss is quienten dunbar has performed like a shutdown corner... so it would be really helpful to get projected CB/WR matchups... see where WR's have lined up in previous games and where the CB's typically line up..... you can find snippets of this stuff on twitter... it would be nice to see it on this site (and if it is already provided on FBG then shame on me for not knowing that)
  7. i assumed this thread was going to be about the bellicheck system glitch where you can run another minute of clock by taking a delay of game and then a false start on 4th down prior to punting since the playclock resets to 25 and the game clock resumes running after each penalty
  8. 0.5ppr have a 30 point lead thanks to lamar... it's a two week final. is my lineup set correctly? qb1: Lamar qb2: Kyler rb1: cook rb2:zeke wr1:mike thomas wr2: tyreek flex: chubb te: higbee bench or waiver options: DJ Moore, Dak, Mostert, OJ Howard, hollister, fant, njoku (arz terrible te defensE)
  9. Did Harbaugh just pull a belicheck there. Purposely taking the delay of game then purposely false starting on the 4th down play to run more clock?
  10. its a starting roster spot. once a player plays in a roster spot... the roster spot is locked. why should flex be treated any differently than the other 8 or 9 roster spots? your LM could have chosen to not have a flex position but flex makes leagues more fun opens more trading possibilities etc... once a RB starts you cant swap in another RB in his place... flex is important as it makes managing your team easier vs. a rigid 2rb3wr setup. but it is ultimately just a starting roster position..... so it's your job as manager to fully utilize the potential of the flex by making sure early game players fill in at their actual position. the only benefit to letting flex be treated the way you people want it to be treated is to give bad managers a chance to redeem poor managing.
  11. Agree, frankly I can't believe there isn't universal agreeement on this.
  12. ha, i grabbed AJG last week and put him on my IR. 5th round keeper potential in my league for AJG. I wonder if lamar miller's starting days are done? will be 29 and an UFA, i cant see a team bringing him in to be a bellcow.. even still he's worth considering, especially if you can stash players on IR.