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  1. Team A's James Conner For Team B's Antonio Brown Team A currently in 1st place, looking to shore up team for playoffs. Team B in last place, got the likely best 2019 keeper (any player drafted later than round 7).
  2. The optimism here is strong if not bonkers. The dude got cut out of nowhere - if that is not a sign that he has relapsed then please send me a PM for trade...This has nothing to do with his personal situation. I wish him well.
  3. Baldwin, TY or Gronk for me. Pats lost their best receiver and and their 2nd best is suspended for the 1st 4 weeks. Kelce is more of an unknown this year with Mahomes at the helm than ppl are willing to admit and Ertz is coming off a career high in TDs. Gronk could easily outscore THOSE 2 by 4 PPG this year while completely lapping the rest of the field.
  4. True. I guess i just dont think there is any crazy market undervaluation on a player in the earlier rounds then.
  5. Only reaching for a few hail mary's near the end of the draft. Taking Breida, Dixon, and Doug Martin well ahead of their ADP to ensure they are on my team. Breida will be no worse than a RB3/4 and if Mckinnon underperforms or doesnt hold up to the workload (since he has never had it) he has a legit chance to be a low-end RB1. Dixon and Martin have similar upside that could easily come to fruition as well.
  6. Like many others have posted, this upcoming year seems to stacked with 1st round talent well into the 2nd round. I am always on guard against recency bias and big name tickets, but here it goes: My Rankings, Full PPR: 1.01 Brown - This is assuming Big Ben comes back (he could easily drop out of top 10 otherwise). The sudden influx in quality RBs and derth of top end WRs is what propels him above the RB crop to follow 1.02 Gurley - It will be hard to top this year, especially considering they really have not had a healthy COP most of year (Dunbar) to steal receptions. With that said, the offense should only get better, so less touches but more TDs to offset. The "safest" pick in the 1st round. 1.03 Bell - Obviously, this all depends on if he is back with Pittsburgh. The amount of touches he has received is insane (387 so far) so that is a little bit of a concern - to my recollection no RB with 400+ touches has even come close to reproduction the following year. 1.04 Elliot - The 2nd safest play in the 1st round. Outside of the knucklehead factor, it is hard to imagine him finishing outside of the top 10 RBs next year barring injury. If Palmer comes back, I would probably put DJ ahead of him. 1.05 DJ - Essentially will have an entire year off from taking hits. Regardless of QB situation, he will be inline for a massive workload; could catch over 100 passes if someone other than Palmer is at the helm. 1.06 OBJ - Assumes Manning will be back. People may overlook him based on this year, but he has the past pedigree and massive upside to justify this spot. 1.07 Fournette - Jags offense should only get better. Their defense will ensure they will be playing with the lead - or close to it - for most of their games. His injury propensity scares me, but 1800 YFS & 12+ TDs is well within reach for him. 1.08 Hopkins - Unlike what others have said in this thread, no #1 WR is QB proof; that is just a ridiculous notion (slot receivers/TE's I can see more of an argument for). If Watson is not back healthy before the season I would drop him from the 1st round easily. 1.09 McCaffrey - 100+ receptions and 10 total TDs are well within reach. Having a hard time imagining how he (and the Panthers usage of him) could be worse next year. As someone else said, he will be next year's Kamara. 1.10 Hunt - He lack of usage in pass blocking is concerning, as maybe that leaves open the door for a timeshare with Ware, but here's to hoping he is able to improve in that area in the off season. 1.11 Kamara - even with Ingram coming back, his floor is still high. His TD rate will not last but he seems to be a lock for 12+ points every week with 25+ upside. 1.12 Cook - looked fantastic before his injury. Can see the following jumping into the 1st round based on off-season developments: - Ingram, Barkley/Guice, Hyde, Evans, Julio, Gordon, Green, Gronk, Freeman, Mi. Thomas, Henry
  7. SNAKE DRAFT LEAGUE: QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX FLEX SUPERFLEX / 10 Teams / 1/2 PPR , 4 Pt Pass TD, 6 Pt TD, heavier bonuses: QB - Cam Superflex - Jameis RB - Gurley, Kamara WR - Ty. Hill, Dez TE - Engram Flex - Hunt, CJ Anderson Have a 3-week cumlative playoffs between the 4 playoffs teams between weeks 14-16. Needles to say, after last week I have already secured the Championship . AUCTION DRAFT LEAGUE: QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX FLEX SUPERFLEX / 10 Teams / PPR , 4 Pt Pass TD, 6 Pt TD, Minus .7 points for QB incompletion / +.5 points for QB completion, lower bonuses: QB - Smith Superflex - Foles RB - Kamara, McKinnon WR - Ty. Hill, Evans TE - Gronk Flex - De. Thomas, Ju-Ju Same 3-week playoff. 59 points down to leader (out of 4 teams) : (
  8. Traded AJ Green + Charles for Evans and Booker in week 9 ...
  9. I changed it after thinking about it for a second. My initial thinking was that TB's defense is awful and Kaep will have chances to take shots deep.
  10. His mechanics are awful. Not even stepping into his throws in the most clean of pockets. It may be loss of mojo...or maybe a degenerative knde condition. Who knows for sure but it is painfully clear he is not the same guy as 2014 and prior.
  11. What is the deal with people saying "'non-zero' chance"? "Chance", by definition, means a greater probability than zero. Can't stand that Bloom mutters this multiple times per podcast.