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  1. saints just released zenner.... i assumed they wouldnt bother playing kamara against the crummy cardinals give him 2 weeks to heal up and return week 10.... but is zenner's release a good sign for kamara availability on sunday?
  2. earlier this year backup RB's were feasting on Miami.... but lately miami has been more competitive... was hoping to here some news on conner today... since he wasnt even mentioned in the tomlin presser im guessing he must be good to go for monday
  3. who is sanu replacing.... dorsett? or is gordon's injury more serious than initially reported? bump to sanu's value but barring another injury it would seem like he wont be reliable enough to be anything more than a what the heck flex is it the pats second or another team's second?
  4. He looks so horrendous. His only quality appears to be he doesn't fumble often. Frequently brought down by arm tackles, no lateral ability, no burst. Falls down on first contact... Yet the best team in the league is content to give him 20 carries a game
  5. man, damn near the whole season id been wanting to roster edmonds because of his situation but was hamstrung holding on to fringe WR3's that were too good to drop but not good enough to use.... congrats to everyone that has him... the fact they are working out backs is a strong indicator DJ is missing a game or more.
  6. **** at home games there, fixed it for you, let me know when you find a road WR1 performance from cooper (it doesnt exist yet as a cowboy) i dont get it, he looks amazing at home, you never would know he only practiced one day last week.
  7. if your glass is half full.... he was half a yard away from a pretty good fantasy day. 8 pt swing on that last play. he's not getting traded because the comp pick they get will be better than anything a team will offer for this year.
  8. i believe not last week, but the week prior the final day of practice he was a Full participant... i thought he was playing week 5. very strange that he's been practicing and yet not being active on gameday. Does he have turf toe? what other kind of injury would have you practicing in some form each day yet not playing sunday?
  9. kenny stills assuming fuller hamstring pull is significant.... i guess i need to see snap counts to be sure he'd be the preference over coutee apparently chase edmonds is only rosterd in 28% of espn leagues
  10. Those 2pts should be charged against bears d/St ... Right?
  11. Pick one..,. Hines, Henderson, gio, walton, 0.5 ppr. My other back is gurley if that matters
  12. after thursday i was furious after michel's "terrible" performance and measily 12.3 points.... melvin gordon and malcom brown both said hold my beer we can do way worse.
  13. was sunday proof that perhaps gallup is better off with cooper playing drawing coverage? cooper basically missed the entire game and all he did was 7 tar, 4-48-0... "insert horse pun here"
  14. Just FYI, Denver currently gives up least fantasy points to WRs (in my scoring format at least) 2018 tyreek vs. denver 4 tar, 3 rec 70 yds 13 tar, 9 rec, 54 yds 2017 tyreek vs. denver 6 tar, 2 rec 38 yds (only pllayed against denver once this year)
  15. Buffalo has a cake schedule the next 6 games too